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Piper Blush’s Erotic Thoughts!

Piper Blush:

I place my surf next to the window. I feel your eyes undressing me as I turn to face you. You create this need in me. I want to taste you. It’s so enticing to see you grow thru your boxers as I show you my erect nipples. My hands cup my breasts. It arouses me to seduce you. Slowly, I take off my pants and then my panties to show you my most intimate parts. I spread myself wide while I push you down my throat. I love being filled by you.

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I push one of my fingers in my tight slit. It makes me moan harder on your length. Saliva pours out of my lips onto your balls. I suck the way you like it. They clench under my tongue, and I feel the first burst of cum escaping your shaft. It makes me orgasm. I place you in my mouth to catch the rest of your sweet juice.

Hysterical Literature, Have You Had The Pleasure of Reading?

The Hysterical Literature project was created by Clayton Cubitt in 2012. His goal is to bring back the ‘pleasure’ of reading! I think he has succeeded there is pleasure and there is reading 😉

Do you remember Hysterical Literature with Stoya. She read Necrophilia Variations. To add to your very sexy audio books, the Photographer Fette Sans reads Le Naufragé, by Thomas Bernhard. Have you guessed…it’s in French! For those of you who have a thing for latin languages, you’ll be excited.

Lucie Blush explains how beautiful it is to watch Fette Sans read and I feel she depicts the best picture. Read it before you see it, here it is: This project is not only hot but also very positive as it really does encourage everybody to read more. It’s also quite mesmerizing to watch a woman trying to focus on the reading while somehow fighting the pleasure that is triggered between their legs. You can witness the evolution of the pleasure invading her body and her head, she has trouble reading, she pauses, starts again, she’s agitated, moving on her chair, trying to grasp something to hold on to, until she gives up and lets it take over until she reaches an epic orgasm. The wand is still buzzing in the post-coming silence.

Watch all the sessions here.

Tasting Her Juicy Pussy!

I suddenly felt my thighs tightening. I pictured it in my head, your tongue tasting my folds. I came out of my fantasy, as warm wetness  touched my panties. Here was my reaction to the quite intense poem I found on LibraryVixen!

Read it and tell me if you get the same sensations as I did?

© Copyright 2015 Library Vixen, All rights Reserved. Written For: Library Vixen

© Copyright 2015 Library Vixen, All rights Reserved. Written For: Library Vixen

I suck the meat from your bone

nourishing me until I moan

kitchen smells warm and yeasty

My oven heaves loaves so meaty

branch hard strains reaching for the juncture

juices pour out with each puncture

Dine and gorge I provide the cunt to feast

Your tongue laps up my tasty treat


To read more like those go to : LibraryVixen!

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Sexy Reading of 50 Shades of Grey


I can’t deny it anymore…  50 Shades of Grey is a big deal.  I haven’t read it beyond little snarky excerpts posted by people on social media, but it certainly seems to have caught on and I can sort of see why.  For whatever reason, it’s given more traditional and buttoned-up women the “permission” to be sexy.  It’s full of kink, so they’re exploring new grounds and seemingly really enjoying it.  Even though this essentially started off as Twilight fan fiction (actually) it’s still ultimately a good thing, I think.


If this is popular, other books in the same vein will become popular, opening the way for other erotica writers from different genres to move forth and make a name for themselves in the more mainstream sector.  Then, who knows?  Maybe we’ll move out of the literary realm and into photography and videos that are more conventionally accepted as a part of sexuality in general.  Maybe we’ll even decide that sex isn’t such a big, scary taboo!


So, it took a cheesy book to make this seem possible…  Never underestimate the right introduction at the right time.  That said, we can still poke fun at it, of course, which is why I posted that highly disturbing video.  Hopefully you’ll laugh.


I have to ask, though, has anyone here read it or do you know someone who read it?  What do you think of it as a concept?

Blackboards in Porn


This blog is hilarious.  I found it on my usual trolling the internet for porn, well, trolling for information about the porn world…  Let’s go with that.  Since there are so many sexy teacher/naughty student porn out there, there are many a school blackboard in porn.  Those blackboards can’t be empty, though.  That would be too easy.  So instead, some director, stage-hand, star, whoever, will be charged with filling the blackboard.


Since I’m such a stickler for details, I’m glad I’ve never been in this position, but if I was, I’d pick something a little more challenging than what some people have put up.  The blog Blackboards in Porn shares some of porn’s blackboards and then assigns the content a grade.  It goes everywhere from advanced university math to Mary Had a Little Lamb.  I don’t know who thought that last one was a good idea…  Regardless, it’s really funny and worth a look…  Seeing the silly set decoration and concepts that go into porn sometimes is just too funny, so blogs like this just bring it all to the forefront.  I love it!