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Are you in for some role-play action?

TheArtofBlowjob goes all Halloween themed for you with a few of the best roleplays! Choose between all of the different Piper, as a member¬†you can view all of them plus the 650 updates ūüėČ

Say goodbye to your favourite air stewardess before she leaves for her flight!

Click here to watch: Air Stewardess!

Click here to watch: Air Stewardess!

Teach Piper a lesson, she’s not listening in class and her schoolgirl uniform is not quite reglementary!

Click here to watch: Schoolgirl!

Click here to watch: Schoolgirl!

Invite the cowgirl next door in for a fresh lemonade, she might want to keep on ridding afterward?

Click here to watch: Cowgirl!

Click here to watch: Cowgirl!

Feeling cold on this fall day, Nurse Piper can take care of all your needs. Just ask her!

Click here to watch: Nurse!

Click here to watch: Nurse!

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HJ Gloves


“Like a velvet-wrapped silk tongue… ¬†On his penis…”


Once in a while you just need to laugh… ¬†A lot. ¬†This video has had me cracking up since I saw it on Peeperz and I wanted to share it with you. ¬†It’s another Funny or Die sex-related video, called HJ Gloves. ¬†What are HJ Gloves? ¬†Well, I’m sure you can guess… ¬†Luxury gloves for handjobs. ¬†Of course!


Asides from the fact that the serious seductive film noir quality of the video is totally entertaining and it’s complete with a gratuitous (and hopefully fake) cumshot, it’s not actually the worst idea. ¬†I’ve played around with gloves a little bit over the years, and they do actually add somewhat of a sensual element to a blowjob/handjob… ¬†At least if you don’t pump the operatic techno.


I also just love how they made it pretty clear that it’s hard to make a handjob look classy on purpose. ¬†I just try to let it happen and be natural… ¬†So, would you like a pair of HJ Gloves for yourself? ¬†Or would you just like to see me give a handjob/blowjob with gloves on? ¬†Inquiring minds want to know what you think! ¬†Or, at least this inquiring mind does.

Watching Porn at Work


After my epic 16 question Reddit AMA continuation post from yesterday, I figured I’d share something light and entertaining about porn. ¬†This video came to me a while back (no pun intended) and I think that you’ll all find it amusing. ¬†It’s about finding a way to get to enjoy porn at work… ¬†Imagine, The Art of Blowjob breaks… ¬†The possibilities are endless.


Despite the fact that it’s all obviously a joke, the guy makes quite a case for it, sharing a number of important reasons why porn could actually be very inspiring to a business. ¬†Funny, haha, all of that, but the case for porn as a hub for enterprising people who are pushing to the forefront of society and technology is actually built quite nicely.


Did this video make you laugh? ¬†What do you think of the ideas behind it? ¬†Do you think he makes a good point? ¬†Would you ever work in an environment like that, with a more “open” policy? ¬†Or have you every sneakily looked at porn at work?

Making it in Porn


Today has been a really refreshing, recharging day to get creative and inspired for lots of great things to come. ¬†I know I say that often, but it really is true. ¬†We’re so lucky in this company to have the combination of creativity and drive that continually pushes us forward. ¬†We’ve come leaps and bounds and we’re only getting started.


I recently shared some tips with Porn is my Nirvana all about how to make it in the adult industry. ¬†I’ve included a few of the questions and answers here:


How would you advise a woman who wants to have sex in front of the camera and be successful at it?
You need to do it for the right reasons. Someone who is doing it to be¬†famous or make a quick buck can be identified, and people would rather¬†work with someone who is good investment, at least when it comes to¬†more reputable companies. Know your limits, research the going rate¬†for porn performance in your area and don’t go below that. The best¬†thing to do is to find the porn that speaks to you and contact them¬†about modeling. Get some simple shots taken to share. Look into¬†possibly getting an agent. You could also go through cam work as¬†another entrance into the market. Even make up some business cards and¬†go to an adult industry event. There are lots of ways to get¬†attention. When it comes to being successful after that, it’s all¬†about being a self-possessed person.


Is it tougher for men to get paid work as a performer?
Absolutely. More men want to do it, there’s a lot of pressure to be of¬†a certain size and to stay hard. If you’re not in LA, you’ll find it¬†hard to find a job, much less any jobs. Unless you genuinely have the¬†passion and drive to put up with a lot of low-paying jobs to make your¬†dreams come true, being a man in porn is not for you. The focus is¬†primarily on women, and male stars are the exception, not the rule.¬†It’s unfortunate, but true. I mean, if you want to be a gay performer,¬†that’s a whole other can of worms, but I don’t know as much about¬†that.


