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Heidi and Jessy; Blonde VS Brunette!

Heidi and Jessy, TAOBJ

Heidi and Jessy, TAOBJ

Heidi and Jessy have an electric kind of connection. These are two beautiful women with a common love of exploring sensuality. When they get together, it’s absolute paradise watching the way they take their time with each other. Every moment is engaging and each little caress has an element of thrill in it. Seeing their two bodies entwined is almost orgasmic. Just imagine what it’d feel like to have them turn their attentions onto you… See it HERE!

Blowjobs Are The New Morning Coffee!



Imagine if women all agreed actually to replace morning coffee! What a great world we would live in…

Well until then our models at TheArtofBlowjob.com are at your disposition at any time of the day.

2017-01-24 11_27_33

Join Cassie and Jemma every morning, and it’s cheaper than one coffee per day!!!

Sex Misconceptions!



Girl On Girl Sex; Don’t Transmit or Contract STIs

It’s False. In fact, sexually transmitted infections and diseases are passed along through skin-to-skin contact and bodily fluids like breast milk, secretions (from vaginas, penises, and anuses) and blood, which means anyone who’s kissing, licking or rubbing up against another naked person is putting themselves at some level of risk.

Plus, because sexual orientation, sexual behavior and gender identity never have to align (and can change!), someone’s sexual orientation doesn’t designate the genitals of the person with whom they are (or have been) sexual.

We’re much better off never making assumptions.

That’s just one of the interesting misconceptions about sex that you can read on Kinkly!

Click Here to read the others!

What Kind of Porn Do Women Watch!



Did you know that the female Pornhub population is around 24 percent! From this map, I have to say most women like to watch lesbian porn. Can you blame them 😉 It seems like they are distinctiveness between some cultures regarding there preferences in porn. As you can see, women from the Africa prefer Ebony and women from East Asia loves Hentai. I guess if you are into anal, you can relate to the women in Russia.

So why do women over the world prefer lesbian porn? Vice talked to three women from the UK, to find out. Here is what Steph 26 had to say to Vice:

I watched porn for the first time when I was probably about 13 or 14 on the laptop my whole family used. I assume they must have been out of the house, but who knows? Maybe I was into the risk?

I used to watch a lot of lesbian porn and “mainstream” stuff, but I don’t any more, and I’m also really put off by anything that looks too fake or where the women don’t look like they’re having a good time – basically the “30 minutes of blow jobs and one solid thrust in the vagina and she’s come” stuff. Now, the porn star has to kind of look like me and kind of be having the type of sex I’m having in real life, or would like to experiment with in real life. I assume this is because I’m a bit more self and sex positive than I was when I was a teenager and know what I want a bit more. If I want a quickie, it’s always a guy going down on a girl.

At the moment I prefer POV porn and a bit of dirty talk and mild BDSM… plus, I’m quite into interracial porn. I’m really not into anal at all because it all just looks a bit painful. Also, I don’t like fake boobs; I find jiggly boobs a turn-on, so solid ones put me right off.


Text inspired from Vice!






Quality Website – Minx Addiction

It’s been a while, but I wanted to share a quality website with you again.  Last time, I extolled the virtues of X-Muse.  Today it’s all about Minx Addiction, the online world of one of the most gorgeous pinup women I’ve ever seen.

Gorgeous fetish babe Minx Addiction

I was first drawn to the pinup side of what she does, but she does a lot more than that.  Her site features photos and videos of pinup, fetish, solo and girl/girl fun.  She can work a lot of looks, from girl next door to fetish queen to glamour goddess.  I’m always impressed when a woman can be so versatile but still really authentic in every style.

Hot babe Minx Addiction in girl on girl action

She’s been a Suicidegirl, she’s been on Playboy TV and she’s been featured in countless magazines, promos and sites…  It’s not hard to see why.  Let’s face it, she’s beautiful.  Plus, she’s very passionate about what she does and she has really great taste!  Since I’m in the world of porn, I do look at a lot of other websites and it’s not that often that you see someone who is really industrious, really has control over her image/voice and pulls off something that feels real.

