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Get Ready To See Some Boobs!

Spring is here and with it comes fewer clothes. Don’t be a creep! Train yourself right now to be able to look women in the eyes this summer. Piper thinks the best way is for you be less sensitive to the womanly charms is to see as much as you can before swimsuit season arrives.



Enough tease I slap your cock on my titties. It creates a strong sound that makes me wet! I squeeze my cleavage closer around your girth and stroke. The warmth of my your soft skin is too much to bare. You explode! My chest is covered with the juices of your pleasure. I lick it off and swallow it.

Get your eyes ready for the most aesthetic appreciation of the female chest out there!

In this mesmerizingly crisp 4K POV vid all the focus is on what Piper does with your male member and her two melons. Not joking, they are really the size of two very big fruits! And that is just the tip… because the video is only the behind the scenes of its uncut version you can find on YourVRPorn.

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Deep Cleavage Blowjob!



Piper makes every blowjob an unforgettable experience! Today, she surprises you with a mid-afternoon massage. Piper teases you with a gorgeous smile as her hands caress your calves. Her cleavage deepens in front of you when she leans closer to your boxers. She bites her lower lip. It is rapidly turning into a happy ending massage!

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Warm Between Ariane’s Deep Cleavage!

Ariane is nearly spilling our of her top, her bountiful breasts being held in and pushed up by her gorgeous black lingerie. Her brown braid cascades down her shoulder as she begins to suck, focusing her attention on your balls. This always gets you going, doesn’t it?


You can’t help but enjoy the way she is so attentive to getting you hard. She lightly smacks your cock against her cheek, smiling playfully at the way you react. You’ve discussed this… A little jolt works for you and makes you feel so good. She tests this theory as she taps your cockhead against her breasts, and you watch the way her nipples harden from the sensation. There’s a kind of diligence about the way she approaches blowjobs, and it’s fascinating to watch the intensity with which she bobs up and down… It’s intense and intensely beautiful.

It’s sweet to watch the way she smiles about your reactions. As she pulls you between her breasts, she teases you with them. It’s not just about your thrusts, it’s about the way she moves her soft, luscious breasts until you just can’t take it anymore. It’s a skill… an art… and the end result is a gorgeous splatter of cum all over her perfect breasts.

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Summer 2013 Cumshot Compilation

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson taking many cumshaws

They say to give the people what they want, and one thing that we’ve heard absolutely resounding positive feedback for is cumshot compilations.  Who doesn’t love seeing burst after burst of gorgeous orgasmic force rushing through?  This is a special capture of our summer 2013 antics, full of lush, bright natural light, a few of our little travels and even a cameo from an earlier Florida shot, which is summery just because it was essentially summer there.

You may notice that the end of this video harkens back to a very special blooper which still makes us collapse into fits of giggles to this day.  There is nothing more surprising than seeing a spurt with a serious bit of momentum when you’re not expecting it.  I’ve tried to be a bit more careful about where I aim that thing now…  Just in case it decides to fire wildly again.

There’s a little taste to be had with a still and the description, but the full video entitles you to, well, the full video.  And that’s a whole lot of cumshots – facials, swallowing, cleavage…  I really mean a whole lot.  Let me know what you think of this very special summer edition of our favourite cumshots!

Update Snag

Seductively slow blowjob


We hit a little snag with today’s update on The Art of Blowjob.  Because we’ve been moved from our home for the past little while due to our neighbours getting their floors varnished.  It turns out toxic fumes are bad for you!  So, having to relocate was an issue that made it difficult to get this week’s update out on time.  It’ll be up this weekend, and I know you’re going to love it, so don’t fret!


In the meantime, you can check out the latest update on Slow Motion Blowjob, which takes a different look at the awesome (and burny!) cumshot from our Miami vacation.  Nice and slow, just the way I like it…  Although, if our reality had been shot in slow motion, I might have had time to dodge and catch it in my mouth instead of in my eye.  😉


So, thank you for your patience while we work to get it all set up, and I hope that you’ll agree that the update is worth the wait.  Once in a while, doing the tech and shooting all yourself gets the better of us…  But at least you know that we’re real people really doing what we do!  It’s like a cookie baked with love!

Sweet Blowjob in Miami

Camille Crimson gives a loving blowjob with a view


I promised to check in, didn’t I?  We shot this lovely video early in the week and had it ready for today!  That’s service, even on vacation!  As you can see, our view of Miami is pretty spectacular and we just knew we had to shoot the full experience to share with you.  All that gorgeous, clear water makes for the perfect backdrop for a Sweet Blowjob in Miami.


I love his simple white shirt and my lacy lingerie.  It looks just as breezy as this entire city has been.  The tile is a little cool, so we put down a pillow and engaged in something that felt kind of naughty but certainly no less loving and sweet than we always are together.  Besides, from that height, I doubt anyone could actually see us…  It just felt that way!


There will be more where this came from, but you’ll have to wait and see.  For now, I’m going to finish up a few more things and then head back to the beach.  I want to take advantage of my time here.  Do you feel a bit like you’re on holiday with us in this video?  You can check with the trailer, or get the entire experience with the full video…  Hopefully this glimpse of sun will tide you over regardless of what weather you’re actually facing where you are.