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Piper Buys A Micro-Bikini Online!

Hi there! I’m Piper Blush, and this is a personal review of my experience shopping on Etsy for a crochet micro-bikini.

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Diablo III: A Magnificently Fun Game

Camille Crimson Plays Diablo III


I just finished Diablo III in normal mode yesterday. Although it was relatively easy, I did enjoy every moment of the gameplay when servers were up.  As you probably know, Diablo III can only be played online.  I got disconnected a few times and felt helpless that Blizzard was controlling when I could play the game.  I understand why and the reasons for multiplayer characters to play online are valid, but I feel like my liberty as a single player wanting to play offline wasn’t taken into consideration.


Diablo III Wizard Drawing


What I always loved about Diablo is that it’s so easy a 4 year old can play it (Though that would be bad parenting to let a 4 year old play Diablo!) and it’s no different for Diablo III.  It’s repetitive in a way, but there’s always the excitement of finding a rare item, trying your new skills when you level up or facing a new kind of evil.  Oh, and I love to play over and over again, taking my time to listen to every single character, even those insignificant peasants, to pick-up every single item and piece of gold and try each character, because the first round is always to find out about the story as fast as possible.


Camille's Diablo III Wizard


As a Wizard lady, I was more comfortable using area-effect spells to freeze and shatter mobs in the beginning of the game.  As my character got better and stronger, I was able to focus on protection skills: diamond skin is a must for beating bosses.  Reactive ice-armour also became pretty handy to freeze those sneaky, evil bastards.  And it felt absolutely Goddess-like to become pure energy with the Archon ability.  I can’t wait to play in nightmare mode and see what the runs will do to my Archon ability.


Diablo III Archon Skill


Like all Blizzard stories, Diablo III was entertaining and had a few surprises.  Although there were many similarities with Diablo II different Acts, I found some originality in the presentation of each one. I mean, the drawings were really great and I always enjoy the cinematics. We’re far from the first CGI cinematic; the graphic’s gameplay looks better than my favourite cinematic from StarCraft!


It’s such a spectacularly fun and good game that anyone can play and enjoy immediately, alone or with friends. Best sixty-something dollars I’ve spent on a game this year!  And what can be more satisfying then to beat Evil in its prime?


So?  Did you play Diablo III?  Alone or with friends/strangers from Battle.net?  Who were you?  What’s your favourite skill?  Did you enjoy the twist in the story or did you foresee the future?  Love it or hate it or meh! it?  And will you play over and over again and forever like I will?

The Toronto Standard on The Art of Blowjob


Legitimate journalists care about porn!  Or, at least that’s what the Toronto Standard would have me believe!  I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Elizabeth Hames all about my experience as a somewhat unlikely pornographer.  As usual, I’ll share a few of the questions here, just to give you a taste:


What is it like to be an entrepreneur in today’s adult entertainment industry?

It’s an interesting climate. There used to be a lot more small sites. Now it seems like there are just huge companies buying everything else up and a few of us left who are doing something different. As a result, you do have to work hard to get noticed next to all the big guys, but if you do something different, you can get a lot of attention and respect for it. It forces you to keep innovating and pushing yourself to make something creative, beautiful and in tune with what people want. Balancing that with your own values and limitations can be a challenge, but a very rewarding one if you can get it.

I’ve spoken with other performers who keep their own website. They say the Internet gives them an independence and control over their image that wasn’t afforded to performers in the past. Would you agree?

My shooting schedule is based on when I’m actually in the mood to shoot, so it’s much more authentic in that respect. Especially when dealing with something as personal as sex, it’s great to be able to engage with it on my own terms.

How do you get people to pay for your product when so much adult content is available for free online?

I think it’s about creating something that’s aesthetically beautiful but still real. We focus a lot of the filmmaking and the quality of the photography to make something that feels worth the money, but fundamentally it’s about the personality, the genuine love and the joy of sexuality.


I found this to be a particularly enlightening interview, because it was so business and goal-oriented in nature.  My answers definitely developed around that, I’d say, which I really enjoy.  I hope you’ll read the rest of the interview and let me know what you think, because it’s amazing to get this kind of mainstream attention.

Playing Games


Okay, so, to be perfectly honest, the Left for Dead 2 game isn’t going to happen today, sadly…  I really wanted it to work, but I guess the combination of picking a game without a HUGE following and the fact that I had wanted to play it on the computer made it so that people either didn’t have the game or played it on a different system.  And the one who did lives in Australia, so the timing wouldn’t have worked.  :(  Oh well!  Onwards and upwards!


Since it’s not happening this time, I wanted to use this opportunity to get a good idea of what games you play and what systems you use so that I can plan something more attuned to what you use and what you would play.  There’s no sense in playing all by myself if I can find a way to play with you guys sometimes!


I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of different answers, but any multiplayer game on any system could end up being the winner for the next time I decide I’m going to try to plan one of these…  And also, when’s the best day of the week to play?  That’s also good to know.  😉

Creating Connections

Sexy redhead gives an amazing blowjob with lots of tongue

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about making connections with people…  Well, more than that, I’ve been thinking about ways to reach out and meet more people who care about this kind of porn.  It leads me to a pretty simple question…  Where did you hear about me/The Art of Blowjob?  And where do you go to find out about new porn?

I’m trying to spread the message of beautiful porn to the world, so I’m trying to be everywhere all the time.  Obviously, it’s a question of balance and not spending all my life online talking to people, but I want to make my life be full of people who have the same values.  The deeper I get into the world of the adult business, the more I see how badly people want something more sensual, loving and real.

So, help me out?  If you were me, where would you reach out?