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Amateur Vintage Looking Porn Vid!

Take a leap back in time with an artistically vintage looking erotic film. You press the record button of the camera. The hand held camera gives you the sense you are the one behind the camera making yourself a homemade video. Piper moves erotically for the bulge in your pants to grow. You know want she’s thinking…

2017-08-17 08_14_24

Piper: “I want you in my mouth. I want to feel you girth grow between my lips. I lean close to you. I want to taste your scent. It is not only my hand that strokes your ego. The blowjob becomes more and more intense.” You feel the real eruption begin. Cum cascades down your cock. She savours it. Click here to watch!

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James says: It felt like Piper was there on top of me! Moving and all. Me and her had such a great time. This shit is unbelievable!

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NSFW- Teaser from the Blowjob Dreamland!



Get ready to get dirty…

Because in this update at TheArtofBlowjob.com you’ll be squeezed between those gorgeous twin grapefruits. That’s not all that will happen. First, you’ll be given a hungry look. It will mesmerize you to the point you’ll let her subdue you, leaving you without clothes. Wait it gets hotter! As she takes your length deep in her throat she unties her blouse to reveal her intimate nudity.

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Get Sloppy Bikini BJ in VR!

Check out Piper’s latest Sloppy BJ in her revealing bikini!

Read how she felt while in the making… I spent most of my time in Miami by the beach in my favorite bikini. Seeing men looking at me, made me so aroused. Once out of the water, all I could think off was to go back home and satisfy my craving.

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I sit you on a chair so you can see me tease you. I start playing with the small pieces of fabric that barely cover my nipples. I moan as you observe my every move. I feel the softness of my soft skin under my fingers. You erect in seconds. I kneel at your feet to take you in. The flavors of you intoxicate my many senses. View more here…

YourVRPorn.com Virtual Reality Sex!



The YourVrPorn Blog! YourVrPorn is a VR-only clip-for-sale site. Plus, they have built the world’s first professional 180-degree 3D VR camera, more info…

If you love sex, new technologies and to be entertained, your geeky brain will be fully satisfied! With our regular updates ranging from the amusing to the intellectual, focusing on everything from funny videos, culture, news and more in-depth critical analysis, interviews and personal accounts, you will always be the first of your friends to know the good, the bad and the ugly about Virtual Reality! We encourage feedback and lively debates. It’s a great way to interact with the VR community!

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What software can be used to watched VR videos?
– For the Oculus Rift/HTC Vive, you can use DEO VR and Whirligig.
– For the GearVR, you can use Milk VR, or Oculus 360 Video.
– For Google Cardboard, you can use VR Player.