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Piper's 70' look!

Piper’s Throwback Thursday on The Art of Blowjob!

This week’s update on TheArtofBlowjob.com, Piper gives you a Throwback Thursday that comes to staight from the seventies!

Take a trip back in time with Ms. Blush, click here now!

She wears her yellow tainted shades on her freckled nose. The curls of her hair fall upon her figure. She gives you a seductive glance thru her glasses. Desire is building up between the both of you. She skillfully manoeuvres your length to her pleasure letting it touch her pink lips. You hear the graceful melody of her moans. Her tongue escapes once more to caress your frenulum. She licks and sucks. Her so sensual feminine voice asks for you to cover her glasses…

Can you resist the urge… Watch the full-length video here right now!

A Back To School Bad Teacher Blowjob!

2017-08-31 17_10_09

This is the kind of tongue twisters you want your teacher to teaches you!

In this very sexy back to school feature Piper is the bad teacher of your dreams. The one you have fantasised about all of these years. She is the only teacher you want to fuck. Behind her glasses and provocateur clothes, she knows all too well how to seduce the men in her class room.

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The bell rings. As you are leaving, she calls out your name. Recess is about to begin, but you much rather spend that time with her. Piper brings you into a small room filled with random things. You only have 5 minutes, and she knows it. The teacher undresses you, takes your cock in her hungry mouth. She moans of pleasure.

Join the sexy teacher for some closet action, right now!

2017-08-31 17_01_11


Filming The Perfect 69 Position!

So you don’t miss a thing, we covered all the angles. You get to observe all she does, beginning with her front side and then moving to the rear if you know what I mean!

You place yourself under her warm pussy adopting the perfect 69 position. As her mouth covers the entity of your cock, your tongue spreads her open and teases her clit. She tastes of desire and sugar. She drools of hunger all over your now erect shaft. She wants to be filled.

Piper’s legs on each side of your face, start shaking uncontrollably. You can taste she is close to climax, and so are you. You let her ride your mouth harder throughout her orgasm. She does not stop, even for a second, stroking your length. You fill your balls tighten as your semen reaches the tip of your cock. You burst out on her. She is rapid enough to swallow the rest.  It only reminds you that 69 is most definitely the best oral sex has to offer.

Geeky 69!


Geeky 69!

What happens in this week’s update on TheArtofBlowjob.com:

“Piper feels you coming behind her. Your hand slides down her flat stomach. Your warm body embraces hers. You feel a chill course thru her as you reach the black fabric of her panties. She swirls her hips seductively to pull her underwear to her knees, only to unveil her pink bud to your fingers. A moan escapes her throat as your index slides down her slit. She loves it.”

Geeky 69!

Enjoy the many angles the full videos offers on TheArtofBlowjob!

Slow and Geeky

Sex redhead Camille Crimson gives a geeky glasses blowjob


It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for another beautiful video on Slow Motion Blowjob.  This week’s update is cute and geeky, and not just because of the glasses.  It’s a slow motion capture of a popular video with a very quirky and cute little blooper at the end, which you may recall.  In general, Mike really likes the cute ponytail and glasses look, and I do too.  It’s very girl next door and it does let the geek in me shine through a bit.


Camille Crimson kissing and sucking with a blowjob


I love doing clothed blowjobs, too.  I have done a lot of nude blowjobs in my time, and certainly a lot in lingerie, but it was fun to just be wearing this simple white tank.  It adds to the general simplicity and I think it gives even more emphasis on the slow seduction of the blowjob.  What do you think?


Erotic sucking and stroking blowjob


I hope you love the slow seduction, the cutely coy geekiness and the little ending which somehow only adds to the geekiness.  You can have a little bit of the journey in the trailer, but the full video encompasses all the sexiness as well as the slightly silly ending.  And then tell me…  Did you like it?

Household Uses for Sex Toys

Hey everyone!


I came across a funny little website today and I thought I’d share.  Going along with the theme of sex toys from yesterday, this little treasure holds a number of great ideas on how to use sex toys for your every day household needs.  There are lots more on the site, but here are my five favourites:


What a beautiful cock ring napkin holder.  It really ties the place setting together, don’t you think?

I do enjoy a lovely blended drink on a hot day, and what better way to whirl around a liquid than with a vibrating dildo?  Those things can stir things up like nobody’s business!

Protect your beautiful walls with this handsome buttplug doorstop.  Plus, you can still use it as a wall-mounted toy if you’re short enough.

Need a little extra grip on your bike’s handlebars?  Then grab a hold of these realistic dildos and enjoy a smooth ride.

Where are my glasses?  Where are my nipple clamps?  Now you’ll never need to wonder about either.  Pretty practical, don’t you think?

Check out the rest of them over at Homemade Sex Toys and let me know which one is your favourite, and which one you might actually use!