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Read Some Erotica!

Found this blog that writes erotica and its called Molly’s Daily Kiss. Here’s an ‘avant-goût’!


I am lost in the moment. The sounds, the smell, the taste of you assaults my senses. I listen to the soft growling noises you make; they teach me your rhythm, your pleasure.  The musky smell of your sex fills my nostrils, and somewhere in there too I can smell my arousal rising from between my thighs to mingle with yours. On my tongue, there is the subtle hint of your taste from those precious little droplets of your desire, but I want more. I want you to come in my mouth.

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Deepest Oral Sex Cravings With Niki!


Niki loves to place herself lower than you, on her knees. Between your thighs, she feels small and sexy. She puts your soft cock between her lips, the taste of you makes her wet. Her hair falls on each side of her face. She alternates between the blowjob and handjob, only so you can get a good look at her heavenly body. As you fill her mouth with your engorged cock, her nipples grow harder. She sucks, licks and twists to bring you to your orgasm. Nothing makes her happier than to taste the warmness of your cum. Your toes clench, you fill her mouth. Niki smiles each time she feels a new wave of cum on her tongue.

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Impatiente to Unwrap Your Gift!

Piper has wrapped herself in her dressing gown. Patiently waiting for you to open your Christmas present, she sits on the higher edge of the sofa, her legs resting on each side, her toes barely touch the floor. Her eyes are taunting you.


It’s almost the 25th, be patient and you’ll get t unwrap your gift :)




Piper empties a basket of clean clothes on your bed. It is a total mess, like every time she does some cleaning. She moves on the bed, folding every piece of clothes quickly and not too carefully. Her dressing gown is open; you see her perky breasts hold high in her red bra. Her flat stomach leads you the right to her black garter belt. With all the clothes obstructing your view you can barely see the garter straps holding her stockings.

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You move across the bedroom and push her; she falls on her back. You keep her legs open and lick on her clitoris. She moans loudly with great surprise. The blue shirt she was folding is crunched in her right hand. Your fingers massage her clitoris, making her so wet. You penetrate her with your index finger, combining with the clitoris stimulation. You catch a glimpse of her watching you, while your tongue embraces her lower lips.