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Pop YourVRPorn Cherry!

We, humans, are creatures of habit. We are used to our porn being 2D, categorized from amateur to webcam and classified in our favourites. But that is all about to change with this newcomer: Virtual Reality!

Get Under Piper Blush Now, click here!

Get Under Piper Blush Now, click here!

Every new technology comes with new and enhanced specifications. In the case of Virtual Reality porn, we are talking about a more immersive and realistic sexual experience for the viewer. That also means new ways to produce pornography. The rules of porn cinematography have to change so does the performances of pornstars. It brings us to the question. How do we create content that is suitable for this new technology? We have to put ourselves in the place of the average VR porn user!

Explaining VR to VR Virgins

Here’s how to explain VR to someone who has never experienced it! Let’s take the game Batman Asylum, as an example. In this video game, you play from a third person point of view. You see Batman from a distance. At this time, you experience 2D porn in the same way. In the new Batman: Arkham VR game you play first-person point of view. You are Batman! That’s the ultimate of POVs. Who wouldn’t want to be Batman!?!

Take the Test!

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself before choosing Your VR Porn 😉 In the body of which gender do you want to be? What’s the summary of the video you’re about to watch? You might say those are already things you look for in regular porn. You are settled then! But here’s also something old you need to watch out for even more now: Voyeur or POV. Do the test now to see which one you are. Test now! Do you prefer voyeur: http://www.yourvrporn.com/vid?id=1 or POV: http://www.yourvrporn.com/vid?id=12?

However you choose to see it, YourVRPorn.com is certainly going to change your life!

Watching Porn Together

Looking up something sexy online

I always love hearing about people’s porn viewing habits, and I especially find it really charming to hear about how people experience porn as a couple, so I really smiled when I read this article on xoJane (and the commentary) about the logistics of watching porn together…  It’s a nice idea, but there are some considerations to be made, as the author points out.

There’s something charming about the idea of being honest with your partner about the kinds of porn you want to watch together, because you really learn more about each other and your desires.  It opens up conversations and the possibility for trying something new.  Then, of course, there’s also the issues with how you watch your porn (and, more importantly, the importance of not knocking any laptops/iPads off the bed in the process) which is always something to consider.  But probably most important of all is how you watch the porn as a couple.  Do you focus on the porn?  Do you not touch at all at first to build anticipation?  Do you play with yourself?  Or with each other?  Are you going to end up entirely ignoring the porn to have lots of hot sex?

There are no wrong answers, but so many great things to negotiate.  You get to see another side of your partner when you watch porn together…  Just watching your partner watch and get engrossed is pretty erotic.  But don’t stare too intently at them, as it tends to make just about anyone a little self-conscious.

I hope you all get the chance to experiment with these different dynamics.  And if The Art of Blowjob or Slow Motion Blowjob ends up making the cut for your mutual viewing pleasure…  So much the better.  😉

On the Hotness of Blowjobs

Camille Crimson enjoys a cumshot

Today brings us another Q+A question which I think will be a real treat to answer:

A simple question but perhaps not such an easy answer: Why are blowjobs so hot?

It sure does seem simple, but, like a blowjob itself, there’s always a lot more to it than meets the eye…  Maybe that’s the answer in and of itself!  It seems like it’s just taking a penis into your mouth, but it’s so much more.

For one thing, it’s very intimate, which is hot when you’re the one giving the blowjob, the one receiving the blowjob or the one watching the blowjob.  The amount of trust that goes into this kind of give and take is really sexy, and being able to experience that either first-hand or vicariously makes it so erotic.  The voyeurism is as much an experience of the intimacy as it is to be actually giving or receiving the blowjob.

A blowjob is definitely beautiful, just to watch.  There’s so much eye contact, so much swirling of tongues and manipulation of lips.  The face is on such display that it’s hard not to get swept up in how gorgeous it all is.  That kind of draw, pull, attraction…  Whatever you want to call it.  It lives in the heart and the groin equally and it all just feels so heady and unstoppable.

There are so many dynamics to be explored that there really is something for everyone.  Power shifts, different levels of sensation, different focuses, different intents…  You can give a blowjob for the experience or for the end result, and it’ll completely change how it’s perceived and experienced.  No two blowjobs are ever entirely the same, and that’s really exciting.

We all know, on some level, how good it feels or must feel to have that much attention lavished on one part of our bodies…  Just imagining it from my perspective of giving it is such a turn on, and I know it’s the same for anyone who is receiving or watching…  There’s some greater understanding of how hot it is to have someone whose singular focus is on giving pleasure.

There is skill involved, and talent is hot.  Seeing someone who really knows how to work their tongue or their hands or the depths of their throat…  We get transfixed by all the mastery.  It’s beautiful and undeniably sexy.

