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What To Expect When She Deep Throats

Her Responses to DT

Eye watering is not a bad thing! Do not worry she is not crying. To open her mouth that wide and feel you back there, will make her eyes water. Breathing can be hard, but let her take control. She will go to her own rhythm it easier for her to take breaks and breath. Once she is comfortable, you can take the lead, she will adjust to your rhythm. Do not push her too hard and too long, if she has too much difficulty breathing she will gag.


Not A Bad Thing

During deepthroat many women will experience the gag reflex, eyes watering and difficulty breathing. There are tricks to makes all of those discomforts go away when she gives you a blowjob. The gag reflex is one of the hardest to overcome because it is a natural response to choking. She as to very relax and do as if she is swallowing your member. Her throat will widen, given her more space to accommodate you. Her body will find it normal that something is tingling the back of her amygdala, making the gag reflex disappear.

Do You Struggle With Cunnilingus?

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Cyndi Gallop Thinks Sex Tech Is Necessary!

Cindy Gallop has been working since 2009 to normalize conversations about sex, first launching a site to simply debunk sex myths that come from porn (for example, no, not all women like being cursed out in bed).

She defines “sextech” as any technology venture designed to innovate and enhance human sexuality.

Blowjob Tips by Erica Lust!

Do you know Erika Lust? Here’s a little about one of the women who decided to participate in making porn beautiful!

Erika Lust was tired of chauvinistic and tacky mainstream porn, she burst into the adult industry in 2004, with the indie short film¬†The Good Girl¬†‚Äď a humorous statement of principles. The immediate success of this first attempt encouraged her to pursue a film career. Erika has since then directed three multi-awarded erotic films:¬†Five Hot Stories for Her,¬†Life Love Lust¬†and¬†Cabaret Desire. She also directed the experimental documentary¬†Barcelona Sex Project¬†and wrote several¬†books.

XConfessions film ‚ÄúCircus Aerius Perversus‚ÄĚ

XConfessions film ‚ÄúCircus Aerius Perversus‚ÄĚ

Here are a few hints on how to give the best blowjob!




Ask What They Want

Great Blowjob Tips by a woman who knows what she’s talking about! Read all you need to know about blowjobs on Erika Lust!!!