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After Female Sex Dolls, The Male Version

Since 2007, Karley Sciortino Vice’s resident sexpert, has been writing a blog called Slutever. It mainly deals with sexuality and relationships. Has she says:” Everything from personal stories, to interviews with fetishists and sex workers, to videos documenting my not-so-smooth effort to become a professional dominatrix.”

In the first episode of Slutever‘s new season, Karley learns all about life-like custom male sex dolls. She meets the team that pioneered the perfect plastic male sex doll. Read More At Vice!


What To Do With Unused Semen!


A group of leading female legislators have enacted a new bill that forbids American men from disposing of “unused” sperm, requiring them to bring any recreational semen to a nearby fertility clinic.

According to noted alternative facts specialist, Stephanie Yorke, sperm is intended for “procreation only” and not to be “wasted” on pleasure: “Any sperm not being used for the purpose of procreation must be immediately donated to a sperm bank,” Yorke warned. “Failure to do so will lead to hefty fines and ultimately, incarceration, under the new ‘Level Playing Field Bill’.”

In response, leading male medical academics have raised concerns that refraining from masturbation would be hazardous to men’s testicular health, increasing their chances of prostate cancer.

Dr. David Ambrose hit out at the bill, claiming it put American men in the very difficult position of having to father and immediately surrender a child, everytime they ejaculate. He claims this will have very negative effects on men’s long-term mental health.

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What Do We Think About Women Who Love Porn?

Sexy redhead does porn in glasses

As a woman who makes porn, I like the idea that, among other people, other women enjoy the work that I create.  To me, it feels natural that women should enjoy porn as men do, for arousal, for stress relief, for ideas…   But a lot of people have hangups about what women can and can’t enjoy sexually, whether they’re overt notions or just things that make them uncomfortable.

For women who really actually do enjoy porn as part of their lives, they sometimes experience a kind of negativity when they’re honest about it.  I recently saw an article from a self-proclaimed female porn junkie, which echoed a lot of this.  It also indicated other issues, stemming specifically from watching porn at a young age and from watching mainstream porn, but her complaints about how men react to her enjoyment of porn felt pretty applicable and wide-spread.  As she so eloquently put it:

At the end of the day, women will always be held to a more specific and stringent set of sexual standards than men will and whilst it might not be right or fair, this is the world we live in. However this doesn’t stop me from strongly suspecting that there are a significant number of females out there who share my secret.

What do you think?  Women, since you’re here, you probably enjoy at least some types of porn.  Have you ever felt like people found it odd that you enjoy porn?  And men, what do you think of women who enjoy porn?  Would it be a good, bad or neutral thing?  And would the type of porn actually matter?

Wonderful Words from Pleasurable Things

Camille Crimson getting a sensual cumshot at the end of a blowjob


There’s a great new blog out there that mixes the pleasures of beautiful fashion, sensual food and everyone’s favourite topic… Sex!  It’s called Pleasurable Things and it’s really taking off.  Do you know how I know that?  Well, for starters, there’s a feature there about beautiful porn, interviewing Lilyanne and myself.  I wanted to share a bit of it today because I really think it’s exquisitely written and really well conceptualized.  See for yourself:


A group of women-led, erotic websites has been blossoming in Montreal. Working under a strong belief that pornography can and should be beautiful, the sites’ producers are making photos, videos, and web text using a particularly engaging, artful aesthetic. Their work includes both women and men in a variety of situations, but with a focus on female agency and pleasure.

The beauty of the sites is twofold: part composition and part realism. Photos and videos are shot with well-planned lighting, shallow depth of field, use of slow motion, skilled editing and tasteful colour grading. At the same time, the people shown are beautiful, normal people with genuine human connections. Their scenes and shoots consist solely of what truly turns them on so that all of their reactions and orgasms are real.

Making such thoughtful, artistic sites sounds laudable, but is it really tenable as a business? Are there enough viewers willing to pay for quality production when there is so much free porn available?

Crimson says that yes, “because of the overwhelming similarity in free porn, many people are searching for something different and something that feels more true to life, while also feeling a little more quality. That’s where sites like mine come in.”


This market of confident porn consumers includes more women than ever in past. In Fleshbot, a leading website about sexuality and the adult entertainment industry, Crimson says: “my site is a way of showing that women can have agency as both givers and receivers of pleasure. Any time a woman is enjoying sex, doing it on her own terms and doing it the way she wants, it’s a feminist act.”

One of the nicest aspects of these sites  is the enjoyment that the company’s owners get out of making them. Quite apart from large porn studios, Crimson is intimately involved in all stages of site creation and content production as well as in running the business.  She describes what a great life this makes for:

 “I’m unbelievably lucky because I get to be my own boss, I get to be myself for a living, I get to be creative, I get to code, I get to have sex, I get to work with my boyfriend, I get to work from home…It’s a very rewarding lifestyle.  At the same time, because I have so much invested in it, I only get out of it what I put in, so it’s a lot of work.  At the end of the day, it’s worth it.”


I’m sure you see what I mean.  Go on and read the full article for yourself, but don’t forget to check out the rest of the site while you’re there, and let me know what you think of the trinity of sex, erotic fashion and food!  Do you think the three mix?  I think so, as you well know.  😉