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Pale Beginnings of Spring

Gorgeous blowjob for the advent of spring

It’s March!  I know that it’s still technically winter, but at least the beginning of March always signals that spring is slowly but surely on the way.  As much as I do love winter, there are a lot of things to look forward to about its end…  For example, in exactly two weeks, I’ll be able to ride my motorbike again!  But also other lovely things like sun, cute dresses, no more big coats and boots, grass and trees and flowers…  It’s a season of rebirth, so I wanted to make a video that somehow felt like the moments just before all of those amazing changes start to take place.

Pale Beginnings of Spring was shot and one of our friend’s houses out a little drive from Montreal.  It’s gorgeous, spacious and has a lot of natural light, so they were kind enough to let us film…  The white room, the white lingerie and the white light coming in through the large windows, reflected off the (lots of) snow made for this almost suspended feeling, like when you can tell that something lovely is around the corner, but isn’t quite there yet.  That feeling is as old as time itself, and I think that experiencing it while also indulging in a really sweet blowjob feels like sharing that sensation with the one I love.

It’s always hard to capture these moments in words, but I think the video does quite an excellent job, so I hope you’ll let me know if it resonates with you in that way.  It’s official…  We’re on our way towards spring.

One More Blowjob Before Hitting the Road


This video is from the morning before we left Tremblant, enjoying coffee together and contemplating the journey back home.  We were excited to hit the road in a way, but it’s always hard to leave a little slice of paradise.  So, what do we do to make one last happy memory of our little impromptu vacation?  A blowjob, of course.  You know what we’re like.



This blowjob is topless and starts with a titjob, which people are clearly a fan of.  I like showing off a bit, and I even have some very slight tanlines, which are always exciting to me.  I’m alabaster as could be, but I like getting just a little bit of colour.  I always use sunscreen, but being out and about, you always get a little bit anyways.  I think it’s kind of sexy, especially with the lighting.



The trailer is pretty great, but the full video has all of his adorable squirming at the end, so you might have to check that out, especially if you love that cute sensitivity as much as I do.  It’s fun to be a tease at the beginning, but it’s even more fun to tease at the end…  Don’t you agree?  Did this video remedy the melancholic feelings of leaving at the end of a vacation?



No, I haven’t gone out and gotten a whole bunch of tattoos, or any at all, but I wanted to share some cool fan art that I got from a lovely gentleman named Daimon.  It’s an interpretation of me with a lot of beautiful henna-looking tattoos all over my skin.  It’s interesting to see, because it’s never something I’ve really considered for myself.


The thing is, I’m a pale redhead…  I have my virginal skin as a centrepiece in my appearance and I think it really fits who I am.  In spite of my relatively newfound biker chick lifestyle, I’m still very much a pure and classic type.  At least that’s how I see myself.


Then I think about Lilyanne and her gorgeous tattoos, all perfectly designed and executed, representing different things to her to create a mosaic of her experiences across her skin.  It’s such a gorgeous thing on her, and it fits exactly who she is perfectly.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m so happy that there are so many ways to be beautiful.  It’s very gorgeous and inspiring to know what you are, but to also be open to seeing the beauty in something totally different.  What do you think of tattoos?

My Crush on Nigella Lawson


I have such a big crush on Nigella Lawson, as does Mike!  She’s so sexy and beautiful.  I’ve always had a thing for curvy brunettes with beautiful eyes, and she’s the epitome of all that.  She is unbelievably sensual and she lives for food.  We have a lot in common…  Besides, she has that incredible British accent.  I love it!



Look at that cleavage, the come-hither glance and the cake!  She is my dream girl!



Look at the pale skin and those perfect curves.  I have a very similar dress…  We could make dinner together, have a bacchanalian feast and then unzip them for each other…



If you haven’t seen Nigella Bites, Nigella Feasts, Nigella Express or Nigella Kitchen…  Go watch it now.  The cinematography is exquisite, her approach to food is revolutionary and you get to look at her.  What more could you want?  Her way of interacting with the camera, of establishing shots and of explaining things has really influenced me…  You’ll see.  😉

On Top – A Sensual Blowjob with Passionate Sex


I’ve really been getting into this whole naked sex thing.  It’s always been a part of my private life, and maybe part of the reason I kept away from having sex on camera.  It felt like a thing just between the two of us.  But, seeing how Lilyanne and Max have been able to have such a diverse sexual experience on their site…  It inspired us and showed that we can share everything and it can wonderful whether or not there’s a camera rolling.  So that’s exactly what we enjoyed in the latest video, called On Top – A Sensual Blowjob with Passionate Sex.



I love being on top.  I love controlling exactly how deep he goes, exactly what the rhythm is…  Sounds a lot like a blowjob, doesn’t it?  It’s not that I’m a control freak, I just know how I like it.  :)



So, I hope you enjoy this update!  You can watch the trailer, but the full video is very worth it.  Did you like the peeking through the door?  Do you like having sex with a woman on top?  Ladies, do you like being on top?  I’m interested to know!

Loving Sex and a Sensual Blowjob

Camille Crimson getting her breasts fondled while giving a blowjob


This week’s update is a little bit different than the norm.  Actually, it’s a lot different than the norm.  It’s called Loving Sex and a Sensual Blowjob because it features both sex and a blowjob, but this time both are featured quite prominently.  I’ve done a few videos in the past with passing glimpses of sex, but this time the video focuses probably about a third of the time on the sex.


Camille Crimson having passionate sex with her boyfriend


It was a very erotic experience to shoot this because Mike was just as focused on my physical pleasure as I was on his.  Seeing him playing with me and then fucking me while trying to give me a really amazing orgasm was a really exciting feeling, both to watch after and in the moment.  Capturing my moans and our connection together is quite amazing.


Amazing cumshot at the end of a sensual blowjob


Still, the focus will remain on blowjobs, but as I ease more into showing more skin and more sex on camera, I can see a way that it can all coexist on The Art of Blowjob.  I hope you enjoy the trailer, but make sure to watch the full video.  This is an instance where it’s pretty important to get the full feeling, I think anyways.  😉