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The Best Wake Up Alarm Is A Blowjob!

Wake Up

Wake Up

They are the ones you did not ask to receive. They arrive when you least expect them too, that is why they are so memorable. The wake-up blowjob is real! And Piper loves to be your alarm clock on any day of the week.

Watch the full-lenght video here! 

“Je dois l’admettre que je préfère quand vous dormez nu. Je peux sentir votre membre contre mon cul, alors que je retrouve lentement mes senses. En sachant que vous rêvez encore, je descend sur votre corps. Votre douce queue m’apporte de nombreuses promesses de plaisir. Je vous dirige vers mes ma bouche assoiffé, vous devenez plus dure.

Je sens que vous vous déplacez sous moi. Vous tirez mes cheveux. Quelques vas et viens mouillé sur votre grosse queue. Il est temps de vous sortir du lit! Vos bijoux de familles se serrent alors que je caresse tout en suçant votre gland. Vous poussez sur vous, cela confirme mes pensées, vous êtes sur le point de jouir. Je ressens une chaleur m’envelopper. Ma chatte est mouillé d’excitation. Vous jouissez sur ma langue avec facilité. Que diriez-vous d’un café?”

Regarge ce vidéo ici! 


2 Gorgeous Brunettes Sharing 1Cock!

Laura and Clara, TheArtofBlowjob.com

Laura and Clara, TheArtofBlowjob.com

Clara and Laura are both forces to be reckoned with in so many ways… When they’re together, it’s a whole new level of intensity, passion, playfulness and sensuality. Really, this blowjob isn’t just a simple double blowjob, it’s about collaboration and interplay between these very different, but equally gorgeous and incredible women. As they kiss and caress each other, exploring the connection and chemistry, they find their roles, both in the blowjob and between themselves.

Discover Clara and Laura, click here.

Read Some Erotica!

Found this blog that writes erotica and its called Molly’s Daily Kiss. Here’s an ‘avant-goût’!


I am lost in the moment. The sounds, the smell, the taste of you assaults my senses. I listen to the soft growling noises you make; they teach me your rhythm, your pleasure.  The musky smell of your sex fills my nostrils, and somewhere in there too I can smell my arousal rising from between my thighs to mingle with yours. On my tongue, there is the subtle hint of your taste from those precious little droplets of your desire, but I want more. I want you to come in my mouth.

Get even more aroused, read the full erotic story HERE!