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Piper Uses A Cock Ring To Pleasure You!

Here is a sex toy that is exclusively for men: the cock ring. Many use the little ring to please their female partners. It endeavors them with a more engorged member for a longer period. But we all need to be selfish from time to time. And Piper knows just when!

Click Here to watch Piper pleasure you…

2017-07-27 12_03_19

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The Camille Crimson Guide To Owning and Operating a Penis #9: Spontaneous Erections

Seductive Camille Crimson works her magic on a cock


As part of the comments and discussion from last week’s guide, I wanted to focus on the opposite issue…  Those times when you’re all aroused and you’re feeling a little self-conscious about it.  This may sound a bit more like a talk in sex ed class for young people and their burgeoning bodies, but the truth is that sometimes surprise erections happen, even as an adult!


The first thing to remember is not to be embarrassed.  It’s your body.  It’s just blood flowing to your penis.  On a biological front, it’s not a big deal at all.  Sure, it often signals arousal, but that’s a natural thing.  There’s no need to blush and stammer and become withdrawn as a result.  It’ll pass and sometimes these things just happen.


There are a lot of different scenarios where this kind of unexpected erection can…  pop up.  (Sorry!)  The best scenario for brushing it off (or even embracing it) is when you start to get turned on while hugging or kissing or otherwise being close and intimate with someone.  Whether or not sex is on the table, this isn’t really the time for anyone to recoil in terror at the sight of arousal.  If the person you’re with notices, just mention that you think they’re really sexy.  Maybe they’ll be intrigued and want to take advantage of the situation or maybe they’ll just shrug it off.  If they balk at all, just be clear that you’re not trying to push anything, it’s just a natural reaction.  :)


When this happens in less overtly sexual situations (on the bus, before a business presentation, out on a first date) it can be a little more daunting.  The best thing to do is to try as much as possible to get away from whatever is stimulating you.  If the bumpy bus ride is feeling a little too good, shift in your seat so that you’re not getting as direct contact.  If your pants are creased in just such a way that you’re getting a little extra attention, try to rectify the situation by adjusting discretely.  If your date is looking REALLY good, try to focus on the discussion rather than the ogling.  😉


Sometimes you’ll need to stand and deliver while rising to the occasion, so to speak.  Props always help.  A well=placed table, binder, jacket folded over your arm in front of you…  Whatever you have, try to work with it while you do some subtle relaxation to try to calm down.  Think of something soothing but not erotic and the arousal will often subside.  Some people recommend a little pinch somewhere else to divert your attention, but your milage may vary and that’s kind of painful.


If you get caught with an erection where you “shouldn’t” have one and someone decides to mention it, you have a fine line to walk.  Don’t be ashamed, but don’t be so proud that you seem like you’re trying to score with everyone.  You can just say that these things happen and it’s not always even erotic.  Sensations can be stimulated from anywhere or even from themselves.  But I would advise not to be proudly displaying it in public/non-sexual situations either…  You don’t want to give off the wrong impression, because that could end in less-than-sexy results.


It’s important to remember that it’s not a big deal and that it’s ultimately a good sign of a healthy body to have the occasional unsolicited hard-on.  In the right context, it’s a great way to start up something sexy and unexpected.  At worst, it’s just a natural reaction and it’s best to not worry too much.  And maybe go home and masturbate afterwards.  😉


I’d love to hear…  Does this ever happen to you?  Did you associate it more with your younger years or do you experience it even now?

The Camille Crimson Guide To Owning and Operating a Penis #8: Getting and Staying Hard

Camille Crimson sucking her boyfriend's hard cock


As I continue with these columns, it becomes more and more clear that there’s a lot to talk about…  And I love that.  I know eventually I’ll probably run out of topics, but that doesn’t feel like it’s on the horizon for the time being and today’s topic is especially interesting for me.  I want to talk about getting and staying hard.


That’s an incredibly big issue for a lot of guys and that in and of itself is an issue.  Whether you’ve ever experienced having trouble getting or sustaining an erection or if it’s just a looming fear, it’s at the forefront of a lot of men’s minds.  And I want to alleviate that and give some perspective.


You hear it a lot in pop culture…  “This never happens to me!”  Whether or not that’s true, it honestly doesn’t need to be said.  It’s a much bigger deal to you than to your partner, and that type of gut reaction of shame, though totally natural, isn’t necessary to save face.  If you find yourself having trouble with hardness, take it easy on yourself and find something else that’s fun for you to do.  If you’re still up to sex, focus on pleasing your partner.  You don’t need to be hard to give a whole lot of pleasure.  If it’s thrown you for a loop, go back to kiss, cuddling, maybe even just talking in a sweet or sexy way.


People rarely talk about male arousal.  The archetype is the virile man, always ready to go at a moment’s notice…  That’s not very realistic.  A lot of guys need more than just a stiff breeze to get and maintain an erection.  If you need dirty talk, nipple teasing, neck kissing, gentle stroking…  Whatever it is, make it known.  The promise of sex isn’t always enough and there’s nothing sexier than having someone who knows how to get what they want.


It’s also important to know that, if you’re having frequent erection troubles, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re destined for a life of Viagra.  Emotional issues and stress can creep in and psych you out.  Finding something to de-stress, whether it’s going for a walk, playing video games, taking a nap…  And sometimes you might need to talk it out.  Whether it’s with a therapist or just a sympathetic friend, unburdening your soul will often unburden your penis too.  And if there are things in your life that make you genuinely unhappy, see what you can change.  Obviously not everything can be fixed with the snap of your fingers, but solving ongoing issues will make it easier to have a free mind and the freed body that goes along with it.


