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YNOT Awards Nomination

The Art of Blowjob is nominated for best niche site.

Guess what!  The Art of Blowjob just received a nomination for the third annual YNOT Awards!  We’re up for Best Niche Site, which is quite an honour.  Considering it’s very largely a business to business-oriented awards ceremony with a few spaces for content creators, it’s pretty exciting to be selected!  It’s always interesting to be seen as a niche, when that tends to go more the fetish/kink route, but I’m quite happy to represent blowjobs thoroughly.

Unfortunately, the voting process is only open for business to business people within the porn communities as opposed to all porn enthusiasts, so I can’t ask you to cast your ballot (unless you work in porn, in which case: go for it!) but I just wanted to share this lovely little win for beautiful porn.  As I always say, it’s very gratifying to get a nod from the mainstream for our work.

Now, back to working on this week’s updates!  I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

What We’re Meant to Do

A seductive smile by gorgeous redhead Camille Crimson

Sometimes I come across an article about mainstream porn that actually makes me smile.  I’m talking grinning ear to ear here.  Porn director Nica Noelle wrote this piece for the Huffington Post and I’m really happy she did, because it’s an anecdote that explains that people in porn are actually often (at least sometimes) are in it because it’s just right for who they are.

She tells the story of the first time she saw a woman who was just meant to radiate natural eroticism while having sex on film.  A young woman named Elexis Monroe.  She wasn’t particularly exciting as a person, and she was pretty but not a great beauty, but she absolutely came alive while having sex, showing her intense passion for sexuality in every little thing she did.  Nica calls this “duende” which is a Spanish dialect word for the spiritual possession someone has for something.  An unseen force…  A je ne sais quoi.

This quotation should be exactly what I send to anyone who asks, out of concern for my well-being, why I make porn:

True artists do exist in porn; quietly, humbly tending to their art despite society’s giggles and mockery. Driven by unseen forces to express their gift, often without knowledge or insight that they even have one. Do they wonder, as others do for them, why they had the bad fortune to “end up” in porn? Do they hate themselves for feeling so self-actualized, so alive, when they’re performing life’s most intimate of acts for a world of strangers? We insist they have no gifts to offer, no special abilities of any worth, only tragic tales of lives gone hopelessly wrong.

I do it because I love it and it feels right.  So do many other people.  Thanks for bringing this to light, Nica.

Sex Scenes in Films

Camille giving a sweet stroking handjob

This is an interesting article that has been making its way around the porn-related part of the interwebs today from the New York Times…  It’s a little on the academic side, but it gets to address the idea that some people get really freaked out and upset when there’s “pornographic” sex in movies, especially when it’s not the most authentic representation of sex.  I’m not talking a nude scene here, but actual sex scenes.

The author of the piece (Mireille Miller-Young) suggests that there’s something pretty wrong about how flagrantly up in arms people get about sex in films (and all pop culture, really) when it’s actually explicit or accurate, given how poor most places are about educating their public about sex, but also that it’s understandable when it comes to people who feel like the depiction is just for titillation, and not actually sincere.  If anything, more inclusion of sex would benefit those watching the movies, who might be inspired to learn a bit more about themselves or their partners, but only if it’s realistic…

She continues to suggest that, in fact, sex in porn itself has a lot more to offer an audience than a Hollywood film, so maybe we shouldn’t be so concerned with labels like “pornographic” and be more concerned about showing what sex could be.  What do you think?  Do you think porn can be a good tool for visibility of different ways of having sex?  Do you think that mainstream films could ever catch up to sharing authentic sex?

So You Want to Make Porn

Loving sweet blowjob by a hot redhead

I do get a certain amount of e-mails and social media comments/messages asking how to be in porn…  Sometimes they’re just trying to get a blowjob, but they’re often being sincere.  😉  But, the truth is that we built our beautiful porn world all by ourselves from the ground up.  Our company is just the result of hard work, not connections to companies/producers to help get the job done.  That’s not really how it works outside of a few parts of the world and a few segments of the industry…  So outside of telling people to learn how to shoot, edit, code, share their thoughts and their body…  Well, I don’t have a ton of practical options.

Now I do have a good couple of resources when potential pornstars come to call in the form of great advice from Stoya and Ms. Naughty, predominantly for women and men respectively.  It’s really great to see performers and directors alike putting out a realistic depiction of what it is to make porn, what is expected of you, what personality traits are required and what the job really entails.  So many people think it’s all flowers and rainbows and cumshots, but it’s much more than that, especially when you’re talking about mainstream porn.  That’s one of the best things about making our own beautiful porn…  Natural light is much less hot than big studio lights!  And it requires a lot less makeup, too!

Have any of you ever thought about making your own porn or venturing out into the industry to strike out and become a pornstar?  Whether or not you’re interested, these articles definitely paint a much more realistic portrayal of the industry, especially compared to what many people believe it to be.

Lesbians Reacting to Lesbian Porn

This video has been making the rounds recently, and I really enjoy it…  It is specifically about lesbians reacting to traditional mainstream lesbian porn, but it feels similar to the way a lot of people (especially women) react to most porn.  Basically, that it seems made up, that you can tell that certain aspects are fake and that you don’t see a lot of genuine connection.  That said, it’s probably significantly worse when people who aren’t even your gender/sexuality are trying to portray your sex lives and are doing such a bad job of it.

It’s funny, of course, but it also made me think…  Do you ever have these kinds of reactions to porn, either lesbian or otherwise?  Do you think porn would be better off it only told “the truth” of sex and didn’t have much content that was just about performance?  Do you think that there are lesbians (or even just women who like having sex with other women) who actually do have the kind of sex that appears in traditional lesbian porn…  And do you think that there are people who have sex just like what we see in traditional mainstream heterosexual porn?

I’m inclined to think that maybe yes, but it’s far from the most common way people have sex together…  That’s why I do what I do by making beautiful porn. I just want to create more options so that people can see a part of themselves in the porn they watch…  I think there is more authentic lesbian porn out there too, whether it’s amateur or more queer.  But if the women in this video were watching that, their responses wouldn’t be quite as entertaining, though probably a lot sexier to watch.  😉

I’d love to know what you thought about the video!

What Makes Us Do Porn?

This video is a trailer for an upcoming documentary called Aroused about porn actresses in the mainstream.  This actually looks like it could be quite interesting.  Asides from the fact that it looks like there was actual thought put into the cinematography, they’ve styled everyone in very simple, stylish, glamorous implied nudes, at least for the promo.  It’s a very different look than the more typical porn appearance, and I think this is a nice way to strip everything down and allow them to just be.

It’s hard to tell exactly how this film will take shape, but the responses in the trailer alone are enough to make me think that we’ll get a really good insight into how they all feel about the work they do, why they do it and how they got started.  There’s such a stigma that transfers from big porn valley stars to people making their own content…  Why would a nice/smart/pretty girl like you do porn?  Hopefully this film will get the answer out there to the mainstream: there are many reasons, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s anything wrong with us at all.  Maybe we just love sex, love sharing this side of ourselves and feel good having this be such a big part of our lives.

There are also mentions about the difference between “porno sex” and “home sex”, about being fearless about sex and about how it is not always a positive or negative experience…  I think that filmmaker Deborah Anderson seems like she handled all of this in a pretty delicate and thoughtful way.  I hope it comes out online, because I think this would be a very interesting look at the way these women navigate porn in their own words.

What do you think?  Would you be intrigued to see what mainstream female porn performers are thinking and feeling about what they do?