More Minx Addiction in lesbian lust

So, go check out her site and definitely let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear if you like knowing about other sites I find worthwhile.  I think it’s really important as a member of the adult community to support other people you think are doing great work.  Minx Addiction and X-Muse are definitely up to wonderful things, making very beautiful porn.  Isn’t that what we all want?

Beautiful babe Minx Addiction with a girl in corset

It Gets Better. Make it Better.

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to make a slightly more serious post about a really wonderful online response to a terrible situation.  As many of you know, there has been a very big rise in LGBTQ teen suicides recently and these poor kids were bullied to the point of thinking death was the only way out.  There is absolutely no reason for this culture we live in to be so cruel, for people to be so judgemental and closed-minded.  People are so petty and hateful that it feels like the world has forgotten the principle of live and let live.  But I know that’s not true, in part thanks to an initiative spear-headed by sex columnist Dan Savage of Savage Love.  It’s called It Gets Better and it’s a truly amazing project.

Basically, the project is about the fact that although it’s is unbelievably hard out there for LGBTQ teens, one day you get to make your own life.  You can move away, surround yourself with like-minded people, have amazing experiences and live the way you want.  LGBTQ adults recount their often extremely difficult experiences growing up and then contrast them with their wonderful, successful, love-filled lives.  These videos are heart-warming, sweet, poignant, funny and true.  They give solid proof that there is a reason to go on living, even if it seems like there isn’t one right now.

So, that’s all well and good, but what do they do in the meantime?  Well, LGBTQ teens have answered that themselves by starting the Make it Better project.  It’s a direct response to It Gets Better, but dealing with a way to make things easier right away by becoming active and visible in their communities.  It sounds daunting for sure, but by connecting with other LGBTQ and ally students, forming Gay/Straight Alliances and becoming an active member of a community, they are giving themselves strength to deal with bullying and ways to educate and change the minds of their schoolmates.  Of course, it’s not all that simple, but this project encourages the empowerment of LGBTQ kids, which is a big step forward.

One of the most amazing videos I’ve seen on the gay teen suicide issue was made by comedian Sarah Silverman.  It’s only 28 seconds, but it succinctly explains exactly why this is happening.  While It Gets Better and Make It Better are two projects which deal with the LGBTQ reaction to our culture, Sarah‘s video just calls for decency from every single person who makes it hard for these wonderful young people to be happy.  It shouldn’t be up to the LGBTQ community to make their lives better in the face of such ridiculously hateful experiences…  It should be the leaders of our countries setting an example.

Of course, the atheist in me immediately points the finger at religion, and let’s face it, I’m not wrong.  The culture we live in is like this because we’re still clinging to religious teachings and interpretations of sacred texts that encourage the hatred of those who are different from some ridiculous norm.  The governments who make decisions about who can get married, who can serve in the armed forces, who can have sex, who can teach kids…  Well, where do you think they get their values from that say homosexuality is wrong and that they should be punished?  I’m not saying every religious person is a homophobe, just that many religious people pick and choose and twist the words of their holy books to hate others.  Plain and simple.

So what can the leaders of our countries do?  Question their beliefs and ultimately see that, regardless of their religious affiliation, their holy books don’t tell them to hate and if they do, they shouldn’t be listened to.  They should stop being so afraid of the right wing religious vote and stand up for these poor people having to fight each day and giving up before they even reach adulthood.  They should stop the cycle of innocent children turning into cruel teens and adults, poisoned by the idea that it’s okay to hurt someone who is different in any way.  Make laws that protect LGBTQ people and give them equality, not ones that strip them of their civil liberties.  Create curriculums that constantly reinforce that LGBTQ (or any difference) should be more than tolerated, that it should be seen as 100% equal.  Empower the LGBTQ community by being present and supporting them, and not just for a photo-op.

Basically, if the laws we make, the shows we produce, the sermons we preach, the news we report, the lessons we teach (etc) keep telling the world that LGBTQ is somehow less than, that’s what many people are going to think.  So stop it.