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Piper's 70' look!

Piper’s Throwback Thursday on The Art of Blowjob!

This week’s update on TheArtofBlowjob.com, Piper gives you a Throwback Thursday that comes to staight from the seventies!

Take a trip back in time with Ms. Blush, click here now!

She wears her yellow tainted shades on her freckled nose. The curls of her hair fall upon her figure. She gives you a seductive glance thru her glasses. Desire is building up between the both of you. She skillfully manoeuvres your length to her pleasure letting it touch her pink lips. You hear the graceful melody of her moans. Her tongue escapes once more to caress your frenulum. She licks and sucks. Her so sensual feminine voice asks for you to cover her glasses…

Can you resist the urge… Watch the full-length video here right now!

A New Look For TheArtofBlowjob!



Since 2007 TheArtofBlowjob has been there for all your carnal desires!

We have decided it is about time, after ten years, TheArtofBlowjob gets a brand new look.

We are thrilled to announce that TAOBJ is now compatible with any mobile devices. Yes, we are talking smartphones, tablets, and everything. To tease you, even if you are not yet a member, you can take a deeper look at our amazing content, because every video is now complemented with a gif!

Don’t panic! We didn’t change a thing to our incredible content. It is only in a different package. Please bear with us during the weekend, we are still uploading the 400 and more videos you have already enjoyed or will soon discover.

Enjoy the brand new site right now!

Amarna’s Five Secrets For The Best Blowjob!

As a good sucker, I have my tricks:

1 – Eager sucking

This is the main factor that differentiates a good blowjob: you have to enjoy it as much as your partner. If you are tired, do not get it! If you end up looking bored your partner is not going to enjoy what could have been a great blowjob.

Also, when you really want the other person to feel pleasure, you strive to do your best and that’s what we want! Perfect cum! : D


2 – Drooling

Natural lubrication to keep the cock wet. Take care not to put a lot of drool! If it is too much you can make the area less sensitive  (This is what It usually happens to me, I’m a walking factory of drool). Depending on the person and their personal tastes it can be a plus to spit or create threads of drool when you separate the mouth.

I personally like to do threads of drool while I’m jerking off, stare at him and go collect the drool with my mouth without separating my eyes or stop moving the hand. Triple hit combo.

3-Combining  hand/mouth

The purists will criticize this point, but for me, it is an essential part of a good blowjob. The mouth and tongue eventually  get tired, and it’s much better to combine the heat and humidity of the mouth, with the minimalist sobriety of a handjob, to look tired. Return to step 1.


4 – Change the speed

The speed and pressure, in fact. There is no better blowjob that the one that goes in crescendo. First with your hand, gently, you move the skin up and down, without too much pressure. Then, now with the mouth, you fill the area with drool as you press a little with the lips. You start to shove it deeper and deeper, while the pressure of your lips increases tightly, sealed around the cock.

If in addition, at the end of the deep throat  you separate your mouth from the cock and create a thread of drool, that means that you’re on track.

5 – Looks

For me, one of the essential parts for a blowjob is to look at the right time. For example when he is about to reach orgasm, with a face of “ohmygodimgoingtocum ” and then you slow the movements and stare at him.

Or while you ‘re doing a deep throat and you stare at him with a face of “pleasecumonmymouth”. Irresistible.


See Amarna’s Special Video for TheArtofBlowjob- Click Here!

Blog Changes!

You may have noticed that the blog looks very different… Well, the old theme that I’ve had for a few years wasn’t being updated anymore, which ended up being the reason why people couldn’t respond to comments anymore. Even though I really liked the look of the old blog, this is a little more simple and it’ll keep from having weird bugs and issues down the line. Hopefully you enjoy this streamlined look and the ability to comment on each other’s comments to your heart’s content!

100 Updates on Pornographic Love

Gorgeous brunette Lilyanne Bloom from Pornographic Love


Lilyanne Bloom and Max Sauvage are really amazing people.  Their site has been up for less than a year and they are already at 100 updates.  I don’t even know how they do it, but I know they do it well.  Pornographic Love is really something special, and I wanted to share some love about them for their milestone.


I am constantly astonished by how versatile their sexuality can be, doing everything from coy teasing to passionate oral sex to really intense sex and downright explosive squirting…  Obviously I’m jealous of the last item on that list.  So jealous (but impressed) in fact that I shared my thoughts on the subject while sharing their Squirt Compilation video on Fleshbot.  But really, they use gorgeous lingerie, a little leg/foot play, toys, even a few experiences with another woman, but they always stay true to exactly who they are and to their deep connection with each other.


In addition to hitting 100 updates, they’ve also recently had a total upheaval to their site, with new navigation tools and a whole new hot pink on black design scheme.  It’s a really great look that perfectly fits who they are: artsy and sweet with a slight alt look.  I could not possibly be any more proud of them, and I think that the next 100 updates will be even more amazing…  After all, they’ve already explored so much, and they will only get more refined, deep and passionate about sharing their intimate sexual selves and their really loving relationship.

New Blowjob Video – Special Look

Get the Flash Player to see this video.

Here’s the trailer to my latest video for The Art of Blowjob.  It’s called Special Look and I really, really love it.  You guys always give me amazing compliments on my looks and I always just kind of shuffle my feet and say thank you…  This time, I do kind of really think I look hot in this video.  Hopefully that doesn’t sound weird and vain, but I just love my hair, my makeup, the little bow, my simple girl nextdoor underwear…  Yeah.  Especially in the natural light of the sun streaming through the window.

The title “Special Look” is about the looks that happen throughout the experience of a blowjob that make you catch your breath for a moment.  First, when I look at Mike and he just knows it’s time, then when I look up while giving him a blowjob and stare right into his eyes as deep as you can imagine, and then finally the look he gets when he’s just about to cum, right before he closes them and hear that amazing moan.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, right?

So, check out the rest of the video and tell me what you think.  Which look is your favourite?  Do these little glances mean as much to you as they do to me?  For me, that’s what makes a truly amazing blowjob.