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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

May the best things in life be yours, not only this Thanksgiving but throughout the years. Happy Thanksgiving from my heart to yours!

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday. In Canada, it is always celebrated the second Monday of October. Its purpose is to give thanks for the abundance of the harvest. Friends and family gather together to enjoy a huge dinner, usually constituted of a turkey and many sides, such as pies.


Read these two funny quotes to put you in the mood for a family feast 😋

“You can tell you ate too much for Thanksgiving when you have to let your bathrobe out.” – Jay Leno

“I love Thanksgiving turkey… it’s the only time in Los Angeles that you see natural breasts.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


I am Happy When You Come


I’m generally a very happy person.  Why wouldn’t I be?  I have an amazing job doing all sorts of things I love, I get a ton of incredibly positive feedback and compliments and I get to spend my days with the man I love in a beautiful (if currently tumultuous) city.  Well, I’m also happy because I give a lot of blowjobs and I get a lot of cum in return…  Yes, cum makes me happy, as you will see in today’s update.



Again, this probably isn’t a huge surprise that I get a great sense of euphoria when I see all that pleasure beginning to flow.  Being able to make someone feel that incredible and to know and be able to feel what they’re feeling is really wonderful.  I know it sounds silly, but in a way it’s almost like some kind of deep satisfaction in so many ways.  It’s satisfaction in our relationship, satisfaction in my sensuality, even job satisfaction, in a way…  It’s just knowing that it’s all working and it all fits.  It comes across in so many other facets of my life, of course, but creating a beautiful orgasm is definitely a visceral way.



I’m pretty passionate on the subject of satisfaction in all its incarnations, so it’s not a shock that I’d be passionate on giving satisfaction on camera.  See a tease in the trailer, but get your own satisfaction from the full video.  (I never run out of ways to say that!  That is in and of itself satisfying!  :P)  So, were you satisfied?  Do you know what I mean about getting a sense of satisfaction for a job well done when it comes to sex?  I’m intrigued…  It’s not that I’m entirely goal-oriented, but there is definitely a little push to excel.  I’d love to know if you’re the same.


Camille Crimson is a smiling redhead


Hi everyone!


I know I write blog posts of a similar nature every once in a while, but it truly bares repeating.  For the most part, I gloss over little hiccups here and there, like when people are rude or try to push my boundaries.  Occasionally, there are days like today, where it seems like every other message I get is from someone who doesn’t quite understand how to treat a lady…  And I’m putting that mildly.  It’s unpleasant, to say the least.


That said, I never roll my eyes and think that I’m done with all this.  I never think that I should hide away from the world.  And do you know why?  Because there are so many wonderful people who more than outweigh a few jerks.  People like you guys, my friends on social media, my fellow adult industry members…  You are absolutely my biggest support and encouragement for what I do and I couldn’t be happier.


Hopefully, as the years go by, people will better understand beautiful porn and that might just quell the people who don’t respect my boundaries.  But, even if that day never comes, I will still have all of you and I could not be happier for that.  So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You make it possible to put myself out there and to feel secure and proud.  I really appreciate it.

Playful Blowjob

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There you have it, another update from The Art of Blowjob.  This one is pretty simple and sweet in nature…  It’s just a playful little blowjob, so that’s what I called it.  I really like this one because it’s totally relaxed, happy and fun and that’s one of my favourite ways to give a blowjob.  Instead of fancy lingerie, I’ve got a basic white racerback top, white panties and some really fun cute little socks which get a little attention towards the end.

For me, the fun and silly side of it comes mostly from the sweet little glances I give Mike whenever I do something that I know he likes.  Especially when I get all caught up in the eye contact and miss his cock slightly with my mouth.  That always makes for a funny little moment.  But the icing on the cake of this video is definitely at the end when I’m showing off my mouthful of cum and it manages to all fall out of my mouth in a…  glop is probably the best word I can use to describe it.  We didn’t mean for that to happen, but why not keep it in?  It certainly adds to the playful aspect of the blowjob.

What do you guys think about blowjobs like this?  I know some of you have encouraged us to show off bloopers and that you enjoy the little moments between us that aren’t quite so refined, so this definitely caters to that idea.  But the best part is that we didn’t do this on purpose to make a fun, silly video.  It just came out that way.  Something was in the air that just made us a little more playful than usual.  So, definitely check out the rest of the video and let me know your opinion!  I’d love to hear it.

