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Best Most Sexy Halloween Costumes From Piper Blush!

Piper Blush’s Will It Fit Friday- The Show! is gaining much-deserved popularity on YouTube, because every Friday you can see her try clothes that her YouTube Subscribers send her thru¬†the mail. Wait that’s not all, on this particular month of October she has made a very special edition of the famous WIFF! For this Halloween season, she only puts on the costumes you send her. You’ll see her fans have quite the taste for pretty outfits ūüėč Here’s what she received so far! Find more sexy¬†photos on PiperBlush.com

Piper Blush the Cowgirl

Get the Photo Set click here!

Get the Photo Set click here!

Piper Blush the Schoolgirl

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Get the Photo Set click here!

Piper Blush the Stewardess

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Get the full Photo Set click here!



TheArtofBlowjob’s Halloween Special!

Don’t miss it!
On Friday the 28th you can enjoy, a little in advance, TheArtofBlowjob’s Halloween treat.
Because no matter our age we all need to get some candy–¬†TheArtofBlowjob.com!


The Day the Earth Stopped Masturbating


This is just twisted. ¬†It’s the ultimate question… ¬†Well, maybe not actually ultimate, but you know what I mean… ¬†Self-pleasure vs. humanity. ¬†I sincerely hope it never comes to this, or I can guarantee that The Art of Blowjob and Slow Motion Blowjob would go out of business. ¬†No one needs to be that tempted to commit atrocities.


I think this movie is actually really well-made.  Leave it to the French to come up with something that is such a great blend of sinister and funny.  As someone who loves pleasure, it sounds like quite a nightmare!


Of course, the video is really funny, but it also feels like a horror movie or thriller in a way… ¬†Just how far will we go for that elusive orgasm? ¬†There’s a pretty great twist ending, so I hope you watch the whole way through and then I have to know… ¬†What would you have done?

Haunted by Olivia Munn’s Ghost Boobs


I like to have a good mix on this blog, of more insightful things, of more industry-related things, of more personal things and, of course, of more funny and light-hearted things. ¬†Mike and I found this video online last night and we couldn’t help but laugh and keep randomly bursting out laughing while cooking, while brushing our teeth together, in bed… ¬†Sometimes something just tickles your funny bone, but I know that he probably went to bed that night with terror in his heart too…


This video may just haunt your dreams. ¬†Breasts aren’t the be all and end all of a woman, but we all have that little thing that we love about our partner, whether it’s physical or not. ¬†Imagine if you woke up the next morning and it was gone! ¬†Imagine if it vanished without a trace and no one even knew what you were talking about. ¬†And imagine if there was a dark secret conspiracy going on… ¬†Spooky stuff. ¬†However, if Olivia Munn was a part of it, it might all be worth it.


This definitely hit close to home for Mike, as he’s a huge fan of my breasts. ¬†You see him reaching for them enough in our videos. ¬†ūüėõ ¬†Asides from that, we loved this because it’s actually really well shot. ¬†I love seeing people who understand the tropes of a genre, and this kind of horror/psychological thriller parody hits all the marks. ¬†And the guy quivering in the corner and then her sinister look off in the distance… ¬†Perfection. ¬†I think that was what kept cracking us up. ¬†I’d make the face she made and he would just fall to pieces every time.


Laughing is such an important part of a relationship, so I’m always glad to share this stuff with you too. ¬†Hopefully you’ll be able to laugh with us.



I hope you’re ready to laugh, because this one’s a doozy… ¬†Only it’s not funny and cute like a cat video, or funny and sexy like a blowjob parody song. ¬†No, this is funny and sad like “People actually thought this was a good idea?”… ¬†It’s called Harmless, and it is an earnest attempt at “edutaining” the masses using my beloved horror genre to display the awfulness of porn.


Apparently having a box full of porn will cause overdone demonic child-women with long black hair to descend upon your family. ¬†Violet and Rye very clearly explained the hilarity of a box of porn being the porn method of choice in this film… ¬†Apparently it’s still 1996. ¬†I’ll have to go get my frosted nail polish!


While the attempt at horror in the trailer is just silly, the real scariness comes from the fact that this is a real attempt at denigrating porn and their Kickstarter was fully funded by like-minded people. ¬†While the content itself isn’t going to convince anyone, the message clearly has. ¬†I hope that more people vocally share their support of porn as a valuable (and not demon-summoning) tool for sexual self-discovery and for developing deeper connection in relationships. ¬†People need to think critically, and this is doing just the opposite.


So, what do you think? ¬†About the trailer, and about this issue in its entirety. ¬†Is porn harmless? ¬†Is the movie harmless? ¬†Is the movement behind the movie harmless? ¬†I always love sparking a good debate here… ¬†Or maybe we’ll all end up on the exact same side. ¬†ūüėČ

Geek Flowchart


The good people over at Flowtown have made a chart after my own heart.  This lovely little Geek Flowchart has me all over it, and I was absolutely enamoured when I saw it, despite its lack of lady geeks like myself.  So, which geeks do I identify with?



Obviously our good friend the internet geek. ¬†As a programmer/web site builder, he and I are two peas in a pod… ¬†Or a sweater vest.



As he clings to his iPad, this fellow social media and blogging aficionado could trade quips about sleek Apple design all day on any of our many platforms.



Voyager and TNG forever! ¬†My love of Captain Picard takes up a huge place in my heart… ¬†This one needs very little explanation.



I love getting a little quality time with StarCraft II, a little Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood or maybe even some Zombie Smash (I still love it!) or anything else that captures my attention. ¬†I just love escaping into my own world for a bit… ¬†Also, winning.



The food and design geeks embody my love of everything pleasing to the senses and my love of creativity. ¬†I’m very particular about my aesthetics, and I do geek over fonts just as much as I love getting in the kitchen with a new recipe or making something up on the fly.



As a film making geek, as well as a lover of horror, zombies and Tarantino, I think it’s fair to say that I fit in as a film geek, even if that isn’t one of my dominant geek trades. ¬†Also, I’m a major music geek. ¬†I just love getting my hands on an instrument (no, not like that) and finding a way to make it work beautifully. ¬†Plus, I love writing my own music, which just fuses it all together and leaves me for many nights working intently on getting everything just right.


So, what kind of a geek are you?