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Learn More About The Master/sub relationship with Piper!

Want to know more about the Master/sub relationship or just looking to expand your knowledge on BDSM, in a not 50 Shades of Grey sense…

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The Wednesday Tip – Total Trust!



Total Trust

If that part about dominating your partner rings a bell for you-do it! It is sometime easier to have total control over your partner. Because you can do whatever you please with them. You might even feel more confident about yourself just because you are the person in control. It is a very different experience, you can start lightly with tying only the wrist. When you both feel comfortable you will have the possibility to upgrade. Remember to use a safe word, incase one of you does not feel comfortable.

The Wednesday Tip – Relax And Enjoy!



Don’t Worry About It

Sometimes a blowjob is only a blowjob. Take all the fuss out of it, by simply taking it when it comes. Your woman likes you as you are, you do not need to be squeaky clean and closely shaved all the times. Be happy with your body, after all you are the object of her desires. When she wants it give it to her, she will not even notice the mustard stain on your shirt!

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The Wednesday Tip – Orgasm Deal-Breaker!




The Orgasm Deal-Breaker

The vaginal orgasm does exist, but it’s tricky for a lot of women. Only 30% of women reach orgasm through penetration. That means 70 percent of women reach orgasm thru direct clitoral stimulation. Rubbing, licking, sucking will all do the trick, don’t forget that each clitoris has its own preferences.

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The Wednesday Tip – Tell Her When It’s Time!



Tell Her When It’s Time

Facials often come as a surprise for her; sometimes she can know you well enough to know when you’re about to finish, but if you don’t speak up, it can be hard to tell – so help her out!

If you’re going to do it on her face, make sure she wants it too and make sure she’s ready. If you both like dirty talk, you can play up the anticipation and ask her if she wants it, or maybe she’ll even be the one to ask you.

All the ways are good as long as she’s in on it; she’ll be able to enjoy it more if she can prepare for it, because no woman wants it in her eyes, it burns like fire for a while after!

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The Wednesday Tip – Legs In The Air!



Legs in the Air

You have probably heard of the Kegel exercises. This particular series of exercises is designed to reinforce a woman’s pelvic muscles. The same muscles are contracted during her orgams.

It is often easier for a woman to contract those muscles when her legs are closed and not apart. If your woman has difficulty achieving orgasm when you are between her legs, try to pull her legs as close as possible to your face. It will make her able to contract her leg muscles, by doing so she will also use those inner muscles. It makes her orgasm more powerful.