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Work-Safe Porn Just for ME!

Sophie forwarded this along to me because, let’s face it, this is everything I like in a single photo.  It’s funny, it features a cat and it obviously used to be a blowjob.  Throw in some Scotch, a Mac, a steak and a motorcycle and we have my perfect photo!  This is also an excellent example of work-safe porn!

Work-safe porn is a relatively old meme, dating back all the way to 2006 (gasp!) and most popularized in this extremely hilarious video:

It seems as though these are still going strong.  The forces of MS Paint and porn are too much for anyone to resist, clearly.  Perhaps it’s something about that cat’s shocked face, but it actually made me laugh.  I hope this perks up your Thursday afternoon and makes you giggle, too.

But, I wanted to know…  If you could SFW-up my blowjobs, what would you create?  What would I be doing with my mouth?  This reminds me of that Facebook contest I had a while back…  I’d love to hear what the (relatively) new crop of commenters can dream up as a safe for work alternative to blowjobs.

Cat Roundup

Cat drawing gone horribly wrong

It’s Monday, and I think it might be the kind of Monday where people need a laugh.  It’s still a bit blah out, I still have 10 whole days until I can ride my motorcycle (Yes, I’m going to keep on counting down the days and then I guess I’ll text you from the road!  :P) and, well, it’s no secret that many people don’t exactly relish the return to the week.  So, honestly, what better than a few cat things I’ve been saving up?  Above is probably the worst drawing advice I’ve ever seen.  It kind of reminds me of those SFW porn ads, only much more disturbing.  😉  Whatever you do, don’t do that. I can solemnly promise that is just not how you draw a cat.  At all.  Thanks, Reddit.

If you can get past the music on this one I found on Jezebel (it’s an acquired taste, but that’s what muting is for!) you can find out who is stealing those socks of yours…  And who is fighting to save them.  (Spoiler alert: kittens!)  This is actually really inventive filmmaking and the kittens are absolutely adorably playful, and then sleepy.  Fast forward to the 0:45 second mark for the cats, but the whole thing is pretty fun and action-packed!

My dream man with a kitty

And finally, this one that has been circulating around TNG fans on Facebook…  Be still my heart!  Is there anything that is not absolutely amazing about this man?  Of course he’s my number one!  On top of being in one of the best TV shows of all time, being an incredibly accomplished actor and an active feminist, he loves cats!  That’s one lucky feline.

I hope this made you alternately gasp, giggle and smile. Sometimes a little silly cat-related internet stuff is just what you need!

Camille Crimson Pornsaint


It has finally happened!  After being a huge fan of the concept for a really long time, Pornsaints selected a wonderful artist and made a Camille Crimson Pornsaint.  It feels so incredible to be inducted into such an amazing group of performers.  I remember when I first saw the site, I knew right away that I wanted to be on it, but I also knew that I had to be a bit more well-known, so I waited…


The artist is named Jessica Ward and I’m a huge fan of her style.  It’s a very dark and surreal interpretation of what I do, which I find fascinating.  The idea of having almost two iterations of me with the imagery of worship.  The waves washing up on the shore (I assume it represents the cum?) are so gorgeously created with the graphite.  She’s a really incredible artist and the surreal concepts are so fascinating to me.


I’d love to know what you see in this and how you feel about it.  I’m sure that you can put forth some pretty amazing critiques and potential explanation of what the imagery represents.  I know one thing for sure…  It’s gorgeous and I’m so proud to be a Pornsaint!

Hilarious Facebook Contest

Camille Crimson's sexy teasing eyes


I love contests…  It’s a lot of fun to get people excited about the possibility of winning and it’s great to be able to give a little something back.  Sometimes my contests involve ideas, sometimes words, sometimes sharing, sometimes just being active on social media…  But this time, I decided to put the art in The Art of Blowjob…  And take out the blowjob, actually.


Take out the blowjob?  WHAT?  Hold on there.  I’ll explain.  I posted a tease photo onto Facebook, which has to be SFW, so I posted just my eyes (above) and people kept imagining what might be going on in the rest of the photo.  Well, what better way to show it than by having them draw it?  A contest was born.


Already, people have imagined me blowing out candles on a cake, drinking a Guinness, even me as Edvard Munch’s The Scream.  They’ve all made me laugh so far, and the contest is going on until next Wednesday at 5pm EST, and the winner will get a free membership to The Art of Blowjob!  So, will you be entering?  I would love to see what all you amazingly witty people would come up with.

