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A quick blowjob from a cowgirl!

Every cowboy as dreamt of possessing the beautiful cowgirl next door. Her name is Piper Blush. Click Here to get a few minutes with her!  she wears very short blue jeans, a plaid shirt that is always tied to the form and of course some suede booties. It might be cliché, but she’s hot as the Arizona desert. She invites you to her country house for a snack. As she unties your jeans to unveil your unshaved cock she knows what she’s in for… Your cock between her pink lips reaches erection fast. She plunges deeper onto you. Her big blue eyes are starving for more attention. She unties her shirt. It unfolds on both sides of her big and perky breasts. Full-Lenght Video Here! 

2017-09-23 06_40_58

Super sexy blowjob in jeans and 60 fps!!!


Nothing is sexier than a woman wearing tight jeans. Yes, you read right the first time. Naked is not as titillating as having to guess what those outrageous curves look like in the nude! But is it more life-like in 60fps? A good pair of denim leaves you with this urge to unbutton, unzip and pull down as fast lightning. Now combine those old fashion hi-rise blues with a crochet micro-bikini, and you have the most jaw-dropping combo!

Watch this video now, TheArtofBlowjob.com!!!

I slip on my newly both crochet micro-bikini. You watch as I tie the knots. I get shy when you look at me that way, but I can’t help myself, it turns me on. You lay on your back while I place my hands on each side of you. On all fours, I have much better control. As I put my mouth on you, I feel the urge to taste you. I feel your cock harden under the pressure of lips. I go deeper with every new stroke, leaving you so wet that you slide further into my throat. Your fingers push aside the see-thru wool. Knowing your eyes are all over my body, it makes me tremble. Your balls cuddle up closer to your shaft as your legs clench under me. I guess that it is coming. I kiss your tip turning my hand on your length. Your juices flow out as you climax. I appreciate every drop of you!

My New Motorbike

Camille Crimson of The Art of Blowjob on her motorbike


As you know, I had a little spill on my BMW motorcycle a little while back and luckily I escaped with only bruises.  The bike is able to be fixed luckily!  In the meantime, and because I’m clearly quite taken by motorbiking, I got myself another one.  I know, I know!  I’m a little obsessed…  But can you blame me?  It’s so exciting!


Sexy motorcycle for a beautiful redhead babe


I got a Honda crf 250 L, which is a much lighter bike.  I really love it.  I don’t want to trash my BMW, but I might even like it more!  It’s really kind of sporty and it goes pretty much everywhere.  It handles like a dream and I feel really confident on it, especially for off-road riding.  With my leather jacket and jeans, I feel like quite the biker babe in that shot at the dealer.


Don’t worry about me.  I promise to be very very careful!  I’m just so excited to have another one in my life so I can continue all of my adventures and enjoy this beautiful season in the outdoors.  It really is a ticket to freedom for me.


So, what do you think of it?  Do you any of you have experiences with the Honda crf 250 L or a similar bike?  And what do you feel about it compared to my BMW f650gs?

Just a Sweet Blowjob before the Ride

Sexy blowjob by Camille Crimson


Blowjobs are liberating, beautiful and free, like the wind against you as you careen down the road at top speed on your motorcycle…  Or at least that’s how I think about it sometimes.  Recently, we were getting ready for a ride and we figured, why not film a really sexy blowjob in my riding gear?  Note: my riding gear is ripped jeans and a tee, which is about as “bad girl” as I get… And it’s a Reddit RideIt tee at that!


Sensual pre-motorcycle ride blowjob


There’s something so incredibly sexy about the anticipation before we get on our bikes…  It’s a lot of build up, a lot of tension, a lot of sensuality, in a way.  I love blowing off a little steam (HA!) before we get out there, so this made a lot of sense and it shows a really natural side of ourselves.  We’ve been trying to get out riding whenever we can, so this is a big part of our lives.  Both the blowjob and the ride preparation, that is.


Camille Crimson getting a cumshot before riding her motorcycle


So, you should come and take a ride with us, at least vicariously.  The trailer is a fun jaunt, but the long haul (and the delicious cumshot) is only in the full video.  I’d love to know what you think of the look…  Is this what you expected from my motorcycle ensemble?  Do the jeans and the basic tee work for you?  😉