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Slow, Intimate Moments

Piper gets an amazing cumshot

Our latest video update on Slow Motion Blowjob is about those slow, intimate moments where it’s not about an end result, it’s just about all the interconnected elements that contribute to the sensuality you’re experiencing. Slowly but surely, Piper strokes up and down as his cock gets harder and harder, dripping precum and thrusting involuntarily from all the intensity and electricity in the room. It’s really sexy and fascinating to see her face as she takes in every facet of this erotic exchange, stroking with purpose, but that purpose is the pleasure they’re both experiencing in every moment. As with any situation where the joy is the ride and the orgasm isn’t the only important thing, the cumshot wound up being pretty intense and beautiful as it rained down on her waiting, accepting, enthusiastic face. This is a facial with intent and desire.

Experience a few of these moments now on Slow Motion Blowjob.

Sweet Pampering Cunnilingus

Sensual cunnilingus for Piper


Piper’s ready for a bath, but she wants to REALLY relax while she’s in there… That’s where a little sweet, pampering cunnilingus comes into play. She’s had a hard day, right? Are you going to NOT eat her pussy? Well, don’t just stand there… Get to licking! ;)

This video is all about her reactions to fingers and tongue, and that gentle, calm flow from sexual tension into post-orgasmic bliss… then a nice bath! Sometimes that’s all you need to set yourself at ease and make the world seem alright.

See Piper and feel your own calm (or cum) wash over you now on The Art of Cunnilingus.


Focusing on Amy’s Pleasure

Amy gets cunnilingus on the couch

Giving pleasure is really sexy. A lot of the time it’s fun to have the give and take of mutual play, but today’s update on The Art of Cunnilingus is all about focusing right in on Amy’s pleasure. She relaxes on the couch and her partner Jordan takes it upon himself to make her feel good by any means necessary. He really takes his time as he seduces her, though. This isn’t about zeroing right in on her pussy. Every little kiss, tweak, lick, touch… They’re all layered on top of one another so that, by the time he actually gets to the cunnilingus, she’s already close to the edge. That’s the magic of anticipation. Jordan certainly knows every button to push, because it doesn’t take much for her to start moaning, writhing and coming before you even know it. Her orgasm is really something to behold… She definitely isn’t self-conscious about it, and that’s a really amazing thing.

See Amy’s pleasure take centre stage on The Art of Cunnilingus.



The Beauty of Face Sitting

Piper has a face sitting cunnilingus orgasm

Face sitting is totally gorgeous. There’s something so sexy about seeing a woman take charge and be in control of her orgasms. In this case, Piper is all dressed up with a beautiful pearl necklace and a pair of lovely white lace panties. It’s nice to be naked, but sometimes there’s that extra little bit of eroticism derived from pushing those panties to the side to taste a beautiful, wet pussy. Piper is riding his face like a queen, sitting there and really sinking in to feel his tongue inside her, lapping her wetness and swirling his tongue around her clit. She comes so incredibly hard, throwing her head back and shaking out her gorgeous brown hair as she has an amazing orgasmic crest into a lovely denouement. She smiles, breathes a sigh of relief and you see the way the pleasure washes over her face.

Watch this incredible face sitting orgasm now on The Art of Cunnilingus.

69 for Her

Piper enjoys pleasure during a 69

69 is so great because it’s pleasure for everyone! That said, it doesn’t always have to be 50/50 exact pleasure for both parties. Sometimes it’s a nice way to mostly focus on giving or receiving while having it be a slightly more mutual experience. In our latest video update, Piper enjoys receiving cunnilingus as part of a face sitting experience, but she takes the chance to also stroke and suck her partner’s cock until he comes. Amazingly, they actually come just a few moments apart, so it’s kind of like a cavalcade of orgasms… It’s totally worth watching. That is the pleasure of giving pleasure, happening in two people as they give pleasure together, receive pleasure together and allow for the natural give and take of a 69 experience. It’s so exciting to see it all come together while still putting a premium on skilled, enthusiastic and consistent cunnilingus.

Join in this amazing 69 for yourself on The Art of Cunnilingus.

Amy’s Face Sitting

amazing face sitting cunnilingus


Face sitting is really something great, everybody! It’s amazing for the person who is doing the sitting and for the person whose face has become a very talented and pleasure-giving seat. There are a lot of power dynamics that can be explored here, from the idea that you’re being used for your face’s abilities right to the idea of holding someone down onto your face and exploring “forced” orgasm play. That said, at its core, it’s just about another way of giving and receiving pleasure where you get great access to the clitoris, the labia and the vagina, and a lot of space to explore fingering while licking, and even a clear path to tongue insertion. And plus, if you like pussy, there’s nothing more incredible than being able to be nearly drowned in wetness and almost smothered! Amy and Jordan really delved into face sitting, so this latest video update is something that will inspire you to explore it, too. Seeing Amy coming while she grinds up against his face is the type of image that’ll stay with you for a long time.

Get into face sitting with Amy and Jordan on The Art of Cunnilingus.