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Ethics of Porn

Hi everyone!

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson gives amazing naked blowjobA shot from It’s Mine To Blow

I’m just about to go shoot a video and photo set for The Art of Blowjob, but I wanted to sit down and blog first.  I’m trying to blog Monday to Friday each day here.  First, it’s a good exercise for me getting more comfortable writing every day, but also it’ll give me more of a chance to share things with you guys, which is the ultimate goal of this blog anyways.  So, I’ve got my headphones on (listening to my blog jams, as Sophie calls them) blasting some Ani DiFranco and a list of the things I want to talk about in front of me.  When you run your own business, you have to be pretty organized.

I originally wanted to respond to a post that appeared a few days ago over at Ask Garnet.  Then this morning, the amazingly sexy Seska posted a link to a Globe and Mail article in which she was quoted.  They’re all about ethics and how the industry is evolving, so I’m just going to go ahead and talk a bit about both of them.  Basically, there are a few threads that link these pieces and I’m going to try to tie them up.  Seska‘s article is all about ethical porn and how to find it.  It sums up exactly what we’re trying to do with The Art of Blowjob.  We respect each other, we respect our audience, we proudly proclaim our ethics and we talk about what makes porn ethical and how to make it more common in the industry.  (We’re also doing something creative and special, but that’s another part of the magic.)

Talking about Tristan Taormino (who I love) and the way the performers are collaborative and involved in planning out the scenes is so important.  Mike and I are a team and we always make sure that the sex we have is the kind of sex we enjoy…  We’ll try new things and show them to the audience, but we’ll never fake something we don’t enjoy.  If it makes us uncomfortable, it’s out and it if it’s something we only enjoy doing once in a while, it’s only something we do when we want.  That’s why I take suggestions, but not often “requests”…  If I were just a performing blowjob monkey, I wouldn’t be the woman I am and the porn I make would be very different.

Seska, a Montreal-based pornographer who has been posting her sexual activity online for the past decade, told me her business has taken a hit from tube sites that steal work from her and other performers like her.

“A friend of mine once said to me, ‘I have sexual needs, so porn should be free so I can deal with those needs,’?” Seska told me. “But this is something I work hard at and I need to be compensated for it.”

This really frustrated me.  I have nutritional needs…  Does that mean I should be able to go to a five star restaurant and watch a Cordon Bleu chef lovingly craft hand-made gnocchi and a sauce from tomatoes he grew himself?  No.  People who shoot their own content, write their own blogs, serve as their own webmasters and market themselves work really, really hard.  Not only do we take sexy pictures and videos, we let people into our lives and share our personal experiences and feelings.  Plus, do you have any idea how long it takes to code a website, work out analytics, edit a video and photoshop a huge set of pictures?  Quite a long time.  We do it happily because we enjoy our jobs and get a lot of satisfaction out of it personally, but we can’t do it for free because it’s our livelihoods too.

Theft is bad and wrong.  Us honest, hardworking pornographers have pretty much all experienced having our content stolen.  It’s money out of our pockets and it makes us feel like the little guy just can’t win.  That said, there are times when tube sites can come in really handy, as Garnet alludes to in her post.  I’ve been navigating the murky waters of tube sites and it’s definitely hard to find a balance between giving everything away and giving away so little that you’re practically invisible.  We’re trying to figure it out as a team here at Mad Blanket, but it’s a lot of work.

Luckily, the people at the Pornhub network have been really helpful in figuring out how to use tube sites as a marketing tool.  Porn is an ever-changing market and once again we’re changing to a different way of marketing ourselves.  Ethical tube sites let us give out free samples (like Costco, if we’re going with the food metaphor) and then we can direct people over to our sites where they can get the full seven course meal, if you know what I mean.  They’re little redirect links that are clickable on/above/below the video with a little description of the site.  That way you know it’s legitimate and not stolen.

It’s not hard to find porn on the internet, but striving to find ethical porn is the best way to support companies that treat their performers/employees fairly and work to create something special.  Once you sift through some sample videos and find what you like, go to the site and pay for it if you want more.  You wouldn’t dine and dash, so stick around, pay the bill and tip the waitress.

Introducing Mad Blanket Pictures

Hi everyone –

So, I keep going on and on about how things are so busy here and I never really give you any reasons why.  Well, there are two and you’re just going to have to wait until Friday for that big surprise, but the one I’m going to tell you about now is that we are officially launching our production company.  It’s called Mad Blanket Pictures and the big reason to launch it is to start our porn network!  As of right now, we have The Art of Blowjob, I Use My Feet, Dolorem and The Beautiful Porn and we are going to be expanding with new websites and new models, all while keeping the same passion, artistry and connection.  Here’s a little bit of our philosophy, taken from our new website:

Our philosophy is simple: porn can be beautiful.  With this in mind, we set out to create an overall aesthetic and ethos that embodies everything that beautiful porn should be.

From an aesthetic standpoint, it means photos and videos shot with wonderful lighting, gorgeous composition, shallow depth of field, use of slow motion, great music and sound, skilled editing and tasteful colour grading.  The websites are clear, well-written and minimalist.

The Mad Blanket ethos stems entirely from the performers.  They are beautiful yet realistic looking people with genuine human connections.  Their scenes and shoots consist solely of what truly turns them on so that all of their reactions and orgasms are never faked.  We strive to capture the human aspect of everything: the little gasps, the giggles and the meaningful glances.  These minute details capture the essence of natural sexuality.

Ultimately, this means that we will be producing more content and getting a wider audience, which will not only be good for us professionally but also good for porn as an industry.  By getting attention with beautiful, respectful and erotic porn, we’re showing the world that exploitation and lack of artistry does not need to be the standard.  We can demand more of our porn and make it something that we’re proud to integrate into our sexual exploration and sexuality in general.  We’re definitely not selling out or losing our intimacy with you guys, we’re just adding more variety and more content to make you all happy!