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Give and Take

Camille Crimson gives a blowjob in turquoise lingerie

Everything is a little give and take, and this certainly includes blowjobs.  I love the way the dynamics constantly shift and evolve between Mike and I.  It’s not really a control issue…  It’s more that we take turns being passive and active.  You can give a blowjob, you can get a blowjob, but you can also be receptive to a penis or giving with a penis.  It’s so interesting how there are so many options.

Sometimes we work together, both active, meeting in the centre over and over.  It’s a quick connection, established and returned to continuously as we get closer and closer to that beautiful moment of orgasm.  Sometimes I take the lead, kneeling upwards to bring him to the edge.  Other times, he thrusts into my mouth, holding my head gently and keeping perfect balance.  What could be better than this beautiful exchange and back and forth?  The best sex is always the kind where everyone is involved, we take turns and then we work together.

I hope this rings true to you, and I hope that you all have this kind of experience with someone who is as invested and interested as you are in the experience as well as the end result.  You can get a sense of it in the trailer, but the action fully unfurls in the full video.  Let me know what you think of this idea of give and take.  I’d love to get a big talk going about it.

Sex.com Interview

Camille Crimson gives a loving blowjob dressed as a sexy vintage babe

I haven’t posted an interview in a while because I didn’t want to give you Camille fatigue.  I certainly don’t want this blog to be a forum for me to congratulate myself all of the time…  But, this is a pretty cool interview, which just happens to be for Sex.com.  That’s a pretty big deal and it’s so cool that they’re so nuanced in what they asked me.  It’s not your average interview, to be sure.

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite questions, all of which actually made me think:

What’s your opinion on this new(ish) genre, “couples porn”? Do you and Mike take credit for the style? (Because it does seem like “couples porn” is biting your style.)

I feel like “couples porn” is more about making porn for couples and less about being real couples making porn. What we make is definitely appropriate for couples, but also for single people… We have a really diverse audience and we don’t want to limit or target them specifically. We’re just doing what we love and we’re lucky that a lot of people really like it!

Though it’s time consuming, would you still want to run your websites and perform in scenes if it wasn’t such an independent operation?

Probably not. The reason we love what we do is that we have control over it. I don’t want to feel pressured to be aroused on command so I can shoot when I’m not in the mood. I don’t want to be coerced into showing more than I want to show or doing things that I don’t to do just because of what they think sells.

I’m so much happier shooting at home with my boyfriend and then going out for lunch after. It’s a relaxed approach that makes the results much more erotic.

How much input do you have in the editing/filming of the scenes? Is it mostly Mike Flirt or is it a collaborative effort between the two of you? (FYI, Mike Flirt is Camille’s partner.)

We’re always quite collaborative. I tend to edit the photos while he edits the videos, but we certainly talk through things and bounce ideas off each other. We like to do things together.

I hope you liked the questions. Sex.com is fairly new with the blog (only since mid-2012) but I think it’s coming along nicely, and I’m very honoured to be their second ever interview!

Weekend Blowjob

Camille gives a sexy blowjob in a t-shirt


We did promise the update, and here it is!  It’s called Weekend Blowjob, and it is made to capture the sweet simplicity of waking up and knowing you don’t have anything in particular to do except be with each other and enjoy the opportunity to thoroughly relax.


I love this one because we’re just totally casual.  My hair is up in a messy bun, I’m wearing my cute t-shirt/short tunic which shows off my body just right without seeming too done up and I’m all fresh-faced and happy.  You can see our cozy blanket, Mike’s cast-off pyjama pants and just the little bits and pieces that makes a comfy winter weekend blowjob so lovely.


I’ve been loving X Files lately, as it’s up on Netflix and I’m going through a rewatch, so that’s what we did after the blowjob finished…  We just cozied up and enjoyed ourselves by indulging yet another pleasure.  Isn’t that what weekends are all about?  You can see a little excerpt from our lovely morning in the trailer and cozy right up with us in the full version.  I hope this resonates with you and gives you a little something to look forward to for next weekend.


Crazy elephant boxers from Etsy


I don’t completely know what to say about…  whatever this is.  With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, a lot of people are turning to Etsy for a unique gift idea.  For women, a lot of people think about sexy lingerie…  So, why not for men?  Well, I think this photo, courtesy of Happy Place, might be as good an answer as any.


Don’t get me wrong…   I certainly see the skill and time that went into it, and it’s cute in a way, but do we want squeals of adorability when we’re nearly naked?  Probably not so much.  Also, wool seems like an itchy choice for something so close to the sensitive areas.  Not to mention the fact that there would have to be a lot of size discrepancy issues when it comes to the…  trunk.  If you measured based on a flaccid penis, it might not look much like an elephant with the finished result, unless you like your woolen penis sleeve roomy.


That said, those ears do look like something useful to hold onto, so at least there’s that.  Even in a cold Montreal winter, I can’t imagine these selling like hotcakes.  Maybe for a pachyderm fetishist.  Would you wear novelty underwear like this?  Would you at least put on a good present face if you received it from your Valentine?  The twisted part of me wants to get one for Mike…  It would make a very interesting prop for a video on The Art of Blowjob!  But I wouldn’t really do that, would I?

Facial Cumshot Surprise

Camille Crimson gets a surprise cumshot


Facial Cumshot Surprise sounds kind of like a dessert or a casserole or something, but it’s not.  It’s what happened to me in Miami with Mike.  To be clear: it wasn’t his fault at all, but that didn’t stop it from being…  a little stinging.  But, let’s back up.  The rest of the blowjob is actually quite beautiful.


It’s another shot of our gorgeous panoramic view of the waters of Miami.  This is faced in a slightly different direction, so you get more boats…  You know, for the boat lovers out there!  I’m wearing my lovely black lingerie, Mike strips down and I make him go from soft to hard to ready to burst…  Maybe that was a mistake!  😛


The cumshot started going into my mouth.  It seemed to have finished, and I thought that it was maybe a little less than his usual orgasms, but that’s no big deal.  And then it hit me…  literally.  He had one last spurt left in him, and it arched right over my mouth and into my eye.  It was huge, too.  I wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t caught it on film.  It ruined the moment a bit, but we ended up laughings so hard instead.  Accidents happen and they bring us closer together.


So, you can watch the trailer if you want to suspend your imagery of us as a perfectly sensual couple, or see the hilarity for yourself in the full video.  Please, let me know that you feel my pain, at least empathetically.  😉  (That’s not winking…  That’s just my eye with cum in it.)

Sweet Blowjob in Miami

Camille Crimson gives a loving blowjob with a view


I promised to check in, didn’t I?  We shot this lovely video early in the week and had it ready for today!  That’s service, even on vacation!  As you can see, our view of Miami is pretty spectacular and we just knew we had to shoot the full experience to share with you.  All that gorgeous, clear water makes for the perfect backdrop for a Sweet Blowjob in Miami.


I love his simple white shirt and my lacy lingerie.  It looks just as breezy as this entire city has been.  The tile is a little cool, so we put down a pillow and engaged in something that felt kind of naughty but certainly no less loving and sweet than we always are together.  Besides, from that height, I doubt anyone could actually see us…  It just felt that way!


There will be more where this came from, but you’ll have to wait and see.  For now, I’m going to finish up a few more things and then head back to the beach.  I want to take advantage of my time here.  Do you feel a bit like you’re on holiday with us in this video?  You can check with the trailer, or get the entire experience with the full video…  Hopefully this glimpse of sun will tide you over regardless of what weather you’re actually facing where you are.