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Teacher and Student Role Play on TheArtofBlowjob

What would you do if you were a teacher and had to deal with a none obedient student like Piper? Make her stand in the corner, keep her during the recess, make her write: I will not…, hit her fingers a the rules… Don’t guess any longer see what happens now, click here!

Click here to watch now!

Click here to watch now!

See the length of what her teacher filled her with to make sure she obeys the school rules from now on, click here to view.



Unique Valentine’s Day Gift!!!



You will certainly get a unique Valentine’s Day gift! Piper transpires of sexual desire caressing your thighs longingly. Her lips open to let you in the warm humidity of her mouth. You grow inside of her throbbing as her tongue licks you gently. She stares deep into your eyes while pinching her erecting nipples. Your shaft is easy to strokes between her wet fingers.

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Double Blowjob

Hi everyone!

Amazing sensual blowjob by two hot girls

A Photo from Hot Weekend

Fleshbot posted one of my videos this week and I wanted to bring it back to your attention, even though it’s an oldie but a goodie. It’s my double blowjob video from back in spring of 2009.  It’s a bit of a nostalgic video for me because I haven’t had the chance to really play with a woman for quite a while now and it’s definitely something I miss.

I know that many of you guys might not believe it, but it’s hard to find a nice girl who likes to be adventurous but isn’t completely wild and off the wall.  It can be intimidating to make contact, especially if you want it to be like a solid friendship with lots of sexuality and tenderness…  It’s a very difficult balance to strike.  Besides, it’s just hard getting up the nerve to meet women, especially ones who are okay with the fact that you have a long term boyfriend.

Hopefully the opportunity will arise again, sooner rather than later.  It’s fun to give double blowjobs and it’s something that I obviously really enjoy.  What do you guys think of double blowjobs?  Or more importantly, got any tips on how to find the ladies?