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Why do men masturbate?

Why do men masturbate? It has to have some can of utility, if not we wouldn’t do it! The interesting thing is that we are not the only animals to masturbate. Bonobos masturbate without shame around their peers. Even dog masturbate, you know when they hump your leg or a pillow, that’s self-pleasure, because dogs know the pillow is not their female counterparts.

The biological purpose of masturbation is that as animals, we have to share our genetical material.

The other reasons for masturbations are:

  • It helps men that men be more in control of their ejaculation. Thus they can last longer.
  • It is said that to masturbate reduces the risks of prostate cancer. The seminal fluid stored in the prostate is released when ejaculation occurs. When this fluid is left too long in the prostate it can cause prostatitis.
  • Masturbation can also cure your insomnia and decrease stress.

Where’s the Bone in Boning?

All male mammals have penises. Did you know that humans are one of the two primate species lacking a “baculum” or penis bone!  Whales, rabbits, elephants, horses also lack a bone in their manhood.



Where’s the bone?

Some species have a bone to help the male maintain his erection long enough to penetrate the female and deliver the sperm. This bone, baculum, is in the male’s abdomen until he needs it. When he does his abdomen muscles contract pushing into into the penis, making an hard erection.

Speed is of the essence in nature, having to wait for the penis to fill with blood is too long for many species. The male lion, thanks to his baculum, can copulate 250 times in four days.

Where’s our bone?

As stated in IFLScience:

“Well, the reason is not entirely clear, but it’s believed to be down to our mating systems and strategies. In the 30th anniversary edition of his book, The Selfish Gene, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins suggested the lack of a human baculum is the result of “sexual selection” by female humans looking for healthy males.

That is, having a penis that relies on “hydraulics” to become erect (rather than a bone) means there will be some males with poor erectile function. If Dawkins is right, an innate female desire to guage a male’s suitability as a mate was responsible for “selecting” a penis that shows such suitability (or lack thereof).

Interestingly, our closest living relatives, including the chimpanzee, possess penis bones, but those bones are very small. It is possible that our primate relatives may too eventually lose their bacula.

Indeed, perhaps it’s more a question of why the other great apes still have bacula, rather than why we humans lack them. Complete loss of a baculum in humans seems to just continue a trend towards baculum size reduction which is found among the great apes.”



Pigging Out on Porn, from The Beautiful Kind!

I just thought that the beautiful sex-positive activist Kendra Holliday had taken words out of my mouth, when I read how she described TheArtofBlowjob. I will let you discover her blog The Beautiful Kind and the many treasures hidden within it…

Pigging Out on Porn, By Kendra Holliday 

What is your relationship to porn? Do you use porn to relieve stress, as a diversion, as a partner substitute, or as a cheap date? Do you respect porn stars and acknowledge they are athletic models of sexual prowess, or do you regard them as social pariahs? (If that’s the case, why are they called “stars”??)

Do you surf free sites until you find something you fancy? That’s like digging through fast food dumpsters for freebies.

Or do you subscribe to a porn star’s site in order to view quality porn and support the person who is getting naked and fucking for your entertainment? These sites can even be educational as well as incredibly sexy. A great example is The Art of Blowjob, which promotes beautiful and respectful sex. YES, facials can be done with love!


I’ve been thinking a lot about porn lately.

I LOVE me some porn. One of my favorite junk food sites is HornBunny – it focuses on incest fantasies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this clip of “Daughter Being Talked into Sucking and Fucking Dad.” It’s so wrong and creepy and gets me off every time!

But I’ve noticed porn has been affecting people’s sex lives in negative ways a lot lately – even in MY bedroom!

I enjoy a healthy, happy sex life with my partner, and three times in a row together, he was not able to orgasm. This was unusual for us, so I asked him about it. Naturally, I thought he was losing attraction to me, but he assured me that was not the case. (This is a good example of communicating with your partner – don’t make assumptions and fill in the blanks!)

So he thought about it, and realized that he had taken up a tumblr porn habit as of late – he had it installed on his phone, and would pull it up to view throughout the day during any down or wait time. This messed with his vibe, like snacking on potato chips all day, so that by the time he sat down to dinner, he was no longer hungry.

So he uninstalled it from his phone, and within a week, our sex life was back on track.

I see this happening with a lot of my clients – they don’t have a steady partner, so they use porn as a substitute. They become so dependent on porn, that by the time they get with a real person again, they don’t know how to handle the real person energy – their intimacy psyche is warped and numb.

One of my clients was very porn dependent – he watched it at least an hour a day. When he made a conscious decision to kick the habit, he found himself in a sexual relationship within a month!

I encourage you to think about your relationship with porn – can you enjoy it in a healthy way that benefits you, the porn stars, and the people around you?

Porn is a part of our social fabric. Step back and think about your porn habit – what you watch, and how often, and see if you can’t make adjustments to your routine that will steer you in a more positive direction.

Use the power of porn for GOOD!

Cum Tribute: The Act Of Ejaculating On A Printed Picture!