Beyond all of it, though, there’s a sensuality and connection that can’t be denied.  It’s done with taste and touch, experiences with cock and eyes and sometimes ears…  It’s so many sensations all at once, but it’s also about the moments of contact and connection.  It’s just hot.

This little stream of consciousness is only a jumping-off point.  Why do you find blowjobs hot?

Taking it Slow

Seductive slow motion blowjob by Camille Crimson


Yes, part of why we started Slow Motion Blowjob is because we got a lot of great feedback from the times we have used moments of slow motion filming in our videos.  And sure, part of why we chose to focus on slow motion blowjobs is because we think that it’s a really gorgeous cinematic way of capturing oral sex on film, but there is a lot more to it than that.


I’ve had this kind of conversation with a lot of people, both online and with friends who I know from outside the realm of porn…  Essentially, in sex, in romantic moments, even in pretty much any intimate or valuable moment, it is so hard to really ever grasp the details because there is so much going on and it gets rushed and overstimulating, even if it’s not actually going particularly fast.  How can you ever really appreciate what’s going on in your life when it’s all flying by?


That’s kind of the underlying message behind what we’re trying to accomplish and share with Slow Motion Blowjob.  Sure, it looks nice, but it’s about capturing both the intricate details and the overall ambiance of this kind of experience.  By literally slowing things down, your attention is called to the small exhalation, the fragment of a coy smile which creeps across my face, a little moment where I push my hair behind my ear…  These are truly intimate, humanizing moments that connect the eroticism of a blowjob video with the realism of a couple doing what we love together.


I hope that, beyond giving a really sensual experience, we’re able to make people remember to slow down and appreciate what’s going on in their lives.  Live in the moment and enjoy it!  I hope this is the message you take away from the site.  :)

Another Day, Another Interview

Sexy smiling redhead Camille Crimson


I’ve been friends with Dustin of Life According to the Bathroom Wall for over a year now, as well as his lovely wife Heather of My Sexual Journey.  They’re really fun, sweet people with a real zest for sexual life and an obviously wonderful bond together.  It’s great to see a couple like this exploring their full sexual potential for the rest of us to witness.  Dustin has recently expanded to include interviews of his blog, so I thought I’d share an excerpt from our interview together:


A lot of women, including fellow porn star Misti Dawn, who play video games refer to themselves as “girl gamers”. I personally hate this term. If you play video games, you’re a gamer period. Thoughts?
I’m a geek, but I’m more of a shy coder geek. I do love sci-fi andgaming, but I don’t try to capitalize on it and use it as a way to make people find me sexier. I think that the whole idea of every girl with glasses being a “sexy geek” or every girl who plays games is a “gamer geek” to be a reductionist tool to sell porn.

Back to porn. Let’s say a larger production company, such as Adam & Eve or Digital Playground, decided they wanted to do business with you. How would you react? What would your prerequisites be for agreeing to a deal with one of these companies?

Since I’ve done business with Hustler, I’m never 100% closed off to the idea of entering into agreements with larger companies, but I wouldn’t want to compromise my ethics in the process.

Most of the work you do for Art of Blowjob, due to the nature of of what’s being filmed, is done using a POV (Point Of View) format. Despite the fact that this can be very hard to do and, more often than not, doesn’t look all that great, you and Mike pull it off beautifully. What’s your secret?

Well, he’s a great filmmaker and we’re good at editing. It’s just about being creative and thinking outside the box to get the right shot…we’re not going to give the secret away, though.  😉
Be sure to read the rest of the interview and keep up with these two, because they are some great sex bloggers!

More Love for Steve Jobs


Yesterday, the world lost a beautiful man.  I posted a brief blog post, but because of my shock and sadness, I couldn’t even really believe it.  Almost a day later, the reality is starting to set in.  It’s sad that someone has died, it’s sad that it’s a death because of such a relentless disease, but it’s saddest because he was such an inspirational and innovative person.


Steve Jobs has revolutionized the world and created things that we could only have imagined.  His creations have such finesse and are designed with the user experience in mind.  It’s a philosophy that I’ve tried to apply to my life’s work, and it has payed off so much.  But there is so much more to him than that.  I don’t want to get caught up in overly sentimental tributes, but there are a few of his moments and thoughts that I’d like to share with you today in his memory.



“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. … Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”  – Steve Jobs


And finally, a cut of the Think Different campaign, narrated by the man himself, challenging us to go beyond what we think is possible.  It’s the best advice anyone could ever get, and it will live on as part of his incredible legacy.



Thank you, Steve.  You may be gone, but you’ll never be forgotten.