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Black and White for Connoisseurs!

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For our readers who prefer a more intimate and erotic approach to showcase raw acts of passion, we have created a brand new site- The Art of Sensuality! With only the best of TheArtofBlowjob’s videos remastered in black and white. So you can truly appreciate the beauty of one’s spiritual essence. It’s iPhone and iPad compatible. Give it a try!

Teasing Is What’s Missing In Our Lives!

We live in an instant-gratification era! Quick fixes of adrenaline, cheap thrills, everything is fast and leaves you hungry for more. When did the fast french kiss became less erotic than a lingering kisses on the cheek in the old Hollywood Movies? Where has gone the art of teasing?

Okay, I know things have changed, women work nowadays! They don’t have hours to do get ready to go do the groceries. But still, as a woman I miss that time that I never knew, where people were all dressed up for no reason.


I think that Zara Barrie agrees with me, on some points. Read her out:

The t-e-a-s-e. Oh, being in the wonderful throes of the painfully awesome sexual tease is such a rare occurrence these days. Doesn’t it get you hot to just think about it? The “let’s take it oh-so slowly, indulgently draw it out until you’re pulling the hair out of your head, biting your lower lip until it HURTS, begging, swearing, cursing and trembling because you want it so bad” tease.

Isn’t it the palpable heat of pent-up desire that finds us lost in the fantasy of lust and sexual wonder?

If we want to get really down and dirty, let’s dare to get real: Isn’t sex more of a psychological game than a physical game?

Isn’t it all about desiring something so badly but not being able to get it right away?

Isn’t it the mental back and forth, the unattainability that leaves us hopelessly daydreaming about twisted sheets and hot bodies when we’re supposed to be sitting at our desks, working between the hours of nine and five?

As internet rendered us sexually unsatisfied, with it’s too explicit menu of fast satisfactions?

Sexual and Mental Stimulation!

As you know sex never only starts by sex! You need to talk a little before you get down to it. It’s words that give you the best stimuli.  To debate, to reveal your secrets, a deep conversation- that’s what creates the spark. Most of us need to connect with a person to have mind blowing sex!

Build up the tension to create a better release! 

I’m not talking about abstinence, I’m talking about teasing. Push the limits as long as you can, create a huge sexual tension between the both of you. Make it become an obsession. When the release finally comes, you’ll see yourself much more satisfied :) Anywhere there is tease, there is tension. And when there is tension, there is release.

Seduction and Satisfaction!

We want to be seduced and tortured a little, we are all humans after all. We can’t be satisfied by something that is too easily given to us. As Zara said: “It’s akin to slowly unwrapping a present. Taking your time to untangle the satin ribbons and delicately unwrap the shiny paper — makes getting your hands on the glorious gift so much better.”

Sex is the ultimate human interaction, it bring us closer and makes us create new life. All humans should be sexually satisfied!!!

Take a look, TheArtofBlowjob wants to show you the art of tease!


Inspired by Zara Barrie from Elite Daily.

How To Have the Best Quickies!

In a relationship, we all want to have the best sex possible. But does it mean it has to be long lasting? Not really! You can have a great sex session that only lasted a couple of minutes. You could also have really bad sex that lasts for hours. We don’t have a lot of time on our hands on week days, so how can we have great sex that does not last too long?

Here is an easy guide I have put together to have the greatest quickies ?

Piper Blush And Laura!

You need to be really turned-on for a quickie to be satisfying. I suggest you do some smooching. Get those tongue intertwined! Kissing makes you feel more intimate and in the process it arouses you. When you kiss it wakes up your nervous system and endocrine system.

Get You Clothes On!

Don’t waist any time getting your clothes off, just pull those panties aside and open up that zipper! Keeping your clothes makes it feel even more sexy. You need to have each other right here and now.

Kitchen Sex!

Do it in an unconventional spot, for you. It can be in the living room, on the kitchen island… The fear of getting caught will increase your excitement!

Talk to each other during the act. It allows you to stay focus on each other. It can be naughty or nice talk, do what works for you best.

Here you have it, now you can try to realize the perfect quickie!

