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Selina the gorgeous redhead

Selina the gorgeous redhead

SlowMotionBlowjob.com is a website devoted to beautiful and highly sensual blowjobs, framed in a different light. Blowjob techniques are displayed here in slow motion to capture the beauty and eroticism of oral sex. These nearly seamless scenes stretch out over long intervals, hypnotizing with soothing music and creating the perfect atmosphere of seduction.

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A New Look For TheArtofBlowjob!



Since 2007 TheArtofBlowjob has been there for all your carnal desires!

We have decided it is about time, after ten years, TheArtofBlowjob gets a brand new look.

We are thrilled to announce that TAOBJ is now compatible with any mobile devices. Yes, we are talking smartphones, tablets, and everything. To tease you, even if you are not yet a member, you can take a deeper look at our amazing content, because every video is now complemented with a gif!

Don’t panic! We didn’t change a thing to our incredible content. It is only in a different package. Please bear with us during the weekend, we are still uploading the 400 and more videos you have already enjoyed or will soon discover.

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The Toronto Standard on The Art of Blowjob


Legitimate journalists care about porn! ¬†Or, at least that’s what the Toronto Standard would have me believe! ¬†I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Elizabeth Hames all about my experience as a somewhat unlikely pornographer. ¬†As usual, I’ll share a few of the questions here, just to give you a taste:


What is it like to be an entrepreneur in today’s adult entertainment industry?

It’s an interesting climate. There used to be a lot more small sites. Now it seems like there are just huge companies buying everything else up and a few of us left who are doing something different. As a result, you do have to work hard to get noticed next to all the big guys, but if you do something different, you can get a lot of attention and respect for it. It forces you to keep innovating and pushing yourself to make something creative, beautiful and in tune with what people want. Balancing that with your own values and limitations can be a challenge, but a very rewarding one if you can get it.

I’ve spoken with other performers who keep their own website. They say the Internet gives them an independence and control over their image that wasn’t afforded to performers in the past. Would you agree?

My shooting schedule is based on when I’m actually in the mood to shoot, so it’s much more authentic in that respect. Especially when dealing with something as personal as sex, it’s great to be able to engage with it on my own terms.

How do you get people to pay for your product when so much adult content is available for free online?

I think it’s about creating something that’s aesthetically beautiful but still real. We focus a lot of the filmmaking and the quality of the photography to make something that feels worth the money, but fundamentally it’s about the personality, the genuine love and the joy of sexuality.


I found this to be a particularly enlightening interview, because it was so business and goal-oriented in nature. ¬†My answers definitely developed around that, I’d say, which I really enjoy. ¬†I hope you’ll read the rest of the interview and let me know what you think, because it’s amazing to get this kind of mainstream attention.

Making it in Porn


Today has been a really refreshing, recharging day to get creative and inspired for lots of great things to come. ¬†I know I say that often, but it really is true. ¬†We’re so lucky in this company to have the combination of creativity and drive that continually pushes us forward. ¬†We’ve come leaps and bounds and we’re only getting started.


I recently shared some tips with Porn is my Nirvana all about how to make it in the adult industry. ¬†I’ve included a few of the questions and answers here:


How would you advise a woman who wants to have sex in front of the camera and be successful at it?
You need to do it for the right reasons. Someone who is doing it to be¬†famous or make a quick buck can be identified, and people would rather¬†work with someone who is good investment, at least when it comes to¬†more reputable companies. Know your limits, research the going rate¬†for porn performance in your area and don’t go below that. The best¬†thing to do is to find the porn that speaks to you and contact them¬†about modeling. Get some simple shots taken to share. Look into¬†possibly getting an agent. You could also go through cam work as¬†another entrance into the market. Even make up some business cards and¬†go to an adult industry event. There are lots of ways to get¬†attention. When it comes to being successful after that, it’s all¬†about being a self-possessed person.


Is it tougher for men to get paid work as a performer?
Absolutely. More men want to do it, there’s a lot of pressure to be of¬†a certain size and to stay hard. If you’re not in LA, you’ll find it¬†hard to find a job, much less any jobs. Unless you genuinely have the¬†passion and drive to put up with a lot of low-paying jobs to make your¬†dreams come true, being a man in porn is not for you. The focus is¬†primarily on women, and male stars are the exception, not the rule.¬†It’s unfortunate, but true. I mean, if you want to be a gay performer,¬†that’s a whole other can of worms, but I don’t know as much about¬†that.


I want to start my own adult website but have no idea where to¬†begin… register a domain, and then…?
Get the content, know your brand, set up a payment processor, set up¬†an affiliate program, get samples of your content out there, publicize¬†your site to industry blogs, have a strong social media presence…¬†There’s a lot to it. That’s why it helps to have a company that you’re¬†working with. It’s a lot for just one person.


There are more tips on Porn is my Nirvana, so go check.  Has any of this inspired you?  Have any of you ever wanted to make a run at working in the adult industry in some way?



Cocktail and Blowjob

Camille Crimson gives a sensual blowjob with a cocktail


It’s cocktail hour, so it’s just in time for my latest video – Cocktail and Blowjob. ¬†Haven’t you longed to relax with a nice cocktail and get a really sensual blowjob? ¬†I hope it happens for you, because Mike certainly loved it! ¬†He just seemed so perfectly content, drink in hand while my mouth worked him over lovingly. ¬†I’m definitely a very empowered person, but there is something about having that slightly retro feeling of serving a drink and making sure he’s nice and comfortable, then giving him a little extra pleasure. ¬†As long as it’s not expected of me and it’s something I do because I like it, it’s actually very sexy and exciting.


Sexy cocktail hour blowjob from a redhead


Part of the idea of using the martini glass was to give it that slightly upscale feeling, as was the fact that I wore my cute little wrap dress. ¬†Even though it’s very simple, it does something kind of spectacular to my figure, not to mention my cleavage. ¬†This is mostly just a straightforward blowjob, but there’s a lot of great teasing and eye contact, which is always one of my favourite kinds of blowjobs. ¬†It always drives him crazy, and it really pushes me further into the mood.


Deep throat cocktail hour blowjob by Camille Crimson


All I can do now is say three things:  check out the trailer, watch the full video, and give me a round of applause for not using any cheesy cocktail puns.  That took a lot of self-restraint.