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Goodbye 2012

Camille in sexy lingerie and putting on makeup

2012 has been an amazing year.  We launched Slow Motion Blowjob, I was picked as the 2012 Fleshbot Crush Object of the Year (and today is my last day!), we were nominated for XBIZ Awards, AVN Awards and the Feminist Porn Awards, we launched our first DVD…

So much happened professionally, but we also went to Paris, solidified our love of motorcycles, I embraced primal living to the fullest and we let our passion grow more and more.  I love everything that I’ve been able to do this year…  I learned a lot about how to enjoy life even more, and that’s a valuable lesson.

What did you experience and accomplish in 2012?  Are you sorry to see this year go, or are you ready for a new set of adventures?  It’s a mix for me.  2012 was definitely a year for the books, but that’s what I said about 2011, too!  I’m always ready for new things and to toast to the new year.  I can’t wait to see what you have in store, 2013!



No, I haven’t gone out and gotten a whole bunch of tattoos, or any at all, but I wanted to share some cool fan art that I got from a lovely gentleman named Daimon.  It’s an interpretation of me with a lot of beautiful henna-looking tattoos all over my skin.  It’s interesting to see, because it’s never something I’ve really considered for myself.


The thing is, I’m a pale redhead…  I have my virginal skin as a centrepiece in my appearance and I think it really fits who I am.  In spite of my relatively newfound biker chick lifestyle, I’m still very much a pure and classic type.  At least that’s how I see myself.


Then I think about Lilyanne and her gorgeous tattoos, all perfectly designed and executed, representing different things to her to create a mosaic of her experiences across her skin.  It’s such a gorgeous thing on her, and it fits exactly who she is perfectly.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m so happy that there are so many ways to be beautiful.  It’s very gorgeous and inspiring to know what you are, but to also be open to seeing the beauty in something totally different.  What do you think of tattoos?