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Piper and her titanium collar!

She has been wearing her collar 24/7 for a year now!

Here’s what she has to say about it!

“The most common reaction is for people to think it is a fashion accessory: choker. But they are wrong!” Watch more… or leave her comment to learn more about the collar, link here!

If you are interested in seeing the Reddit post on the subject, here’s the link: Reddit BDSM!

Get a collar like this one on EternityCollars.com


Where Are the Blowjobs?

The wonderful Rachel Kramer Bussell name-checked me in an incredible article she wrote recently for Open Salon.  I couldn’t possibly be more flattered.  It’s about a topic which is extremely near and dear to my heart and mouth…  The blowjob.  Wait, did you guys know I like blowjobs?  😉


She’s responding to a recent Esquire article about the fact that the blowjob has fallen on hard times, which she and I both find pretty ludicrous, and I am beyond elated that she used me as an example for why that simply is not the case:


Blowjobs are, in fact, popular enough that Violet Blue’s The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio was revamped for a second edition, while sex educator Jamye Waxman is teaching a bjowljob bootcamp at Toronto sex toy store Come As You Are in May where you can “Learn about the frenulum, the taint and how to go down deeper. Find out why gagging can be sexy, and why enthusiasm gets you farther.” Other books on the market: Fellatio 101, Going Down: An Illustrated Guide to Giving Him the Best Blow Job of His Life, Blow Him Away and Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget: 52 Positions and Techniques Guaranteed to Blow Your Man Away. Camille Crimson and her partner Mike Flirt have a whole series of videos dedicated to The Art of the Blowjob and she writes, “From an industry standpoint, although blowjobs are really popular, they’re either treated as a boring prelude to sex or they’re really rough and there’s very little skill involved. We wanted to show that a blowjob can be beautiful and something exciting for both men and women, so it felt like a calling.”


She goes on to speak in praise of the blowjob and the many people who laud it as extremely important.  But more than that, she addresses the fact that sex and pleasure aren’t trends…  They’re important things in life and it’s very all about making your desires known.  Passion and giving sexuality will never go out of style.