My Interview with Whack Magazine

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson from The Art of Blowjob

Merely a few days after my first column went live on Whack Magazine, my interview has gone live too.  I was lucky enough to get a deluge of questions from the lovely Miss Lagsalot and had the opportunity to give them a lot of thought.  I always love getting interviewed, but that joy is understandably multiplied when the questions are as apt and interesting as hers are.  Here are a few of my favourites:

W! You maintain a healthy distance from the big hub of the industry and the big studios — why?

CC Basically, I’m not a “pornstar” or anything like that.  I shoot with my boyfriend, we do all the shooting and production ourselves and it’s not so much about putting out a product as it’s about doing something we both love.  There’s nothing “industry” about what we do really.

W! I’m really excited about the Art of Blowjob. I’ve watched enough old school porn and enough modern porn to see that the idea of what makes a blowjob sexy has changed drastically since the seventies. Whereas they were once beautiful expressions of sensuality, they now seem to be considered good only if the woman is choked and gagging and drooling uncontrollably on the dick. I’m sure this feels good for the man, but it’s not always fun to watch. How did you decide to take BJs in the more sexy, sensual direction?

CC It’s just what’s natural to me.  It doesn’t feel good for me to have my hair pulled out of my scalp, tears and mucus running down my face and being pushed to the point of nearly vomiting.  That’s not really giving a blowjob…  That’s taking a merciless throat ravaging.  Giving a blowjob requires skill, different sensations, teasing, seduction, varying speeds, use of lips, tongue, throat, cheeks, palms and fingertips, focus on all the parts of the penis, the balls and the surrounding erogenous zones.  It’s wonderful sensual pampering, not just a means to an end.

W! Do you hope to make more men like him by educating their partners about blowjobs? Or are you just getting people off?

CC I really hope so.  I answer my e-mails/comments on blogs/places where I post and I talk to a lot of guys who really want blowjobs.  I try to talk about how they need to appreciate their partner, make them feel special, make sure that everyone’s satisfied and communicate honestly about what they both want.  And then I mention that they should watch some of my videos to get some tips.  If I could make sure that every couple had great sex where everyone felt respected and satisfied, that would be my life’s work right there.

W! The love and chemistry between you and your man really shows in your videos. Do you think chemistry is the most important factor in making good porn?

CC Yes I do.  That’s why I think a lot of mainstream porn doesn’t work.  I’m not saying that the performers have to be madly in love (although that’s nice), but I think they should at least know/like each other and be genuinely attracted to each other.  I’ve read that directors like Tristan Taormino will ask performers who they have crushes on and match them up for shoots.  That’s a really good way to ensure that a scene won’t just be people going through the motions.

She’s very thorough and gave me a lot of opportunity to talk about what I do beyond just how to give a great blowjob.  There are a ton more questions in the full interview, so you should really check it all out.  In fact, as I’ve said before, peruse Whack Magazine in its entirety if you haven’t already gotten the chance.  There are a lot more thoughtful and thorough interviews, reviews and articles.  My thanks to them for the amazing interview and the wonderful opportunity to write more in the future!


Hot babe Camille Crimson gives a sensual blowjob

It feels like really great things are happening.  When I look at all that’s happened over the past year, I’m absolutely astonished.  The Art of Blowjob has grown so much and I feel like the message of beautiful porn is really picking up momentum.  There is so much work to be done when you’re running a small company, especially when you’re doing something really different from the norm.  Amazingly, everything we’ve put out there has been very well received.  This absolutely fills my heart with joy.

I know it sounds funny to say, but I feel like this is my calling.  It goes beyond simply making porn…  It feels like helping people enjoy sex and have better sex in their lives.  I receive so much incredible feedback from people, whether it’s a couple who are watching my porn together and having more passionate sex lives or people who are happy to see love and respect in porn.  This makes me feel so proud.  Mike and I love doing what we do.

Going into the end of the year, I’m so proud of what we’ve done and I’m so thankful to all of you for being such constant sources of support.  There’s a lot coming up for the new year, a lot of big things happening and I’m so excited for all of it!  I think you’re going to love it.