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Many Faces of Pleasure: Piper’s Face As She Is Receiving Oral Sex!

2015-08-12 13_24_00

Happy Saturday!

Piper’s eyebrows always frown in the same manner, when she as an orgasm. Her mouth opens wider so she can inhale more air, as she exhales only moans escape her soft throat.

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Many Faces of Pleasure: Piper’s Multiple Orgasms!

2015-08-10 18_34_53

Piper Blush like to grab thing when she climaxes for TheArtofCunnilingus!

Piper’s legs shake frenetically and her whole body fallows the rhythm as she orgasms. Her expirations are loud moans coming from deep inside.

The Many Faces Of Pleasure!

2015-07-29 15_50_44 Piper Blush is enjoying a morning blowjob!


Something new on our blog!

Every Saturday, you will see the face of one of our models, from TheArtofBlowjob or TheArtofCunnilingus, as she express deep pleasure.

It can be from an orgasm or simply the great pleasure she as from giving oral sex. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a gif should be sufficient to describe the amount of pleasure and passion that comes from giving a blowjob.


What About The Big O!

2015-07-29 15_32_02

The Big O

A woman’s pleasure is always amazing to watch, even more so when you take part in it. When she as the big O, she is at her most vulnerable, at her most exposed. Everything you see your brain acknowledges, so by seeing more cunnilingus you will become better at it.

Adding a bit of finger-play while her legs are wrapped around your face opens up a huge new world of different techniques – after all, you’ve got 10 fingers but only one tongue. Let’s explore some of them! To open her up, use your index finger to gently rub the outside of her {vaginal lips}, then slowly make your way inside of her. Feel the heat and the wetness. Make circles with your finger to feel the walls of her vagina. She may want more, let her ask for it. Only add one finger at the time, playing with her. With every new finger she will open up more, making her closer to climaxing.

Every Sunday, is devoted to TheArtofCunnilingus!

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Piper’s Pleasure

Sexy topless orgasm shot

Look at that face! That’s the face of pure pleasure. Also: the body of pure pleasure. Just seeing her all stretched out in the moment of absolute ecstasy is phenomenal. This video is the latest update on The Art of Cunnilingus and it has a somewhat unconventional buildup. Take that, traditional mainstream porn!

It actually starts with penetrative sex, but then shifts to being all about making Piper come with some very enthusiastic and pointed cunnilingus. All she has to do is just melt into the bed as the waves of pleasure become more and more intense.

Watching her come is unbelievably hot, as you can see in this little teaser shot, but seeing the denouement and relaxation after the fact is also just amazing. Sometimes that’s what makes beautiful porn different from what you might get elsewhere… It’s the little moments of humanity and connection that feel truly sensual.

Face Sitting Sensuality

Piper sits on his face and enjoys it

Get on my face! And stay there! Week after week, we get such enthusiastic feedback for face sitting. I was wondering if maybe it has to do with the whole Femdom thing, but I don’t think so. In fact, I’ve begun to ruminate that perhaps it’s because face sitting is almost always considered a dominant act. It can be, absolutely, but that’s the predominant way mainstream porn displays it.

To show it in a more neutral and sensually-focused way is really exciting for us. Sometimes it’s all soft and sweet, other times it’s all passionate and intense, and right now in this video, it’s almost still. The truth is, there are times where the best way to get to that orgasm is to hold tight and ride it out until you get it. And get it she does! Good for you Piper.

If you want to see another beautiful facet of face sitting, it’s yours to experience on The Art of Cunnilingus.