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The Perfect Night

Miss Lagsalot of Whack Magazine and Feminist Porn Award-winning fame has a lot of excellent ideas, but one of them is definitely found in the contents of this video she reblogged…  It’s called The Perfect Night, and it’s a take on the traditional pop song by Sarah Silverman.

For those of us who much prefer a little quiet time to ourselves over big, crazy crowds, this may as well be our summer anthem.  What’s better than washing your teeth, having something delicious and spending a little quality time with yourself…  Or with a partner?  The mix of food, entertainment, relaxation and an orgasm are pretty much what we all want, right?  You’re lucky if you can get one of those at a club.  😛

I hope this makes you laugh…  And it’s actually pretty catchy.  Sarah Silverman’s voice isn’t too bad at all.  Plus, her ancient dog is cute!  Have you ever had a decadent night in?

Feeling Flattered

I don’t know if this blog is going to become a non-stop Whack Magazine/Miss Lagsalot love-fest, but I just read this post from Miss Lagsalot’s personal blog and I can’t help but feel that it’s in some way related to my first article for Whack Magazine.

Check out an excerpt and let me know if you think I’m crazy or if there’s actually something to this:

These are people whose self-exploration takes thousands of viewers along for the ride. They aren’t just pretending to have great sex on film because they hope someone will pay to jerk off to it. They are honestly making love on camera, to themselves, to each other, to the idea of making artistic pornography in general. And what they make is a beautiful testament to the white-hot passion of the human connection. The difference between big-studio or low-budget gonzo porn that throws two performers into a scene and lets their bodies do the work, and many of the scenes made by these companies I’m lauding in which two or more people, carefully chosen for their off-screen chemistry and passion for their work, is astounding. When what you’re watching has in it a genuine human connection, rather than a pair of perfect anatomies operating in robotic, pre-approved routines, the results are intensely erotic. The viewer can feel the passion and connection between the performers, and it’s a challenge to review these movies instead of just masturbating furiously (though I’ve found a nice middle ground exists between the two).

But here’s the thing. I’ve been thinking, while lying awake at night waiting for sleep to find me… If the best porn out there is the porn in which the human connection between performers is the centerpiece… If chemistry and authentic sexual expression are the holy grails of indie and artistic porn… If the stripped-down sexiness of the performers and their need for each other is what makes a scene, instead of the set or the lighting or the costume or the soundtrack… And if the goal is to turn the porn industry from a bunch of automatons boning mindlessly into a storehouse of real human eroticism (and I think it is, because I think the ever-more-aware porn consumer is getting sick of the tried-and-true formulas and seeking more these days, and will continue to do so)… Then where will the line eventually be drawn between porn made by earnest artists trying to make realistic but beautiful pornography… and amateur porn?

She brings up some really interesting points, goes into a lot of details about the differences and what the general public might think about the difference between professional and amateur porn, and then concludes with this:

But it makes me worry to think such things because, well, I think the porn community is important. I want the industry to continue, in a more grass-roots way than it has, to operate and make money and provide people with sexual options and ideas. I think that most of the indie and art porn studios are fascinating and the people who work for them are amazing. I want these people to continue what they’re doing and to keep making important statements about human sexuality. But even though their statements are important, even though their performers are beautiful, even though they can make cinematic films that look beautiful while offering important looks into fringe sexualities… Someone out there can do it cheaper and offer it for free.

I don’t think this will necessarily happen right now, or that amateur porn will necessarily flood out professional fare. There will always be a crowd of us out here with an interest in the quality products put out by artists and impassioned sex workers. And I may just be blathering unnecessarily. But it’s food for thought. Where is the line between excellent pro and excellent am, and is it going to be able to stay afloat, or sink beneath the waves of amateur fare the world at large will never stop producing?

I’d like to think that I’m a part of that community which honestly loves sex, loves art and loves porn.  I will never stop trying to blend the three, because I think that’s what will make porn move forward and keep from being completely corporate or completely amateur.  Check out the post in its entirety here and let me know what you think!

My Interview with Whack Magazine

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson from The Art of Blowjob

Merely a few days after my first column went live on Whack Magazine, my interview has gone live too.  I was lucky enough to get a deluge of questions from the lovely Miss Lagsalot and had the opportunity to give them a lot of thought.  I always love getting interviewed, but that joy is understandably multiplied when the questions are as apt and interesting as hers are.  Here are a few of my favourites:

W! You maintain a healthy distance from the big hub of the industry and the big studios — why?

CC Basically, I’m not a “pornstar” or anything like that.  I shoot with my boyfriend, we do all the shooting and production ourselves and it’s not so much about putting out a product as it’s about doing something we both love.  There’s nothing “industry” about what we do really.

