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I am Happy When You Come


I’m generally a very happy person.  Why wouldn’t I be?  I have an amazing job doing all sorts of things I love, I get a ton of incredibly positive feedback and compliments and I get to spend my days with the man I love in a beautiful (if currently tumultuous) city.  Well, I’m also happy because I give a lot of blowjobs and I get a lot of cum in return…  Yes, cum makes me happy, as you will see in today’s update.



Again, this probably isn’t a huge surprise that I get a great sense of euphoria when I see all that pleasure beginning to flow.  Being able to make someone feel that incredible and to know and be able to feel what they’re feeling is really wonderful.  I know it sounds silly, but in a way it’s almost like some kind of deep satisfaction in so many ways.  It’s satisfaction in our relationship, satisfaction in my sensuality, even job satisfaction, in a way…  It’s just knowing that it’s all working and it all fits.  It comes across in so many other facets of my life, of course, but creating a beautiful orgasm is definitely a visceral way.



I’m pretty passionate on the subject of satisfaction in all its incarnations, so it’s not a shock that I’d be passionate on giving satisfaction on camera.  See a tease in the trailer, but get your own satisfaction from the full video.  (I never run out of ways to say that!  That is in and of itself satisfying!  :P)  So, were you satisfied?  Do you know what I mean about getting a sense of satisfaction for a job well done when it comes to sex?  I’m intrigued…  It’s not that I’m entirely goal-oriented, but there is definitely a little push to excel.  I’d love to know if you’re the same.