I want to start my own adult website but have no idea where to¬†begin… register a domain, and then…?
Get the content, know your brand, set up a payment processor, set up¬†an affiliate program, get samples of your content out there, publicize¬†your site to industry blogs, have a strong social media presence…¬†There’s a lot to it. That’s why it helps to have a company that you’re¬†working with. It’s a lot for just one person.


There are more tips on Porn is my Nirvana, so go check.  Has any of this inspired you?  Have any of you ever wanted to make a run at working in the adult industry in some way?



Down the Tubes

Okay, I’ve been big on the questions over the last few days and you have all certainly been great at answering them, so I’ve got another one for you today… ¬†Well, actually I have a few of them:


What do you honestly think of tube sites?  So you use them?  If so, which ones?  What do you think are the benefits/draw-backs of how it is effecting the view of porn?  What do you know about its effect on the porn industry?


For the sake of fairness, I’ll answer the questions that are relevant to me:


I have a mixed feeling on tube sites. ¬†I do business with them for a few reasons. ¬†First, it’s a necessity in porn if you want to get ahead. ¬†Second, the people I’ve met who work for the tubes are really nice people who want to help you share your content. ¬†Third, it is good publicity and a good way to engage with people… ¬†But the problem is that it’s creating a culture where everyone expects everything for free and they see no problem ripping videos from a site and uploading it without consent.


It’s also tough because when you upload one, or five, or ten or even thirty videos, a lot of people just scream for more and ask why you aren’t posting every update you have for free… ¬†Because of a mix of the stigma of porn and the fact that most people don’t understand what it takes to code a website, create a quality video and run a business, people think porn isn’t a real job that requires money to survive, so this “everything for free” mentality enables them to feel entitled to everything… ¬†for free.


This is definitely not a dig at people who can’t afford to pay for a membership. ¬†Far from it. ¬†Times are hard, it’s not possible for everyone. ¬†I completely respect that. ¬†This is the people who LOL when I suggest that if they would like to see my latest update, that it’s available for viewing on my site. ¬†You know the types.


So, what do I feel is a beneficial repercussion for tube porn?  More available and promoted porn means that people are seeing porn as more of a normal part of life.  The more people are casual porn users, the less of a big deal porn, and ultimately sex, will be in the context of our moralistic society.  Having porn and sex present in our online life is an important way to get legitimacy.


If we could find a way to crack down on the piracy and make it feel more like “these are free samples, like a trailer for a movie or a mini-quiche in the frozen food aisle” and less of an expectation that porn is free and disposable and unlimited, people would have more respect for porn and would pick and choose their favourite sites/videos based on their tastes and then subscribe or buy the video to see the full version…


So, what do you think?

Teacher Loses Job Over Porn

Just as I was saying yesterday about how sexual women aren’t respected as they should be in many situations, news hit today that a teacher in St. Louis had to leave her job after one of her students saw a video she did nearly 20 years ago online. ¬†She had already been fired from one job because it came out that she was a former porn performer. ¬†In an article from Jezebel, they said:


Myers’s porn past had also gotten her fired from her job at a Kentucky school back in 2006 ‚ÄĒ in both cases, the¬†Daily News said her porn career didn’t show up in a background check because it wasn’t illegal. There’s also no reason it should have affected her teaching ability. It’s not like she was showing porn to her students ‚ÄĒ and in fact, she never would’ve been outed at her St. Louis job if the teenage whistleblower hadn’t been looking at porn in the first place. Memo to Parkway North and high schools nationwide: your students can learn way more about porn from thirty seconds on the Internet than they can from a teacher who was in¬†Major Sluts fifteen years ago and by all accounts never talks about it in the classroom. And the American education system has way bigger problems than whether some lady used to have sex on camera. Even if it was entirely Myers’s own decision to leave Parkway, she likely came to it in light of the stigma she faced in Kentucky. At that time, she said, “Anybody who has been in my classroom could tell you how much I love teaching and how much I love these students, and that should be what matters more than anything in my past.” If only everyone she worked with were so reasonable.


I completely echo all those ideas. ¬†Besides, with the amazingly high rates of amateur porn, the cult of the Suicide Girl and of 18-19 year olds posting revealing pictures on Tumblr, having naked pictures/sexual videos of yourself online won’t be able to be grounds for termination because practically everyone will have done it. ¬†Besides, as the quote above states, it’s not illegal. ¬†Showing off something natural and empowering is never a bad thing. ¬†Just because you have a more “straight-laced” career doesn’t mean you can’t have an active and fulfilling sex life, currently or in the past.


I just feel horrible for this woman and I hope that the day will come where any kind of healthy, legal sexuality won’t be seen as a personal fault or liability.