W! I’m really excited about the Art of Blowjob. I’ve watched enough old school porn and enough modern porn to see that the idea of what makes a blowjob sexy has changed drastically since the seventies. Whereas they were once beautiful expressions of sensuality, they now seem to be considered good only if the woman is choked and gagging and drooling uncontrollably on the dick. I’m sure this feels good for the man, but it’s not always fun to watch. How did you decide to take BJs in the more sexy, sensual direction?

CC It’s just what’s natural to me.  It doesn’t feel good for me to have my hair pulled out of my scalp, tears and mucus running down my face and being pushed to the point of nearly vomiting.  That’s not really giving a blowjob…  That’s taking a merciless throat ravaging.  Giving a blowjob requires skill, different sensations, teasing, seduction, varying speeds, use of lips, tongue, throat, cheeks, palms and fingertips, focus on all the parts of the penis, the balls and the surrounding erogenous zones.  It’s wonderful sensual pampering, not just a means to an end.

W! Do you hope to make more men like him by educating their partners about blowjobs? Or are you just getting people off?

CC I really hope so.  I answer my e-mails/comments on blogs/places where I post and I talk to a lot of guys who really want blowjobs.  I try to talk about how they need to appreciate their partner, make them feel special, make sure that everyone’s satisfied and communicate honestly about what they both want.  And then I mention that they should watch some of my videos to get some tips.  If I could make sure that every couple had great sex where everyone felt respected and satisfied, that would be my life’s work right there.

W! The love and chemistry between you and your man really shows in your videos. Do you think chemistry is the most important factor in making good porn?

CC Yes I do.  That’s why I think a lot of mainstream porn doesn’t work.  I’m not saying that the performers have to be madly in love (although that’s nice), but I think they should at least know/like each other and be genuinely attracted to each other.  I’ve read that directors like Tristan Taormino will ask performers who they have crushes on and match them up for shoots.  That’s a really good way to ensure that a scene won’t just be people going through the motions.

She’s very thorough and gave me a lot of opportunity to talk about what I do beyond just how to give a great blowjob.  There are a ton more questions in the full interview, so you should really check it all out.  In fact, as I’ve said before, peruse Whack Magazine in its entirety if you haven’t already gotten the chance.  There are a lot more thoughtful and thorough interviews, reviews and articles.  My thanks to them for the amazing interview and the wonderful opportunity to write more in the future!

My First Column in Whack Magazine

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson from the Art of Blowjob in black lingerie dress

I’m very excited to announce that my first column for Whack Magazine went live on Friday.  I really love the work that Editor-in-Chief Miss Lagsalot is doing, so I’m happy to be involved.  They happen to be posting an interview with me tomorrow, so I’ll definitely share that with you too, but for now I wanted to show a bit of what I said in my first column:

When you think about porn, chances are that “beautiful” doesn’t come to mind. Maybe beautiful women, but the porn itself isn’t likely to be considered as such. In terms of mainstream porn, the industry has come to a place where most releases are very similar. Sure, some may have a story line, some may have a specific fetish and some may even be a parody, but pretty much else stays the same.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the camera work is fairly static, or obnoxiously shaky if it’s made to seem like it’s an amateur production. The sets, the outfits, the make-up, the body types… It’s mostly very homogenous. My bigger complaint comes from the sex, though. It’s so rare that you see a real connection. Frequently the performers lack any sort of spark and it translates into this real vacancy or even deadness in their eyes. I know that most people aren’t paying too much attention to the eyes in porn, but it contributes to the overwhelming feeling that porn is fake.

Granted, there are some very expressive performers out there in the mainstream, the most passionate porn is mostly relegated to the sidelines. Of course, that’s fairly natural. Most mainstream porn consists of two people who don’t know each other too well doing something very intimate for money. Nothing wrong with that, but it turns everything into a performance, largely void of the human aspect that most of us enjoy about sex.

You can moan and grunt all you want, but if there isn’t any chemistry, it’s just going through the motions. Striptease, rough blowjob, a tiny bit of cunnilingus, missionary, doggie-style, reverse cowgirl, and facial. The sex itself can be repetitive, but passion will always bring it to life. Without passion, it seems like it’s on autopilot, and that’s not very sexy. It’s the type of porn you watch alone when you just want to get off quickly, not what you’d watch with a partner if you really wanted to elevate the mood or learn new things.

So, you’ve definitely heard me talk about that a lot, but I go on to talk about how watching this kind of porn effects people and how you can reverse those effects by watching good, realistic porn and learning from it.  Just like with anything you watch or read, you have to be critical and search for what is best for you and your life.  I really hope you’ll read the rest of the article and check out some of the other things they’ve got on their wonderful site.  I’d also love to hear what you think about my first article!