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SlowMotionBlowjob.com has a brand new look! You can now choose between our easy to use Pay-Per-View, that means you pay only for the videos you want and even download them to watch later. Get your first video now, for only $4.99! Click here to be redirected. If you prefer a subscription, no problem, they are still available right here 🙂

Selina the gorgeous redhead

Selina the gorgeous redhead

SlowMotionBlowjob.com is a website devoted to beautiful and highly sensual blowjobs, framed in a different light. Blowjob techniques are displayed here in slow motion to capture the beauty and eroticism of oral sex. These nearly seamless scenes stretch out over long intervals, hypnotizing with soothing music and creating the perfect atmosphere of seduction.

MacBook Pro Retina

Camille Crimson has a new Mac toy


Isn’t it beautiful?  Yes, I know, I know…  I’m always getting pretty new toys, but the MacBook Pro Retina is certainly useful!  The thing is, we’ve recently realized that traveling is a huge motivator and aphrodisiac!  Changing up the scenery is really wonderful, we get to go to new and exciting places and it makes us want to work even harder!


So, of course, we need a really great computer for everything from editing to popping in to say hello to everybody and updating you all on our trip!  Any excuse to get a new Mac, of course, but this is as good an excuse as any!  I love the retina display so much.  It really is as vivid and precise as we could hope for, which is extra important with the HD videos we’re making.


It’s nice to have something portable that feels just as good as our trusty iMacs.  We want to deliver the best quality we can to you.  If that means I need to buy myself more toys to make that happen, well…  I guess I’ll have to sigh heavily and open another Mac box.  😛


Have any of you experienced the MacBook Pro Retina up close and personal?  What did you think of the display?