There are also medical conditions that can lead to trouble with getting hard and keeping hard, so if you’re having sustained issues in spite of trying to ease up  your life, get thee to a doctor.  A healthy diet, enough sleep and a little exercise is often enough to get that blood pumping, but there are always medications to help out too, even if it’s just to kick-start your blood flow.  On the other hand, there are also hormonal shifts that may make the libido wane, so a few simple tests and a supplement or two can get you right as rain.


The bottom line here is that occasional and even ongoing fluctuations with erections are so common and they’re so much bigger in your mind.  You don’t owe a hard penis to anyone and your masculinity remains very much intact through any issues.  On the other hand, there are also lots of ways to alleviate any issues.  So really, don’t worry!

You’re Already Hard

Camille Crimson sucking her boyfriend's hard cock


Today’s update on Slow Motion Blowjob is called You’re Already Hard.  A lot of people frequently ask how Mike can start soft in a video, knowing that he’s about to get an amazing blowjob.  Well, it’s hard…  No pun intended.  He can just sort of mentally calm down, I stay out of his field of vision while he does some camera stuff which requires focus and then I appear just as we start to film.  But that’s not always the case.


Sucking and kissing a beautiful hard cock


There is something nice about having him all nice and hard, which is how it is when we’re not shooting.  It’s kind of a nice compliment, that he’s so turned on by me that his body just can’t help but show it.  I think arousal is amazing and creates a real connection, don’t you think?


Camille Crimson gives a ball focused handjob


Of course, you can check out the trailer for a little preview and see the full video to see exactly how I deal with his already erect cock.  Now, tell me…  Do you prefer to get a blowjob when you’re already hard, or do you like to start from the very beginning? And how about when you watch porn?  Do you prefer a soft or hard start?  I’m always intrigued to know how the human brain processes sexuality on and offscreen.


Oh, and don’t forget that the introductory price for Slow Motion Blowjob is only up for one more day!  Don’t wait!  Sign up to lock in the price now.  😉

Beauty in Pink


Beauty in pink…  That’s the way I like to be, and it’s certainly the way I am in this video.  This is a sweet ode to the passion between us, coupled with a cute little pair of hot pink panties to draw a little attention.  But, beyond that, it also starts with a really beautiful titjob…  I love giving them, largely for the reaction they invariably get.



There’s something extremely hot about using my breasts to get his cock incredibly hard, so I can start right in with deep throating as soon as I decide it’s blowjob time.  (I quite frequently decide it’s blowjob time, for what it’s worth.)  Beyond anything else, this video ends with the loudest orgasm I think Mike has ever had.  You’ll hear for yourself.  We were both giggling about how amazingly forceful it was.  The cumshot certainly matched the volume, and I sucked it all back and asked for more.  😉



Surely you want to see it all, so you can get a little taste in the trailer, then see (and hear!) it all in the full video.  I’d love to hear what you think of his mighty lion-like orgasmic roar…  We certainly found it pretty entertaining!

The Blue Pill (Guest Post by Mike)


Yes, I have chosen the blue pill, but I didn’t stay in wonderland. First of all, I didn’t take it because I needed to. Don’t worry! Camille can make my penis hard in a second! I decided to try it because I met a guy in my motorcycle class who works for a pharmaceutical company and he offered after hearing what we do… I was curious.


Here’s a little Viagra mythbusting: Ok, it does work, but you have to be aroused. Let’s say that, if you have to sleep with the ugliest person on earth because a friend bet you 1 million dollars, it might not work. Or you would have to pop 3 in a row to get any kind of a result… I don’t think it’s a good idea. It’s also not a good idea to get them without your doctor’s consent like I did, but I don’t have any heart problems… But don’t try this at home!


In the beginning of my Viagra experience, I was in boxers while taking picture of Camille and I started to feel the effect. My penis was not hard right away, but felt like it would not take much work to get hard. It was more like half hard, but I was getting really turned on. I decided to take my boxers off, then Camille saw my penis and asked me right away “Did you take a Viagra?”, probably because I don’t usually get hard when I just take regular pictures. Then the phone rang before anything fun could happen. It was our accountant calling for us about signing some papers. My penis went soft instantly, so you can see that it doesn’t work without stimulus.


Once I got off the phone, it was back to the shoot and it was time to shoot a video. Just thinking about a blowjob from Camille and seeing her naked in front of me… Bang! I was hard as hell. Without even being touched at all, and I have to say that I really did enjoy this moment.


So we did the video and, for some weird reason, I could have lasted hours. It was like I could decide when to cum when, most of the time, Camille is in control. She knows how to make me cum and she can do it in 30 seconds if she wants.


After I came, I felt like I could have stayed hard and continue to have sex of any kind all day. Unfortunately, I had some errands to do, so I jumped into the shower. My penis got soft and stayed like that for the rest of the day.


On the down side, I felt that my heart was beating faster than usual, like if I drank a venti Starbucks coffee and my throat was very dry for the entire day. That side effect was not cool, but it was not that bad. I guess it’s the price to pay to have sex all night and when you have sex, you don’t think much of you throat anyway.


The experience was in one of the last 10 videos… Can you guess which one? The first one who guesses it correctly  here in the blog comment section will have win a free subscription to The Art of Blowjob and Dolorem. My penis pill adventures pay! Maybe next time I will try Cialis and compare the two.


It was an interesting feeling. Not something I’d do all the time, but great as an experiment. Have you tried any type of erection medication? What was your experience like? I’d love to see how it was for you…