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Ariane Loves Rough Blowjobs!

Ariane For TheArtofBlowjob.com

Ariane For TheArtofBlowjob.com

Ariane’s gorgeous nature has always been so easy to see, and her skill and enthusiasm for amazing blowjobs are just as obvious. Enjoy this vision of brunette beauty as she uses her body, her eyes and her mouth to seduce you to ecstasy… And a whole bunch of orgasms. Her lust for cum is the perfect punctuation to this collection of intimate, sensual moments.

Enjoy this vision of brunette beauty as she uses her body, her eyes and her mouth to seduce you to ecstasy… And a whole bunch of orgasms. Her lust for cum is the perfect punctuation to this collection of intimate, sensual moments.

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Unique Valentine’s Day Gift!!!



You will certainly get a unique Valentine’s Day gift! Piper transpires of sexual desire caressing your thighs longingly. Her lips open to let you in the warm humidity of her mouth. You grow inside of her throbbing as her tongue licks you gently. She stares deep into your eyes while pinching her erecting nipples. Your shaft is easy to strokes between her wet fingers.

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Explore Your Dominant Side!!!



Her feminine moans make your balls clench. She knows you are about to ejaculate. She cups her breasts in a sexy but playful way knowing that will make you explode. You burst up in the air. It takes Piper by surprise. She rapidly licks your fresh cum with a big smile. Another jet of sperm lands on your stomach. She rubs it all over her plump boobs.

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Kinky Blowjob In A Tight Corset!



Piper wants to impress you with her womanly charms this Valentine’s Day because there is no better day than today to try something new! She seduces you by showing off her best asset in a black corset that is knotted tightly around her small waist. Her hair stands in a bun letting you see the leather collar that surrounds her neck and the soft skin of her shoulders. Her large breasts fall on top of the fabric giving her all the curves you like so much to admire.

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Sex Toys VS. Zombies


Halloween is only a week away and I’m already in the spirit.  I found these amazing videos making the rounds and I just had to share them.  I am a huge fan of zombie movies, TV shows, games, pretty much anything, so of course these would be right up my alley.  But they’re not just zombie movies, they’re sexy zombie movies.  They teach ways to fight off the zombie apocalypse with various different sex toys.


Their tactics are awesome and their ideas are actually pretty smart.  Of course, most of them wouldn’t ACTUALLY work, but the idea of finding a way to ballgag and handcuff a zombie could work on certain types of zombies, as long as you worked in teams and had your hazmat suit on.  Yes, these are the things I think about.  Anyways, enough about my planning for the zombie apocalypse.  Enjoy these awesome videos, made by the equally zombie-enthused people at LoveHoney.



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Again with the updates. I updated yesterday night (technically today) and just now, so I’ll probably be blogging twice to talk about both of them, but I’ll start with Cuffs. A while ago, I made a video called The Prisoner and it was a pretty big hit. I’m not the kinkiest person in the world but I do like to put a little extra spice in my play sometimes and that’s where the handcuffs come in.

A lot of the fun of being cuffed comes from how badly you want to use your hands when you can’t. Since I already gravitate towards using my hands a lot in a blowjob, being forced to use only my mouth is so intense and challenging… And I love a challenge. All of the stroking, caressing and fondling goes completely out the window and you have to be creative in finding comparable sensations with your lips, your tongue, your cheeks and your throat.

There’s also the part of me that loves being restrained because it has a little subservient feeling to it. It’s not as if I’m going to up and decide that I’m into S/m, but feeling like someone else is in control and acting out that little fantasy is very hot. Even just doing things like holding my posture or sitting demurely feels like a sexual act because it’s all part of giving the pleasure. I know how hot it must be to see me there, all poised and dedicated to giving him an amazing orgasm.

So, I guess this is a pretty great look into my psyche when I’m somewhat immobilized and doing what I normally do in such an active, involved way. Playing with the dynamics of a blowjob can be so fun, and I find that it really does bring us closer together as a couple to still have so much flexibility and fun in our sex life.

Have you guys ever tried this kind of play?  Is there any other slightly kinkier stuff you’d like to see me try during a blowjob?