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Is watching porn without your partner cheating?

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Model Piper Blush

For some couples, watching porn without your partner is cheating. The way you experience a porn movie is getting more and more real. With POV VR porn is so life-like that you feel like you are having sex with another person. Expect for the fact that its only virtual reality, there is so real contact. But it is way more intimate than it is from a computer screen. Where do you draw the line?


The best thing is most certainly to talk about it with your partner before you put on your VR goggles! So why would VR porn be cheating when looking at old Playboy centerfolds is not? Probably because VR has got 3D, head tracking, surround sound and it does not get more intimate than that. You could argue that the video you are watching is recorded, you are viewing a representation, it is not there for real nor is it a live feed. But life is an entirely different subject.


A few reasons to help you out convincing your girlfriend it is alright to watch VR porn as much as it is to watch regular porn. Keep in mind is that it may feel more immersive, but it is not more real than a wet dream, your imagination or even 2D porn. The best thing is to let her experience it for herself and see what she thinks about it. Make her try some VR Porn for women. She will be placed in her usual POV and receive loads of love from the man of her choice or even women if that’s what she is into. Try this site, NSFW content ahead, Sssh.com.

Is Porn Cheating

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Well, is it?


I don’t think so, of course, which was the jumping off point for my Fleshbot Ask Camille advice column this week.  That said, I tried to see it from all the angles and put myself in this man’s wife’s shoes.  Given that I’m so pro-porn, so much so that I work in porn, that was a bit of a challenge.  Still, I like pushing my limits, so I started the piece out with a little introspection:


The first thing to address is that your girlfriend felt that you watching porn was cheating initially.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s not the case, but there are reasons why it can feel more like cheating.  If you were hiding, if you were focusing on porn with body types very different than hers, if you were focusing on porn with sex acts that you don’t do together or if your sex life was dwindling compared to booming solo porn consumption.

Obviously I’m not sure how that initial talk went, but it might be worth revisiting while keeping those things in mind.  If porn feels threatening, it’s hard not to link it with ideas of betrayal.  Having personal ground rules (not “rules” handed down from on high, but limits you place on yourself because you know it’ll make life easier) isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it makes compromise much more likely.


I’d love to know what you think about this?  Have you ever had a partner who considered porn cheating?  It was interesting trying to see into the mind of someone who felt that way, and I’d love to hear if any of you have any experience with that mindset.  Read the rest of the article and let me know what you think!