Piper Blush

Piper Blush


What Is A Cum Tribute?

According to Urban Dictionary, it is the act of ejaculating on a printed picture. There is a web community for people who enjoy it. The most common hostages for it are cumtribute and cumtributeme.

The men who perform this act, see it as a gift to the woman. They do it in honor of a woman. In other words, to pay tribute to her.

For some man, it is the long distance way to have a facial with their partner.

How Is It Done?

A woman can upload a picture of herself, on a Tribute website or blog. The picture can be of her fully dressed or completely naked; she decides what she feels comfortable giving away. A man will then select an image and print it. He can also watch it on is phone or computer screen. He will masturbate to it until he ejaculates upon it. He can take a video of himself during the act, a picture or he will send a picture of the result. A more expand image of the photograph with his semen on it. He will post it or send it back to the woman in question.

Watch Out For Fakes!

They are some women who did not ask for tributes, but get them anyways. It happens mainly to stars, such as Beyonce, Tailor Swift and others. On some sites, you can see the real thing and on others it is completely photoshopped.

In the real cumtribute community, most demands come from men who want other men to honour their girlfriends, sisters or even mothers.  As for everything related to sex and porn, they are more men than woman in these communities. They are real women asking men to cumtribute them, you just have to find them!

Why Cumtributes?

A Cumtribute is a lot like a Facial Cumshot and both are seen as a disrespectful act by many women. Why is that? Do men really think they are degrading women by ejaculating on a woman’s face or is it only the woman that think that?

When a facial is done with the consent of both sides and in the respect of your limits it is a beautiful sexual act. It shows how much you trust each other. If a woman feels the man is doing it to disrespect her, she can always refuse to go thru with it.

When Did It Start Being A ‘Thing’?

On the Tryangle, they wrote a logical explanation for the facial trend. They say it started in the eighties, because of the apparition of HIV and AIDS. In those years, they thought it was going to prevent the people from spreading these diseases, if men came on, not in a woman or a man.

It all coincided with the apparition of internet porn and a huge demand for it. The way porn was film changed, as they were more producers.

It is just in the way things evolved, that the facial was created. It is not because men decided to take control over women.

Charlie Glickman, auteur of Hard Core : Power, Pleasure and the « Frenzy of the Visible » said: “Ejaculating on a woman’s stomach, however, usually meant that the camera wouldn’t let the audience see the actress’ expression. But if the male actor came on her face, the viewer could see two things at once: evidence of male pleasure (symbolized by the ejaculation) and the equally important sign that a woman’s reaction to that pleasure mattered. With sex now so dangerous — and HIV particularly likely to be spread through semen — facials were relatively « safe. » But in the era of AIDS, they were also compelling visual evidence that a woman wasn’t threatened by a man’s semen. In that sense facials were, almost from the start, more about women’s acceptance of men’s bodies than about women’s degradation.

Perhaps the intense appeal of facials in porn (and real life) was about men’s desire for that same experience of being validated as desirable, as good, as « not dirty. » For a young man raised with the sense that his body – and especially his penis – is « disgusting », a woman’s willingness to accept a facial is an intensely powerful source of affirmation.”


You can continue your exploration of Cumtribute by looking at those sites!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/cumtribute

Tumblr: http://cumfake.tumblr.com

Web: http://www.cumonprintedpics.com

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/cumtributeme/


Please feel free to post any questions or comments on the subject, in the comment section of our blog!

Rye on Prematurity

Kissing a cock after a sensual facial cumshot

Today I was very much reminded that one of the things I want to do with this blog is to normalize a whole bunch of different aspects of male sexuality and show people that there are valuable reasons to be just as sensitive to its issues as we try to be with women’s sexuality.  Rye of Uncommon Appetites took to their blog to explain a phenomenon that had been happening to him lately…  He’s been experiencing ejaculation sooner than he would like.

Essentially, his masturbatory habits have become less frequent over time for a variety of reasons and he’s left with a lot more pent-up sexual energy.  He loves pleasing his lovely partner Violet with his hands/mouth/toys, but she also loves it when they have penetrative sex, so they eventually get to a place where the penetrative sex just doesn’t last as long as they want.

This is where things get especially amazing…  They spoke about it together and came up with a solution that totally worked for both of them.  Instead of retreating out of shame or confusion or continuing on, just thinking that something might one day change, they took action.  What did they figure out?  He just needed to come once and get it out of the way and then he’d have a much easier time afterwards.

So, they went right to penetrative sex, they had a bit of fun and he ejaculated, then they kissed and played around until he was ready for round two, which was exactly what they needed.  Perfect, right?

On top of making very sexy videos and sharing lovely glimpses into their lives, Violet+Rye are also real examples of making sex work.  We all go through peaks and valleys, we all have things that sometimes interfere with the natural progression we’d like, but there are ways to communicate, explore, try things and work out a solution.

If you’re having any issues with any degree of premature ejaculation, this is a really great strategy to try.  Who knows?  It might work for you!

Have you ever had a little hurdle to get over, sexually speaking?  What did you do and what did you try?