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Drink Only Irish Beers For St Patty’s!



Here’s our selection of all of the Irish Beers you should try on Saint Patty’s Day! Don’t worry, they don’t have to be all green :)

Start your day with a breakfast of champions. A “meal in a bottle”, also known as the Guinness! Rich, creamy and dark. Roasted malt flavor and hints of chocolate all satisfying flavors for a connoisseur. Ask your bartender for a “perfect pint,” an optimal pouring method which, according to the company, should take 119.53 seconds.



The lightest and sweetest between the three previous. Think chocolate milk topped with a double shot of espresso and finished with a one-inch thick head of caramel-infused creamy goodness. Save this Murphy’s for dessert!

Often compared to Guinness, Beamish is dark and chocolaty. Sweet flavors of caramel and hints of coffee balance out the bitter, hoppy finish. Beamish yeast dates back to 1792 to capture the traditional taste of stout from Ireland.


Smithwick’s, Ireland’s oldest brewery, is where it originated. The beer is older than some countries, with a heritage dating back to the fourteenth century, and until recently, Dubliner Pub in Washington. With a base flavor similar to Smithwick’s with less hops, the distinct smooth and white head. The amber brew has the rich aroma and flavor of toasted malt. It’s all at once sweet and creamy.

Harp, a crisp summery lager, which comes from a country better known for its stouts and leprechauns, has a bitter beginning that quickly that turns to clean and refreshing. This classic lager is smooth and solid.



This beer is so old, it dates back to the fourteenth century when monks would brew their own next door to the Smithwick’s brewery. The ruins of the original Franciscan abbey that once stood there can still be seen. Smithwick’s is Ireland’s oldest operating brewery, the major ale producer in Ireland and, along with Guinness, part of Diageo. This is a red ale characterized by caramel maltiness. It captures a unique flavor that combines its hops with sweet aromatic fruits and deep malt, coffee and roasted barley notes.


Candy Poutine


It seems like you guys really liked the post I made about poutine a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I’d take it a few steps further, from gut-bustingly decadence to tooth decay-enducing deliciousness.  You should know that I have never tried this at home and I don’t think I intend to.  Deepfrying chocolate bars and covering them with caramel sauce and marshmallows doesn’t sound like it would do great things for my health or physique, and it gives me a sugar headache just thinking about it.


These guys are from Montreal.  They’re a little bit (okay, a lot bit) on the bro-side for me, but you’ve got to hand it to them, they know how to think outside the box and create some crazy food concoctions. And say what you will, this candy poutine looks disturbingly like the real thing.  Seeing them eat that giant bowl of it though…  Well, it makes me a touch queasy.


Would you ever eat anything like this?  I’m not sitting on my high horse casting judgement, because I think it’s an awesome idea…  I just don’t think I could deal with the repercussions of putting that much refines sugar in my body.  After all, The Art of Blowjob would be kind of gross if I didn’t have any teeth.