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The Wednesday Tip: Long Licks!

Long licks that start from the bottom of your shaft to your tip, with intense eye contact all the way thru will certainly make you hard :)

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The Wednesday Tip: Not On The Spot!

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Not being on the spot can bring her different types of sensations. Take your time spread her, play with her, make her wet.

Once you feel she can’t take any more rub her right on the spot.

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The Wednesday Tip: Circles!

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You probably have heard this to please women before- making circles with your tongue. Well, she can make circles with her tongue too. All she has to do is lick your frenulum in a circle motion :)

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The Wednesday Tip: Let Her Ride!

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On this Wednesday- Let Her Ride Your Face!

Isn’t there nothing better than to give pleasure to the person you love?


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The Wednesday Tip: Nipple Play!

Nipple play during a cunnilingus can accentuate her orgasm. Some women love to have they nipples played with during sex.

Some women love to have they nipples played with during sex. While your mouth is doing most of the magic down there don’t forget to bring your hands up and fondle her breasts.

You can also make her edge by stopping what you are doing down south and start kissing her nipples until she pushes your head back down.

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Enjoy oral sex in a whole new way with TheArtofCunnilingus!

Sex Misconceptions!



Girl On Girl Sex; Don’t Transmit or Contract STIs

It’s False. In fact, sexually transmitted infections and diseases are passed along through skin-to-skin contact and bodily fluids like breast milk, secretions (from vaginas, penises, and anuses) and blood, which means anyone who’s kissing, licking or rubbing up against another naked person is putting themselves at some level of risk.

Plus, because sexual orientation, sexual behavior and gender identity never have to align (and can change!), someone’s sexual orientation doesn’t designate the genitals of the person with whom they are (or have been) sexual.

We’re much better off never making assumptions.

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