Anais Nin and I

A seductive smile by gorgeous redhead Camille Crimson

My favourite pornographic poet Cal shared this lovely piece with me, and I figured that today is as good a day as any to share it.  It’s a letter from writer Anais Nin to a private erotica collector who wanted her to focus more on sex and less on the poetry (both figurative and literal) surrounding it.  She encourages him to go beyond “this periscope at the tip of (his) sex” and to see the value beyond the “explicit, mechanical, overdone … mechanistic obsession” of base sexual desire described in plain language.  Sometimes, when I’m encouraged to have sex that’s outside of my natural desires (and that’s putting it politely) or to showcase my body in a way that doesn’t feel right to me, I do think of the fundamental differences between the basics of showing sex and the human body to bring the audience to orgasm and the act of framing it in a realistic way filled with love and artistry.

There’s no wrong way, as far as I’m concerned, to express your sexuality, at least as long as everyone involved is consenting…  But I do think it’s wrong to expect things, even from performers or writers, that go against their modes of sexual expression.  Nin wanted her work, even that which is paid for by the collector, to be sensual and romantic and interesting and intense.  This is what I want too.  She says it best:

Sex does not thrive on monotony. Without feeling, inventions, moods, no surprises in bed. Sex must be mixed with tears, laughter, words, promises, scenes, jealousy, envy, all of the spices of fear, foreign travel, new faces, novels, stories, dreams, fantasies, music, dancing, opium, wine.

I’m not so sure about the opium, but I’m with her on the wine.  Sex is so much more than the meeting of genitals.  It’s an experience which we can link to any other aspect of life to increase pleasure, significance and depth.  I hope this inspires you to find a way to heighten your sexuality and go further than going through the motion.  I know it did for me.

I Want You Badly

A sexy kissing blowjob from redhead Camille Crimson

The desire I feel when I’m moments away from giving a blowjob is truly overwhelming sometimes.  It is such an amazingly powerful feeling.  This is just one of those feelings that makes life absolutely worth living.  The strong urge to be intimate, to give, to see his reactions…  I don’t think there’s any stronger want and need out there.

This video is an ode to that.  I wanted to show the moments beforehand, when he’s softly touching me and making me want him.  The way I touch him, denying myself from fully embracing the blowjob…  It’s such a fun little game to play.  It’s not just teasing him…  It’s teasing myself as well.  The games we can play with each other are wonderful, and the games that we can play with ourselves are really something.

Do you know this feeling?  This sheer basic instinct to have what’s in front of you?  You can read a bit more in the description and enjoy a picture to get a little clue, but the full video will hopefully leave you as breathless as the whole blowjob left me.  Let me know what you think!

Wanting and Needing Men

Today, I stumbled upon an article from Good Men Project about the distinction between wanting and needing men.  It’s largely about the way women have “caught up” to men socially, and how men don’t know who they are anymore without their traditional roles to provide for and protect…  Now that we have rights (Here. I’m not saying we have achieved equality, especially not in many other parts of the world…) and can handle things ourselves without society getting in the way, there’s been a crisis of masculinity.

All of that is important, and something we’ve discussed here in the past, but what really got me was the idea of how men have to feel needed because they don’t feel wanted.  This is especially relevant for me in a sexual context.  Even when people talk about how women “need” men sexually, it’s always about either procreation or some primal need, not a more surface, pleasure-based need.  And that’s sad.  We’re taught that women are beautiful and to be desired, and men aren’t, outside of the men we’ve deemed “the hottest” according to magazine rankings, of course.  😉

Even in porn, men don’t get to be the candy.  Sure, we can say that’s because most porn is still aimed at heterosexual men, but I think it’s valuable for there to be focus on the sexiness of a man. I love to make Mike feel sexy and wanted.  It’s nice to feel deeply desired.  It may come off as aggressive for a woman to intensely desire a man, but I try to show in every video we make just how much I want Mike.  It’s not just a biological thing…  I find him sexy.  I feel that visceral draw to him.  And I make that known as much as I can.

It’s sexy to have this back and forth, and I really hope that more people adopt it.  It’s good for self-esteem, it’s good for furthering equality and it’s good for really beautiful sexual experiences.  What do you think?  Do you feel desired?  Do you desire?  Is this something you want in your life?  Or, even something you need?