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You should be having sex at these hours!

We are too often in a hurry to do things. We choose a coffee for the road, a fast food joint instead of sitting down for an hour at a healthy restaurant and quickies over long and romantic love making. So when is the best time to have sex?

Mornings Between 7 am, and 10 am!

It is a good idea to use what you have and make the most out of it! Mornings were particularly good for intercourse because most men are already up! The bonus of having sex in the morning is that it releases endorphins that will last you all day long, plus it strengthens your immune system.

Before or After Lunch 12 pm to 15 pm

If your girlfriend is not there when you wake up, you can always reschedule and meet for an afternoon delight. Having sex on a regular basis keeps your heart in shape.

Evening round up 8 pm  to 11 pm

According to science, it’s the best time to have sex. You are usually free of all your duties, relaxed. To have sex right before saying good night is a good way to have a good night of sleep. After the climax, your body releases oxytocin and endorphins. Those hormones will make you feel all lovey-dovey as well as knock you cold for the rest of the night. You might only go for a few minutes, but it’s still worth the effort.


If you are thinking of having a baby the best time is most definitely in the morning, that,s where the testosterone levels are the higher.



What Sex Feels Like on Molly! (MDMA, Ecstasy)

Piper has made it her mission to show the world what a MDMA trip looks and feel like for women! She prepares herself throughout the day for this big experiment. But as she takes the pill her master plan vanishes and with

She prepares herself throughout the day to be ready for her night experiment. But as she swallows that pill her plans vanish and so do her inhibitions. Watch this educational video to learn more about this powerful drug. For more like this Subscribe to her Channel, click here!

Orgasms make you reveal secrets!

Ever been asked some personal questions during or after sex?


 There’s probably a reason for that! It is said that after sex you are more likely to spill out your
darkest secrets.

The reason for that sudden urge of “coming clean” is that you are filled with Oxytocin right after orgasm. This hormone gives you a great feeling of trust toward the person you are lying next to at that moment. If you had the fact that your levels of cortisol are also lowered after sex, making you feel even safer. It’s a dangerous combo!

Next time you want a real and honest answer you know what to do 😛

Why don’t guys have multiple orgasm!

Most guys need a few minutes after orgasm to recover before they can go again. Well, maybe not when they are eighteen years old, but past thirty that’s what you could be looking at!

Why do men need some time before they can go again when for women it’s the total opposite. After one orgasm, she can become even more sensitive and have many more of those ‘little deaths.’

After orgasm, it feels weird to receive stimuli in the penis area. This is called the refractory period and its time depends on the person. As you age, this period extends. Some men need hours to recover, others only 5 minutes.

Explain it to me like I’m 5!

As you orgasm chemicals are released in your brain.  It causes you to feel ecstatic, and that is
Probably a way for you to want to go again. It makes you want to make little humans!


The primary hormone responsible for that happy feeling is dopamine. It is believed that having an orgasm is the equivalent of getting a heroin rush. Oxytocin is another hormone that flows in you right about when you ejaculate. This two combined togheter are believed to be causing you this refractory period. Did you know that oxytocin is also known as the bonding hormone? That is what makes you love your progeny and the person you are having sex with the most frequently!

Here’s the one you should be mad at for causing you to have to wait! It’s called prolactin. Without it, you could go again, again and again…

Why wait?

Probably to upper your chances of having sex with different partners. While you need to recover the female can find a new donor. As you have regained your vitality you might also want to get yourself a different partner to spread your genetic material.

You are not alone!

All men have it, do who don’t have a sexual addiction. That is not something you want to be dealing with, so just wait it out and please your girl in new and remarkable ways!

Why Women Need To Cuddle After Sex!

What makes you love your partner is highly due to the things you do together in the bedroom. Did you know that a woman is more likely to fall in love with you, if you give her orgasms. That is just how the chemicals in her brain work, a woman will secrete more cuddling hormones during orgams than the man. That might just be the reason why women get attached quicker. So you know what to do to conquer her heart!

Here’s what AskMen had to say about men vs women cuddling!



Why women cuddle

The act of cuddling releases a hormone called oxytocin, sometimes called the “cuddling hormone.” Oxytocin is responsible for provoking what scientists refer to as “pair bonding,” which means it makes the cuddling couple feel closer and more intimate. This helps to create a bond between a man and a woman. In evolutionary terms, a woman wants to create this pair bond in order to get the man to commit to her and their offspring. Even if your woman isn’t trying to marry you and start bearing your babies, she is likely still drawn to create an emotional bond with you and this kind of physical intimacy is a good way to do it.

Cuddling also feels pretty damn good when it’s done right, so another reason women insist on it is that the sensations triggered by a cuddle session can be very pleasurable.

Why men don’t cuddle

It can be exceptionally frustrating that your first instinct post-orgasm is to go right to sleep, while she prefers to get in a good cuddle session first. The reason for this is all about the hormones your brain releases after sex. As a man has an orgasm, a variety of brain chemicals are released including the hormone prolactin. Prolactin has a strong connection to sleep so its presence is probably responsible for a man’s tendency to want to sleep after sex. The release of prolactin also indicates the beginning of the “recovery time” that men have to take before having sex again. Women often don’t require any such time-out after having an orgasm.