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Celebrate Masturbation Month With These Hot Videos!

Kate from TheArtofBlowjob.com

Kate from TheArtofBlowjob.com

Kate’s beauty is exquisite, and so are her blowjobs. There’s something about the sweet way in which she smiles that brings everything to light, from her stunning body to her incredibly deep eyes. Watch the full video Here!


Emilie From TheArtofCunnilingus.com

Emilie From TheArtofCunnilingus.com

Emilie is a little bit kinky. She gives her pussy a spank and then strips down out of her black lace lingerie, but leaves on the fluffy cuffs and collar. When she wants to seduce, she starts by playing with herself. Watching her masturbate is one of those instant aphrodisiacs.

Masturbation followed by a cunnilingus, watch the video here!

Do You Masturbate While In A Relationship?

There’s a great article for May Masturbation Month, I found it on SluttyGirlProblems, make sure you go check it out!

Here’s what inspired me about this article and what I thought I should share with you!

“Why masturbate when he has me?”

I, Piper Blush, have nothing against masturbation. I masturbate really often! I am single, I can in bulge all my masturbation fantasies without having to worry about another persons feelings.

I feel like masturbation is a very personal act. It has nothing to do with sex, but all to do with spending time with yourself. I couldn’t imagine getting all my pleasure form one person, and being forced to wait for that person to have he same urges as me. I need to be in control of some things in my life, like to deciding when I want to have an orgasm.

I feel it’s also important to know how to give yourself orgasms, to know what you like and dislike. That way you can express your need to your partner.



Why Do People Masturbate instead of Having Sex?

As said in the article on SluttyGirlProblems, “there seems to be an inaccurate belief in some people that we only masturbate because real sex isn’t available to us. Once real sex is available, then masturbation should stop. In fact, they can’t understand why anyone would choose masturbation over relationship sex.

If you masturbate in front of your partner does it mean you are having sex? Let’s say sex means penetration. Masturbation is usually something you do alone and once you have sex you masturbate a little less. I like to keep on masturbating even when I have a partner. I feel it empowering and my sex drive is not affected by it at all. All the contrary, the more I masturbate the more I want sex, I guess that’s why I’m a porn star 😉



Some Reasons Take SluttyGirlProblems:

    1. It’s quick and easy.
    2. So I can focus on myself, and not have to worry about the partner’s needs.
    3. I can’t sleep.
    4. I’m bored.
    5. I had 5 minutes to spare.
    6. Because I wanted to do it and I like it.
    7. Because she was on her period.
    8. Because my partner didn’t want sex.
    9. Wife just gave birth.
    10. Just want an orgasm, without fuss.
    11. Partner is sick.
    12. So I am satisfied when I’m away.
    13. It’s fun.

My favorites are 3, 4, 10 and 13.



May is Masturbation Month

Selina wearing only lace panties and a smile

Welcome to May! It’s not only the first actually nice month of the year, it’s also Masturbation Month. Doesn’t that just make you want to jerk off into a field of daffodils on a sunny afternoon? No? Just me?

Not that we really need a month to celebrate masturbation because, well, if we aren’t doing it regularly then we’re probably lying to this porn site, you guys. That said, it’s so nice to have some specific consecrated time to remind us that it actually is a special, useful and valuable thing.

So, how do you honour the month? Treat yo’ self! A nice new toy? Some of the really fancy lube? Dare I say… A new subscription to a beautiful porn website? Cough cough! Maybe all three! You can also always treat someone else to something nice. Nothing says you care quite like the gift of solo pleasure… Especially since it can be used together, too!

Self-love is a beautiful thing and we don’t want people to be ashamed. It’s not dirty, it’s healthy to know yourself, know what you like and know how to give it to yourself. So keep on keeping on and just maybe wash your hands after. 😉

Masturbation Month

Camille Crimson having an orgasm

Did you know that May is masturbation month?  Well, if you didn’t, now you do. As someone who works in porn, obviously I’m very pro-masturbation, but it’s interesting to hear about people who have mixed feelings about their own masturbation habits.  A lot of people have some degree of shame around the issue, and I hope that they’ll be able to find a way to enjoy themselves on their own terms.

I think that there are differences in the kinds of shames we feel as men and women to a certain extent, but it all comes down to the concern that we’re going to be seen as perverts for enjoying our bodies…  Like there’s something gross about doing so.  For men, I think it’s somewhat linked to feeling less than for having sex alone instead of with a partner.  The term “wanker” in the UK has given wanking quite a bad wrap for men.  As for women, it’s seen as something that good girls just don’t do…  Women’s sexuality and pleasure is just so misunderstood that way.

The only way we can really combat this is by enjoying ourselves and trying to be unashamed.  It’s hard to get over this kind of stigma, but loving yourself, getting to know your body and experiencing pleasure are all such important aspects of your sexual self and life.  What do you think?  Have you ever been made to feel ashamed about masturbating?  Is it something that you enjoy?  Do you ever speak openly about it with people in your life?