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New Editing Technique For TheArtofBJ!

The warm winds of the changing season brought us some new editing ideas for TheArtofBlowjob’s team. We put lots of care into the cinematic aspect of our videos thru lighting, editing, and direction. Our new dynamic way of filming places emphasis on titillating all of your senses, guiding your attention on the many wonders of the feminine beauty and what she feels during the art of blowjob. Compare the videos: OldNew here!

Reboot TAOBJ

This video is a reboot of an older video to let you compare how much editing can change the way you experience a blowjob video. Piper loves to explore your balls and cock with her fingers before she covers them with kisses. She teases your bulge thru the fabric of your boxers. As you focus on her wet lips, she takes her top off.

You feel her cold nipple ring on your thigh, so close to your shaft. Her tongue wonders on your frenulum. Her moans become more vocal as she takes you deeper. Her hands pull the cum out of your throbbing cock. You give in, letting the pleasurable sensations overwhelm you. You fall into the bliss of ejaculation.

Taking it Slow

Seductive slow motion blowjob by Camille Crimson


Yes, part of why we started Slow Motion Blowjob is because we got a lot of great feedback from the times we have used moments of slow motion filming in our videos.  And sure, part of why we chose to focus on slow motion blowjobs is because we think that it’s a really gorgeous cinematic way of capturing oral sex on film, but there is a lot more to it than that.


I’ve had this kind of conversation with a lot of people, both online and with friends who I know from outside the realm of porn…  Essentially, in sex, in romantic moments, even in pretty much any intimate or valuable moment, it is so hard to really ever grasp the details because there is so much going on and it gets rushed and overstimulating, even if it’s not actually going particularly fast.  How can you ever really appreciate what’s going on in your life when it’s all flying by?


That’s kind of the underlying message behind what we’re trying to accomplish and share with Slow Motion Blowjob.  Sure, it looks nice, but it’s about capturing both the intricate details and the overall ambiance of this kind of experience.  By literally slowing things down, your attention is called to the small exhalation, the fragment of a coy smile which creeps across my face, a little moment where I push my hair behind my ear…  These are truly intimate, humanizing moments that connect the eroticism of a blowjob video with the realism of a couple doing what we love together.


I hope that, beyond giving a really sensual experience, we’re able to make people remember to slow down and appreciate what’s going on in their lives.  Live in the moment and enjoy it!  I hope this is the message you take away from the site.  :)

Sexy Video Shot with iPhone 4

Beatrix Ong Conceal/Reveal Autumn Winter 2010 from Mark Jubber on Vimeo.

In another testament to the brilliance of Apple, there’s a designer named Beatrix Ong who created a really sumptuous and sensual video for their line…  Using only an iPhone 4!  No, seriously.  This gorgeous video was entirely shot and edited using a device that fits in the palm of your hand.  Even though I’m obviously a huge tech fan, sometimes it still baffles me how far we’ve come in such a short period of time.

Beyond the fact that this video is really sexy and it’s a great use of technology from my favourite company, it furthers my statement that you absolutely don’t need a lot of money or big equipment to make beautiful videos of any kind…  including porn!  So many people talk about low production values being part of the fact that mainstream productions out of porn valley is somewhat low-budget.  That’s just not true, since you can do it with the same thing you use to call your friends.  You can do it using a moderately priced camera.  You can do it with very basic editing software.  All you need is to really think of what you’re doing and capture shots that are out of the standard format.

If more people thought outside the box and dared to be cinematic on a budget, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Special thanks to Violet Blue for bringing this to my attention!

Finally… Some Friendly Competition!

Sexy redhead gives an amazing blowjob

Since I’m in porn, I do check up to see what’s up with the world of porn.  Some things are the same old, same old.  Some things I’m not so sure about.  But in the past little while, I’ve found a couple of videos that seem to be using similar techniques and shots as the ones we use at The Art of Blowjob.  I’m not shocked or worried that we’re losing out because other people are inspired and want to shoot like this as well…  It’s just very flattering and very exciting.

When I talk about how I want us to spread the message of beautiful porn, I mean it.  If more people are inclined to make this kind of porn, which is respectful, sensual and well-produced, more people will realize that it’s something that they actually want to watch.  And thus crumbles the mainstream porn empires, leaving in its wake a world full of happy people taking charge of their sexuality and genuinely enjoying porn.  This isn’t to say that there aren’t room for all kinds of porn, but that the mainstream monopoly of one kind of sex, one kind of body image isn’t really representative of what people want.

It may sound silly, but this makes me all tingly just talking about it.  Mike and I have been trying to re-define porn since we first got into it in 2006.   Now people are finally starting to realize that porn can be more than just the same bodies slapped together and recorded with minimal creativity.  It’s wonderful to feel that we’re a part of this movement and that our success has helped other studios realize that porn can be cinematically beautiful, tender and loving without sacrificing the sexiness that makes people watch porn in the first place.

Who knows where 2011 is going to take us?  If these videos are any indication, it looks like the tides might be changing for porn.  If you’re curious, you can check out videos featuring a sensual, cinematic take here and here.  I’d love to know what you think about these videos and about a world with more porn like ours!  Personally, I can’t wait to see all the creative, interesting and inventive porn that can come if we just realize that we’re capable of making porn beautiful!