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New Editing Technique For TheArtofBJ!

The warm winds of the changing season brought us some new editing ideas for TheArtofBlowjob’s team. We put lots of care into the cinematic aspect of our videos thru lighting, editing, and direction. Our new dynamic way of filming places emphasis on titillating all of your senses, guiding your attention on the many wonders of the feminine beauty and what she feels during the art of blowjob. Compare the videos: OldNew here!

Reboot TAOBJ

This video is a reboot of an older video to let you compare how much editing can change the way you experience a blowjob video. Piper loves to explore your balls and cock with her fingers before she covers them with kisses. She teases your bulge thru the fabric of your boxers. As you focus on her wet lips, she takes her top off.

You feel her cold nipple ring on your thigh, so close to your shaft. Her tongue wonders on your frenulum. Her moans become more vocal as she takes you deeper. Her hands pull the cum out of your throbbing cock. You give in, letting the pleasurable sensations overwhelm you. You fall into the bliss of ejaculation.