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A Miami Micro-Bikini Blowjob With Piper Blush!

During her time in Miami, Piper’s fair skin combined with her hourglass figure and tight belly was like a magnet attracting every man’s wandering eyes. Especially, has she walked out of the ocean all wet and dripping. She decided to slip back on her turquoise micro-bikini for you.

Piper for TheArtofBlowjob

Piper for TheArtofBlowjob

After all of the attention she received in South Beach, she can not help but feel excited. She needs to release all of her sexual desire. At your feet, she softly caresses the triangle between her thighs. Her hands find your cock rapidly. She strokes with such arousal that it erect in seconds. View the full video here!

Erotic and Explicit Description of the 60FPS Blowjob Video!

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Missed #FacialFriday this week. Don’t worry, the videos on TheArtofBlowjob.com are always there for you to watch. Watch them on one of our two sites or download them to take with you! There’s no rush; they’ll just keep on cumulating.

Read the erotic and explicit description of our 614th video!

“Piper’s thick saliva drips from her chin to her beautiful cleavage. It melts down her flat stomach, running to her pussy. She covers your shaft with her two hands massaging the wetness all over. You bring her natural lubricant to her erect nipple. You rub it over her firm breast. You cock throbs as Piper squeezes the cum out of your tip. The long burst of semen falls on her blushed cheek. She continues to rub and lick your cum until you can not bear it anymore.”

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Dripping Wet Fellatio Exclusive 60FPS!



The passionate brunette is already naked on her knees next to the bed. She patiently waits for you to approach. As you give her what she wants, you sense her craving. To be on the receiving end of Piper’s desires is not an experience for the faint of heart. She pushes her limits, swallowing you deeper and deeper to maintain you on the edge of that sweet ecstasy. She is insatiable.

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A Blowjob Teaser, To Work Up Your Appetite!



You touch yourself, showing her just how ready you are to give her what she deserves. She wants it, all over her. You squeeze your tip just the right way, and in a great leap, your semen lands on her beautiful face. She opens wide and licks it off.

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Facials Are Awesome on Fridays!


Piper pursues passionately, sucking the precum out of you. Enough foreplay, you take charge. You place your hand on her face, making it impossible for her to move. Your cock in hand you only let her taste your tip, she wants more. Your muscles tense, you feel your climax coming. Piper smiles as she exhales. The first burst of semen flies over her head, the second eruption land on her cheek. You let her catch the rest with her tongue. She plays with your cum for a while before swallowing the rest.

Facial Friday Is Back!



So many fun things happen on Fridays, as the end of the work week. That’s why Friday is the best day of the week. If that isn’t enough for you, here’s something that might just make your Friday awesome again. It is the comeback of the Facial Friday!

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Piper was just asking for it this morning. She cuddles onto you tightly. Her hands are all over your shaft and balls, teasing you with her soft moans of excitation. You decide to play along. You squeeze her nipple between your fingers until it is fully erect and then pull long and hard. Her surprised scream becomes more of a groan as she moves her mouth on your cock. Without the music you can hear her clearly and she is particularly vocal today.