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The Art Of Sensuality: Eroticism in Black and White.

The Art of Sensuality is a site that emphasises on the beauty of eroticism. The videos and photos capture raw acts of desire that come from bodies reacting to each other’s sexuality. An artful depiction of sexuality nourishes the spiritually and the intellect.

Sensuality in its whole is an expression of one’s self-love, passion, and grace. To truly appreciate one’s sensuality we need to focus on its essence. Leaving everything else behind us. Therefore the medium chosen to render justice to one’s sensuality better is the art of cinematography and photography in shades of grey.

Black and white. A poetic uncertainty resides in the absence of colors, one that leaves only place for creative fantasy. Let your senses guide you towards the object of your admiration. No knowing if you will ever recognise her in the street. She can be blonde, brunette, or even a redhead. The scales of gray will forever keep it a secret.

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Update Alert on TheArtofBlowjob!

Inside Piper

Inside Piper

This particular video is very different from what you are used to on TheArtofBlowjob. It focuses entirely on showcasing the beauty of Piper as a sexual being. All so you can get a better sense of how much she loves to expresses herself thru sexual acts. She is driven by a need for sensuality and passion. The video is filmed in a very tight close-up to accentuate the feeling of intimacy and connection that she purely radiates when she creates videos with TheArtofBlowjob.

Get lost Inside Piper!

I start by teasing you by hinting that my nipples are erect under my top. I pull on them slightly, just enough to excite me. I let my fingers run freely under the fabric, while you watch. I caress your thighs with the same naughty fingers. I can tell your cock is getting harder. I just want you in my mouth. I approach my breasts, and I drop my bra. It has the effect I wished for on your nice girth.

The Eroticism of Slowness

POV of Amy's beautiful blowjob

We created Slow Motion Blowjob for a whole number of reasons: how hypnotic slow blowjobs can be, how amazing it is to see sexy techniques and skills up close and slowed down, how intense eye contact can be when it really lingers and takes time to connect and hold that gaze… There’s a lot of value in taking it slow, but there’s also the eroticism of the slowness itself. It’s like a slow dance, pressing bodies together, feeling the way a warm, wet tongue drags around the head, circling slower and slower each time. It’s like moving through water, feeling the heat of a heavy and humid summer night, experiencing the moments before an orgasm… Slowness is erotic in and of itself, and Amy’s approach to this blowjob fits it perfectly.

Experience the eroticism of slowness now on Slow Motion Blowjob.

Taking it Slow

Seductive slow motion blowjob by Camille Crimson


Yes, part of why we started Slow Motion Blowjob is because we got a lot of great feedback from the times we have used moments of slow motion filming in our videos.  And sure, part of why we chose to focus on slow motion blowjobs is because we think that it’s a really gorgeous cinematic way of capturing oral sex on film, but there is a lot more to it than that.


I’ve had this kind of conversation with a lot of people, both online and with friends who I know from outside the realm of porn…  Essentially, in sex, in romantic moments, even in pretty much any intimate or valuable moment, it is so hard to really ever grasp the details because there is so much going on and it gets rushed and overstimulating, even if it’s not actually going particularly fast.  How can you ever really appreciate what’s going on in your life when it’s all flying by?


That’s kind of the underlying message behind what we’re trying to accomplish and share with Slow Motion Blowjob.  Sure, it looks nice, but it’s about capturing both the intricate details and the overall ambiance of this kind of experience.  By literally slowing things down, your attention is called to the small exhalation, the fragment of a coy smile which creeps across my face, a little moment where I push my hair behind my ear…  These are truly intimate, humanizing moments that connect the eroticism of a blowjob video with the realism of a couple doing what we love together.


I hope that, beyond giving a really sensual experience, we’re able to make people remember to slow down and appreciate what’s going on in their lives.  Live in the moment and enjoy it!  I hope this is the message you take away from the site.  :)

Fan Art and Poetry


I wanted to share a few really beautiful pieces which have been sent to me recently.  The first one is a piece of fan art, made by Numero24, who is one of my friends from DeviantArt.  I think it’s so beautiful, it captures me really well and the playfulness of having me sucking on a straw is not lost on me.  😉


Then I also received two really beautiful poems by two different source who I will keep anonymous.  One is in English and one is in French.  Here is the one in English, first:


L’Enchanteresse Rouge

One of the secrets of the wise
to know love’s revealed by her eyes
It’s then served up in countless ways
busy lips fine instruments of praise

Who is that lucky man she loves
Who lives the dream of dreams?
Oh what beauty Oh what skill
her ivory skin as smooth as cream

Cinnamon tresses tumbling everywhere
as she brazenly settles dare by dare
Always the red contrasting with the pale
Eyes tease taunt and shamelessly assail

Oh those crimson lips that ne’er retreat
delivering the thrill of thrills lovingly
Consuming the product of efforts and skill
I tend to wonder why can’t that be me

By now I know when dream’s just dream
But I once had an enchantress too
Whose eyes like yours did mesmerize
and whose lips made dreams come true.


Isn’t that amazing?  I think the imagery is absolutely beautiful, both physically and in the way it constantly hints at the art of a beautiful blowjob.  Here is the other one in French:


Ta chevelure est couleur de brousse au coucher du Soleil,
Crinière faite de myriades de serpents venimeux.
Je vois s’ouvrir à moi cette tenture tissée de mille feux,
Elle vient jusques à mon écran dévoiler des merveilles,
Véritables foyers vibrant d’incandescence ;
Tes beaux yeux bleus, Camille, qui attisent mes sens.

J’ai fouillé les mailles de la toile inextricable,
J’ai guetté sans espoir que ma quête aboutisse
Des frissons inconnus à nul autre semblables.
Et j’ai vu ton regard, tes mains, ton corps, et ta bouche complices,
Accomplir une danse aux rythmes envoûtants
Pour témoigner ta passion et honorer ton amant.

Ton art est éternel, notre jouissance éphémère.

L’ondulation hypnotique des courbes de ton corps
Laissent entr’apercevoir l’ombre de Terpsichore.
Un frémissement de hanches souligné d’un halo,
La caresse d’un sein ou un frôlement de peau,
Un baiser gourmand à la cime du sexe,
Une bouche sulfureuse avide de nectar,
C’est le vocabulaire, la grammaire complexe,
D’une artiste accomplie au sommet de son art,
Généreuse et sensuelle, tu insuffles passion,
Noblesse et perfection à toute fellation.

Camille, Pornographe, Artiste de l’Amour,
Tu as créé une œuvre à nulle autre pareille,
Prophète du désir, huitième des Merveilles,
Ta Lune est le Soleil de nos nuits et jours.

Le net sans Toi Camille serait un sanctuaire.


This piece is equally gorgeous, framing all sorts of similar ideas of beauty and eroticism which absolutely make me blush.  I don’t have time to translate it, but run it through a translator and you’ll get the gist, albeit not the gorgeous poetic element.


I feel like a princess, being cared for so much and immortalized in beautiful art.  I really, really appreciate this.