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You should be having sex at these hours!

We are too often in a hurry to do things. We choose a coffee for the road, a fast food joint instead of sitting down for an hour at a healthy restaurant and quickies over long and romantic love making. So when is the best time to have sex?

Mornings Between 7 am, and 10 am!

It is a good idea to use what you have and make the most out of it! Mornings were particularly good for intercourse because most men are already up! The bonus of having sex in the morning is that it releases endorphins that will last you all day long, plus it strengthens your immune system.

Before or After Lunch 12 pm to 15 pm

If your girlfriend is not there when you wake up, you can always reschedule and meet for an afternoon delight. Having sex on a regular basis keeps your heart in shape.

Evening round up 8 pm  to 11 pm

According to science, it’s the best time to have sex. You are usually free of all your duties, relaxed. To have sex right before saying good night is a good way to have a good night of sleep. After the climax, your body releases oxytocin and endorphins. Those hormones will make you feel all lovey-dovey as well as knock you cold for the rest of the night. You might only go for a few minutes, but it’s still worth the effort.


If you are thinking of having a baby the best time is most definitely in the morning, that,s where the testosterone levels are the higher.



The Best Wake Up Alarm Is A Blowjob!

Wake Up

Wake Up

They are the ones you did not ask to receive. They arrive when you least expect them too, that is why they are so memorable. The wake-up blowjob is real! And Piper loves to be your alarm clock on any day of the week.

Watch the full-lenght video here! 

“Je dois l’admettre que je préfère quand vous dormez nu. Je peux sentir votre membre contre mon cul, alors que je retrouve lentement mes senses. En sachant que vous rêvez encore, je descend sur votre corps. Votre douce queue m’apporte de nombreuses promesses de plaisir. Je vous dirige vers mes ma bouche assoiffé, vous devenez plus dure.

Je sens que vous vous déplacez sous moi. Vous tirez mes cheveux. Quelques vas et viens mouillé sur votre grosse queue. Il est temps de vous sortir du lit! Vos bijoux de familles se serrent alors que je caresse tout en suçant votre gland. Vous poussez sur vous, cela confirme mes pensées, vous êtes sur le point de jouir. Je ressens une chaleur m’envelopper. Ma chatte est mouillé d’excitation. Vous jouissez sur ma langue avec facilité. Que diriez-vous d’un café?”

Regarge ce vidéo ici! 


Blowjobs Are The New Morning Coffee!



Imagine if women all agreed actually to replace morning coffee! What a great world we would live in…

Well until then our models at TheArtofBlowjob.com are at your disposition at any time of the day.

2017-01-24 11_27_33

Join Cassie and Jemma every morning, and it’s cheaper than one coffee per day!!!

Blowjob Before Breakfast

Giving a sweet blowjob to start the day

How do you start the day?  Coffee?  Catching up on the paper?  Hitting the snooze button?  Sometimes I do some of those, but my favourite way is definitely with a blowjob.  I feel like this should not come as a big surprise by this point.  We’ve done videos about morning wood, breakfast in bed and countless good morning blowjobs, but this one takes place specifically in the kitchen where breakfast is imminent.

Yesterday was Steak and a Blowjob Day, so I took a little creative license and referred to marinading steaks in the video for Slow Motion Blowjob, which ended up not happening, but it’s certainly something we’ve done before.  Grilling on a BBQ is wonderful, but even better with a marinade.  As soon as the weather is stably warm, that’ll become a lovely reality and we’ll have lots of steak and blowjob days.  In my dream world, that’d be pretty much every day.

I hope you’ll all enjoy this lovely way to begin the weekend with the trailer, and then with the full video too…  What are your plans?  Waking up early for breakfast and a blowjob, perhaps?

Another Cute Morning Blowjob

A sexy pinup blowjob by gorgeous redhead Camille Crimson


I’ve done teasing in the retro look in my little vignette, but now it’s time to show you what happened after I finished my coffee…  A blowjob, of course!  There’s something very sweet about the experience of giving a loving blowjob first thing in the morning.  Especially paired with the pinup aesthetic, it all feels very cute.  Another cute morning blowjob!


Sexy pinup blowjob first  thing in the morning


It’s not really a “trick”, but giving a blowjob after a nice hot coffee is really sexy for a little change of pace.  It’s not an extreme feeling, but my mouth feels just a little more warm and inviting.  Watching him feel the beautiful sensations as he sinks back to enjoy is bliss for me.  Making him happy makes me happy.  It sounds simple, but that’s really all it is.  What a perfect way to start the day.  Every day.


Camille Crimson gives a loving blowjob dressed as a sexy vintage babe


Did you like this return to the retro look for today’s blowjob?  It’s fun to feel just a little dressed up yet still cute and casual.  It brings out my flirty side, heightened with red lips, pearl earrings, winged eyes and my cute little kerchief.  Besides, Mike clearly enjoyed it!  You can check out the energy in the trailer, but the full video has all the sweetness and flirtation, plus a gorgeous mouthful of cum to end it all.  It’s the perfect accessory to my pinup look.

Lazy Morning Blowjob

Camille Crimson gives a sensual blowjob on a lazy morning


It’s a lazy morning, so what do you do?  Make toast, drink some coffee, read the paper, watch some bad TV…  Nah!  You should have some hot fun!  At least that’s what I like to do.  In my cozy little robe, I felt all soft and secure as I walked around the house, but Mike was waiting on the couch, lightly touching himself when I walked into the living room, so how could I not get turned on?  This video is a little different than the usual fare because there’s more groping, a fleeting little moment of intercourse, and I rub against him after the blowjob until I have an orgasm.  So, you know I had fun.  😉


Camille Crimson riding her boyfriend before giving an amazing blowjob


This was a really hot shoot.  We didn’t really even intend to have it start this way…  Just a little improvisation in the heat of the moment.  The same thing after the blowjob!  I was just so turned on that day that I wanted to capture the aftermath on camera for all of you to see.  I guess I do have a bit of an exhibitionist streak every so often, don’t I?  I realize it’s kind of funny to say that as a porn performer, but it’s true.  I was still a little demure, what with the robe and all.


Camille Crimson licking up cum after a blowjob


So, if you want to see more (and trust me, you do) then you should check out the trailer.  But obviously that isn’t enough…  You should watch the full video.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so don’t hesitate to leave me a little feedback!  I’d greatly appreciate it.