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Piper’s Glass Dildo

Sexy Piper having an orgasm


Piper has a toy. It’s a beautiful glass dildo. It even says “I Love You” right there along the side in blue writing. The writing is raised to add just a bit of texture to the experience. How is this for a post-Valentine’s day love letter to cunnilingus? Piper lays back and enjoys a tongue on her clit, a toy in her pussy and an intense orgasm with plenty of moaning and quaking. She takes pleasure in taking up space, being loud and owning her pleasure. It’s gorgeous to watch her as she relishes the experience of receiving this kind of attention. She deserves it, she knows it and she doesn’t shy away from any of it. When she comes, it’s clear as day that she’s enjoying herself, her body and certainly the glass toy. Her denouement is a joy to watch, as she breathes a gentle sigh of relief and smiles with a blissful kind of satisfaction.

Play with Piper now on The Art of Cunnilingus.

Watch Piper Come

Sexy Pipers cunnilingus debut

Watching a woman come is a real privilege. After watching Piper give lots of beautiful blowjobs, it’s very rewarding to watch her getting pleasure. Her moans are so beautiful, soft and just a little big high. It’s lovely to hear her feelings verbalized and uttered in such passionate ways. Cunnilingus is an art, and her body is a lovely canvas. Her pussy is beautiful, and so is the way her legs shake when she comes. A woman’s orgasm is incredible, and watching Piper feel that kind of pleasure is really intense and amazing. So thank you for sharing this side of yourself, Piper.

Watch her come on The Art of Cunnilingus.

Listen to Our Beautiful Cunnilingus Compilation

A sensual video compilation of moans and cunnilingus

Moans, moans, all kinds of moans. As much as the visual aspect of cunnilingus is very compelling, I’m all about the sounds. In fact, when it comes to sex in general, sometimes I just close my eyes and listen to my partner and my own sound and the sounds of our bodies together. Sometimes it’s exciting to focus in on one sense in particular. Of course, this video is a video, so there is a visual element, but you can try closing your eyes and listening to it as well. It’s so unbelievably sexy to hear these different women and the way their moans can be so varied. Even from woman to woman, there’s such a diverse soundscape from soft, gentle, almost whispered reactions to intense, loud, visceral sounds of extreme pleasure. Then, when you finally can’t take it any more, open your eyes and witness the amazing spectacle of women’s orgasms with the added bonus of the auditory experience. You’ll be glad that you took the time to layer those senses after enjoying just the sound all on its own.


Listen to the moans and watch the orgasms on The Art of Cunniligus.

Official Launch of The Art of Cunnilingus

Selina gets blissfully sensual cunnilingus

Today is the official launch of The Art of Cunnilingus. We’ve been perfecting everything while in beta, but we feel like it’s all ready to go and be shared. We have so many gorgeous updates. so it’s really exciting to see how much we’ve amassed already in just a few months. When you actually sit down and watch it all (as I have done and will not doubt do again, both for work and for fun) it’s an almost overwhelming to see so many women experiencing pleasure and orgasms. It’s a departure in a sense from what we’ve been doing with The Art of Blowjob, but it’s so compelling to show the beauty of oral sex in a whole new way. We hope you’ll take a peek to enjoy the fruits of our labour and the beauty of cunnilingus!

16 Beautiful Cumshots

16 cumshots on beautiful redhead Camille Crimson

16 cumshots. That’s like a valu-pack of cumshots.

How to best celebrate the news that Camille may very well be getting her second surgery this weekend and exiting the hospital not long after? A 21-gun salute? A thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters? 76 trombones? (Did I just make a musical theatre reference on a porn blog? Seemingly.) But no. 16 beautiful cumshots, which is the full cumshot count of the latest update on The Art of Blowjob. This is ingenuity at work here. Even though Camille is still cooped up in her hospital bed, they managed to put together something that won’t just tide people over until she’s back home, but they put out something that people actively ask for all the time.

This video is made to be enjoyed and celebrated, just as Camille approaches every single blowjob and resulting cumshot. She’ll continue to rest up and heal so that she can be back here in full working order, and in the meantime, you have 16 cumshots in which to revel… At least in the full video. After all, what better way to support Camille while she (literally) gets back on her feet than by enjoying a membership to one of her sites. Or all of her sites… You do get a lot more sexy photos and videos that way! And, really, what’s better than that?

I hope you all have a very happy weekend, and hopefully I’ll be back here with more good news soon.

Faking and Fantasy

Sexy redhead give a blowjob in glasses

I love learning a few sexy new facts, and I like them even better when a few of them are entirely focused on what goes on in the mind.  After all, as much as the physical is very, very fun, a tremendous amount of it is informed by what goes on in your brain.  So, two aspects really intrigued me about Jezebel’s recent little roundup on sexual findings.

The first thing that really pinged to me is exactly how many men fake orgasms…  Apparently it’s up to 67% when it comes to divorced men.  Obviously there’s a lot of talk about women faking and the reasons around that, but there’s also a lot of expectation put on men to be able to have orgasms…  It’s linked to virility, but it’s also seen as manly to want lots of sex and to be able to come on demand, but not too soon or too slowly.  Sometimes it’s just not going to happen.  So, I have to ask…  Have any of you (divorced or otherwise!) ever faked an orgasm?  What was your reasoning, or what keeps you from doing it?

The other thing that sounded incredibly cool here is that women (though maybe men too) are able to get aroused, sometimes to the brink of orgasm, just by imagining being stimulated.  The brain is a sex organ, but it may actually be able to arouse us right through various stages of desire and fulfillment.  Has anything like this ever happened to you?  I know that I can imagine my nipples being played with and I can experience some pretty intense sensations…  And I certainly salivate before I’m ever around a penis if I’m thinking about a really visceral blowjob experience…  It’s pretty phenomenal.  How about you?

What this really means is that we can and should be thinking more…  Fantasizing, letting our minds wander and experiencing that as part of our sexual expression both alone and with a partner.  It can make for more arousal, more orgasms…  Even though the latter is definitely not the be all and end all.  It’s just about enjoying yourself, whatever form that takes.