Fan Art and Poetry


I wanted to share a few really beautiful pieces which have been sent to me recently.  The first one is a piece of fan art, made by Numero24, who is one of my friends from DeviantArt.  I think it’s so beautiful, it captures me really well and the playfulness of having me sucking on a straw is not lost on me.  😉


Then I also received two really beautiful poems by two different source who I will keep anonymous.  One is in English and one is in French.  Here is the one in English, first:


L’Enchanteresse Rouge

One of the secrets of the wise
to know love’s revealed by her eyes
It’s then served up in countless ways
busy lips fine instruments of praise

Who is that lucky man she loves
Who lives the dream of dreams?
Oh what beauty Oh what skill
her ivory skin as smooth as cream

Cinnamon tresses tumbling everywhere
as she brazenly settles dare by dare
Always the red contrasting with the pale
Eyes tease taunt and shamelessly assail

Oh those crimson lips that ne’er retreat
delivering the thrill of thrills lovingly
Consuming the product of efforts and skill
I tend to wonder why can’t that be me

By now I know when dream’s just dream
But I once had an enchantress too
Whose eyes like yours did mesmerize
and whose lips made dreams come true.


Isn’t that amazing?  I think the imagery is absolutely beautiful, both physically and in the way it constantly hints at the art of a beautiful blowjob.  Here is the other one in French:


Ta chevelure est couleur de brousse au coucher du Soleil,
Crinière faite de myriades de serpents venimeux.
Je vois s’ouvrir à moi cette tenture tissée de mille feux,
Elle vient jusques à mon écran dévoiler des merveilles,
Véritables foyers vibrant d’incandescence ;
Tes beaux yeux bleus, Camille, qui attisent mes sens.

J’ai fouillé les mailles de la toile inextricable,
J’ai guetté sans espoir que ma quête aboutisse
Des frissons inconnus à nul autre semblables.
Et j’ai vu ton regard, tes mains, ton corps, et ta bouche complices,
Accomplir une danse aux rythmes envoûtants
Pour témoigner ta passion et honorer ton amant.

Ton art est éternel, notre jouissance éphémère.

L’ondulation hypnotique des courbes de ton corps
Laissent entr’apercevoir l’ombre de Terpsichore.
Un frémissement de hanches souligné d’un halo,
La caresse d’un sein ou un frôlement de peau,
Un baiser gourmand à la cime du sexe,
Une bouche sulfureuse avide de nectar,
C’est le vocabulaire, la grammaire complexe,
D’une artiste accomplie au sommet de son art,
Généreuse et sensuelle, tu insuffles passion,
Noblesse et perfection à toute fellation.

Camille, Pornographe, Artiste de l’Amour,
Tu as créé une œuvre à nulle autre pareille,
Prophète du désir, huitième des Merveilles,
Ta Lune est le Soleil de nos nuits et jours.

Le net sans Toi Camille serait un sanctuaire.


This piece is equally gorgeous, framing all sorts of similar ideas of beauty and eroticism which absolutely make me blush.  I don’t have time to translate it, but run it through a translator and you’ll get the gist, albeit not the gorgeous poetic element.


I feel like a princess, being cared for so much and immortalized in beautiful art.  I really, really appreciate this.

Porn Saints


Porn Saints had been on my radar for a while, but after a few tweets appeared from the today, I was drawn back to the site and really enjoyed checking out their collection of works.  Basically, it’s a site where different artists get together to create beautiful artistic representations of pornstars, with some aspects of religious iconography, if I understand correctly.  The above portrait is a reimagining of fellow Montrealler Ariel Rebel by Francesco D’Isa.  I just wanted to share a few more with you, since I really think they’re beautiful and a really interesting way to show of the potential for genuine beauty in porn.



This is fellow (former) Montrealler Mandy Morbid by Zak Smith.



This is fellow FPA winner April Flores by Molly Crabapple.



And finally, my gorgeous friend Ruby Violence (who interviewed me here) for Jessica Ward.


That’s merely a little cross sample of what they have.  You can check out their full gallery here.  Who knows?  Maybe some day they’ll make one of me…  That’d be the dream.  So, which one of these is your favourite?  And if you could see me immortalized in a particular artistic style, which would it be and why?