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Cat Roundup

Cat drawing gone horribly wrong

It’s Monday, and I think it might be the kind of Monday where people need a laugh.  It’s still a bit blah out, I still have 10 whole days until I can ride my motorcycle (Yes, I’m going to keep on counting down the days and then I guess I’ll text you from the road!  :P) and, well, it’s no secret that many people don’t exactly relish the return to the week.  So, honestly, what better than a few cat things I’ve been saving up?  Above is probably the worst drawing advice I’ve ever seen.  It kind of reminds me of those SFW porn ads, only much more disturbing.  😉  Whatever you do, don’t do that. I can solemnly promise that is just not how you draw a cat.  At all.  Thanks, Reddit.

If you can get past the music on this one I found on Jezebel (it’s an acquired taste, but that’s what muting is for!) you can find out who is stealing those socks of yours…  And who is fighting to save them.  (Spoiler alert: kittens!)  This is actually really inventive filmmaking and the kittens are absolutely adorably playful, and then sleepy.  Fast forward to the 0:45 second mark for the cats, but the whole thing is pretty fun and action-packed!

My dream man with a kitty

And finally, this one that has been circulating around TNG fans on Facebook…  Be still my heart!  Is there anything that is not absolutely amazing about this man?  Of course he’s my number one!  On top of being in one of the best TV shows of all time, being an incredibly accomplished actor and an active feminist, he loves cats!  That’s one lucky feline.

I hope this made you alternately gasp, giggle and smile. Sometimes a little silly cat-related internet stuff is just what you need!