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Science Says Find a Younger Woman, you’ll live longer!

Heterosexual couples the are so typical these days we don’t even talk about them. Then you have the ten percent of LGBT couples. We are more open and sensitive to their causes, which was about time if you ask me! But what about the ones in the middle. The couples with an age gap!

We don’t talk about them too much, but we can’t help but stare when 20 something women walk around with a half a century old men. I know the feeling I love older men! But what is the best age cap?

You should know that men should ejaculate about 20 times per month. Yes, that’s only about 10 days in the month without sex! That maybe explains why men tend to always look at younger women; they need the release.

That said men who do go for younger women, and I mean more than ten years younger, tend to live longer. That must be it the real fountain of youth. Don’t fight it, just take a younger woman for a wife!



How To Get Better Blowjobs From Your Girlfriend!

Get The Best BJ!

BJs are about trust and satisfaction! A blowjob is as much for you as it is for her. You can both enjoy the experience. That’s why if she’s doing something you don’t like, you should find a way to tell her! Okay, saying it out loud is not for everyone. So here’s what you can try first!

Okay, saying it out loud is not for everyone. So here are a few alternatives, you can try first, on what you can do to get better blowjobs from your girlfriend!

She’s Too Shy


As soon as you drop your pants, she becomes shy and doesn’t really know what to do with your cock. Start slowly; you don’t want to scare her off.Add some of your masturbations tricks to the mix. Gently take her hand and place it over yours while you stroke. There are many ways to show her what makes you feel good. Close your eyes and accentuate your moans as she moves the way you like it. That way she will feel less foolish around your cock.


Too Much Teeth

bruce finding nemo 2You’re dealing with a shark attack every time she goes down there!?! There is an easy way to get rid of teeth. And it also works, if she is trying to go deeper, then her mouth allows. You know when your cock head hits the back of her throat in an uncomfortable way.

Take control of your cock. Hold your length, placing your hand as close as possible from your pubis. You want your hand to act as a buffer. That way she doesn’t go too far down. That keeps your cock clear of the back of her mouth and her sharp teeth. You can even masturbate. With only your tip available to her, she will licks, kiss and sucks it. You don’t have to worry about your valuable member. As she gains expertise, you can loose a few fingers from your grip, letting her go deeper.

Good For You

There are many ways to keep control over your junk while teaching her what makes you feel good. Don’t be shy trying these tricks. Your girlfriend will gain confidence as she sees you enjoying yourself and soon master the art of the blowjob.

You can always try visual support and learn together with TheArtofBlwojob’s Educational Series. Click Here to watch the 25 videos!

Harriet Sugarcookie on What To Do If You Get Caught Masturbating!



Have you ever been caught masturbating? If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s maybe because you are not masturbating enough 😛 Here’s what Harriet Sugarcookie tells you to do if ever your girlfriend walks in on your masturbating!

The moment someone walks in on you, your whole body tenses up. You go into panic mode. You practically die of embarrassment, and in that moment your head isn’t thinking clearly. It’s in this state of panic that you might do or say something that makes the situation worse. 

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Helping Happy Relationships with Beautiful Porn

Naked while giving a sensual blowjob

I’m in Miami, so this is just a quickie Q+A response, but one near and dear to my heart for a lot of reasons:

Do you get much feedback about your impact on relationships? I doubt that everyone is comfortable with the knowledge that their spouse or lover is getting off thanks to the work that you and Mike do.

We actually get a ton of really wonderful feedback from happy couples who watch our porn.  Whether it’s young couples finding out what makes them tick together or older empty nesters discovering what the internet has to offer to reignite their passion, we get a ton of solid response from people who have used our porn to explore and connect together.  It’s one of the nicest feelings in the world to know that we’re a little part of that.

There’s also a lot of response from people who are nervous to share what we do with their partner, so I try to help encourage people to be open without making it seem like what we do is an ideal for their relationship or that porn is necessary to keep them interested…  Just to honestly share the fact that they find it interesting and sexy to see what it might be able to stoke in their relationship by watching it together.  It’s amazing how well that often seems to work.  Sometimes the significant other will even contact later to say that they’re happy they found out about our kind of porn.

There was even a response once from someone who was initially kind of jealous about her boyfriend’s fascination with our site, but I was able to diffuse the situation and try to contextualize to both of them that porn can be a good thing to enjoy together, but it shouldn’t be something that comes before each other.

How about you?  Do any of you have stories of introducing or enjoying porn as a couple?

Masturbation Bar

A Japanese female masturbation bar

Photo Via GlobalPost.com


To be clear, this isn’t a bar where you can actually masturbate, but Japan has opened up a bar devoted to supporting and discussing female masturbation.  It’s called Love Joule and it looks like they have some premium sex toys along with a selection of premium liquors.  Sounds good to me!


What they want is to stimulate (ahem!) conversation about pleasure.  The place is a safe space to gossip with your friends over a couple of drinks.  Men can come if accompanied by a female partner, but it’s definitely designed as a spot where the focus is on female sexuality, which I assume includes not creeping on women who are trying to enjoy themselves.


I think having a place like this in Montreal would be amazing.  I think we should have more places where women feel comfortable discussing their sexuality, but I think it’d be great to have a place like that for guys too.  Fleshlights and Tenga Eggs everywhere, really good lubes, prostate toys as far as the eye can see.  Maybe we’d finally be able to get past machismo and onto a more holistic view of male sexuality too.  Oh, and ideally eventually a place where everyone can just get together and celebrate pleasure while respecting each other too…


Would you go to a place like this?  Do you think something like this would fly outside of Japan?

Interview with TokiiTales

Sensual blowjob on the kitchen floor


I was lucky enough to get interviewed by TokiiTales recently, and the result is a wonderful piece that has gone up today on their blog.  It is the complimenting cultural site to Tokii, a relationship site/app with different games and challenges to keep couples communicating about  a variety of issues.  Of course, this is right up my alley.  Communication is key.  I’m glad I got to communicate my message there, and I’ll share a couple of questions here:


Why do men love blowjobs so much?

They feel amazing, of course.  It’s a sex act with a tremendous amount of versatility of sensation, so; you can tailor it to the kind of feelings he enjoys.

Who do you videos target- men, women, or couples, and why?

We don’t try to target it too much.  I just want to share what we do with the world and offer a beautiful take on porn for whoever wants it.  We’re popular across the board and we don’t try to exclude anyone.

What type of reactions do you get from people when you tell them what you do?

Mostly they’re curious.  It’s feminist, it’s couple-oriented, and it’s made to show love and respect in sexuality. People, generally speaking, understand, unless they’re incredibly closed-minded to begin with. Then it’s hard to ever really change their opinions.


Of course, there’s more where that came from, so read the rest of the interview for the whole thing!  Since this is related to Tokii, I was wondering, would you ever use a site to create ways to communicate, or would you rather do it organically?  Or not at all?  I’d love to know, as an avid fan of communication!