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Patrick Stewart Love

Patrick Stewart being a kind man.

I know I’ve specifically spoken about how much I love and respect Patrick Stewart before, all for being very sexy, being a brilliant actor, being an amazing part of Star Trek and a really wonderful role model for male feminists everywhere.  There’s recently been a story circulating around the internets about yet another time where he was wonderfully sweet and charming and just a kind soul.

Essentially, a young woman came to see him at Comicpalooza and asked a question: “Besides acting, what are you most proud of that you have done in you life (that you are willing to share with us)?”, which was framed around her own experiences with domestic violence and how his work with the issue had helped her to realize that it wasn’t her fault.  He answered eloquently, referencing his work with Refuge (a safe house for women) and Combat Stress (his organization to combat PTSD in veterans) – both of which are related to his own past living in a home where his PTSD-afflicted dad abused his mother.

But then he checked in with her, asking if she was alright and offering a hug.  So they did.  Isn’t that just beautiful?  He said: “You never have to go through that again, you’re safe now.”  Did your heart just melt too?

I’m sure you can understand why I love this man.  Read her account of the events and check out this video, where you see the hug in action.  My adoration has only grown.

Cat Roundup

Cat drawing gone horribly wrong

It’s Monday, and I think it might be the kind of Monday where people need a laugh.  It’s still a bit blah out, I still have 10 whole days until I can ride my motorcycle (Yes, I’m going to keep on counting down the days and then I guess I’ll text you from the road!  :P) and, well, it’s no secret that many people don’t exactly relish the return to the week.  So, honestly, what better than a few cat things I’ve been saving up?  Above is probably the worst drawing advice I’ve ever seen.  It kind of reminds me of those SFW porn ads, only much more disturbing.  😉  Whatever you do, don’t do that. I can solemnly promise that is just not how you draw a cat.  At all.  Thanks, Reddit.

If you can get past the music on this one I found on Jezebel (it’s an acquired taste, but that’s what muting is for!) you can find out who is stealing those socks of yours…  And who is fighting to save them.  (Spoiler alert: kittens!)  This is actually really inventive filmmaking and the kittens are absolutely adorably playful, and then sleepy.  Fast forward to the 0:45 second mark for the cats, but the whole thing is pretty fun and action-packed!

My dream man with a kitty

And finally, this one that has been circulating around TNG fans on Facebook…  Be still my heart!  Is there anything that is not absolutely amazing about this man?  Of course he’s my number one!  On top of being in one of the best TV shows of all time, being an incredibly accomplished actor and an active feminist, he loves cats!  That’s one lucky feline.

I hope this made you alternately gasp, giggle and smile. Sometimes a little silly cat-related internet stuff is just what you need!

Sexiest Picture Ever


I know, this is probably not the picture you were expecting, but to me…  Wow!  Here’s my crush object Patrick Stewart voicing his support of Amnesty International endeavours to end violence against women.  That’s pretty sexy right there.  On top of his geek fred, his intelligence, his talent and his rugged good looks, he’s a compassionate person who understands the value of looking beyond his life at people and causes in need of help.


Sure, he may have just been accosted with a sign and a camera on his way about town (as evidenced by his shopping bag…  couldn’t someone have held it for him for a few seconds?) but he still took the time out to be an advocate for women’s rights.  There are few things sexier than a man who respects women as his equals and wants to help out.


Besides, look at that serious expression and that motorcycle jacket…  Swoon!

A Star Trek: TNG Porn Parody

Star Trek: TNG Porn Parody

You’ve already heard me talk about porn parodies before, but I couldn’t resist this little gem.  Fleshbot posted some stills today from the upcoming Star Trek: TNG porn parody and I had to share this with you.  You all know about my major crush on Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard and, well, look at this guy!  I’d be inclined to say he’s a dead ringer!  He’s actually a British actor who met the director at a Star Trek convention.  He doesn’t actually have sex (he has a stunt double for the sex scenes) but there certainly seems to be a lot of tension.

I’ve got to say, though…  Beverly Crusher by Kimberly Kane…  I don’t really see the resemblance.  Besides, that wig is rough.  As a redhead, I’m usually offended by bad fake redhead wigs.  That said, I’m sure she does a fine job performing, as I’m sure she did playing Scully in the X-Files porn parody.  Seems like she secretly wishes she was a ginger!  As much as it would be fun to do a little Crusher roleplay, I would never want to do a movie like this, or any mainstream movie, for that matter.

As much as this certainly looks a lot more interesting than a lot of the other porn parodies out there, part of it still breaks my heart to see two of my favourite characters go at it together.  I don’t think I’ll be seeing this because I think it’s best left to my imagination.  😉  But, what do you think?