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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

May the best things in life be yours, not only this Thanksgiving but throughout the years. Happy Thanksgiving from my heart to yours!

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday. In Canada, it is always celebrated the second Monday of October. Its purpose is to give thanks for the abundance of the harvest. Friends and family gather together to enjoy a huge dinner, usually constituted of a turkey and many sides, such as pies.


Read these two funny quotes to put you in the mood for a family feast 😋

“You can tell you ate too much for Thanksgiving when you have to let your bathrobe out.” – Jay Leno

“I love Thanksgiving turkey… it’s the only time in Los Angeles that you see natural breasts.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


Post-Thanksgiving Updates

Heads cropped to protect the innocent.

Heads cropped to protect the innocent.

Hi again. Yep… Still Sophie. Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, which I guess is like American Thanksgiving only there are an equal number of awkward sorries to go along with all the thanks. Badum-tschhh. But seriously, folks… It’s more or less the same. I made the interesting choice to host TWO Thanksgiving dinners this year because I always am looking for a way to justify the fact that I purchased a 12-seat dining room table. The first was for my incredibly large choir. There were over 40 of us and, although it was potluck-ish, my roommate and I still managed to make something like 10+ dishes because we are addicted to being good hosts. Yesterday was a more intimate dinner with just 15 close friends. My darling sister and I are Thanksgiving orphans this year because our folks are off in Ireland, so she came over to help poor (recovering) vegetarian me roast two rather sizeable chickens. We also managed to also crank out veg/non-veg stuffing, veg/non-veg gravy, some amazing cream cheese mashed potatoes, roasted parsnips, turnips and onions, mashed acorn and butternut squash, maple-glazed carrots, creamed corn, kernel corn, rolls, cranberry sauce, mulled cider and two pumpkin pies with whipped cream because sometimes you just have to do it up, right? Both dinners went off without a hitch and the clean-up was surprisingly painless. Thanks to host gifts, we now have enough wine to last us until kingdom come. Who wants leftovers?

Camille Crimson in a leg cast

Camille in her hospital bed, making that cast work.

Camille’s Thanksgiving was decidedly a little less involved (though I would have shipped her some paleo/primal options if I could) as she actually ended up staying in the original hospital a little longer. She’ll be transferred soon, hopefully get her surgery and be out not soon later, so it seems like we’re still working with roughly the same timeframe. She’s poked in briefly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to say a little hello, including the charming selfies I’ve included here. As you can see, she’s smiling and well enough to write in reasonable bursts, so she’s certainly on the mend. Mike and I had a good talk today and he seems as optimistic as she is, so it’s all good. He was also working out some compilation videos so he can spend the rest of the week just focused on her various transfers and adjustments.

Camille Crimson selfie in the hospital

Only this woman could look like a classic beauty in a hospital bed.

Another week with more to overcome, but she can and will do it. And just think how excited she’ll be to see all of you and your messages here when she comes back. Thanks for your continued patience and sustained support. This year, I was thankful that Camille’s accident wasn’t any worse than it was. I imagine we’re all quite thankful of that, regardless of whether or not you celebrated this fact with pie.


A Canadian comic by Kate Beaton of Hark a Vagrant

I know that the vast majority of the readers here aren’t Canadian (but come say hi if you are!) and that sometimes our land may seem strange and foreign to you.  I try to explain us here from time to time, especially when it comes to Quebec, but there’s always more to be done!  This comic by Kate Beaton of Hark a Vagrant is an excellent example of one of our main traits: politeness.

Not that I think people expect porn people to be crude, but I always pride myself on being a well-mannered member of the adult industry.  I like to thank people who say nice things, ask nicely before sharing something that someone else said or suggested and just generally try to be nice.  I think many people from all over the world are polite, but sometimes it gets to pathological levels with us Canadians…  As you can see in the comic!

The other comics are equally entertaining, and we do love hockey and canoes…  But I will say one thing: I don’t think we’re nearly that fond or proud of Bryan Adams.  😛  Hopefully you found these entertaining.  Oh, and we pronounce it soh-ry, not saw-ry, as the header explains.  It’s just more Canadian that way.

Interviews and Reviews with xoxoAmore and Get Lusty

Sensual blowjob with big breasts


I wanted to share a few features I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of recently, starting with two great pieces that xoxoAmore did about me/my sites/my DVD lately.  I’m lucky that I’ve been writing pieces there (with help from other lovely ladies) about the beauty in porn, so it was really sweet of them to include me in other ways too.  To have a Canadian blog that is really excited about all the potential that porn has…  Well, that’s a wonderful thing to add to our culture!


The review was initially about The Art of Blowjob on DVD, but ended up becoming more about the site as well after they got a membership.  It’s always so wonderful to get positive feedback about doing something new and different, so I really appreciated it.  Then, they followed it up with a great interview, asking me a lot of the standard questions, but in a much more familiar and friendly way, which I love!  It feels nice to feel warmth coming from the questions.


Then, Get Lusty posted a great interview with me today, which I also had a wonderful time doing.  They asked a few really great questions that got out of the standard norms and got me thinking about how to get people even more excited about giving blowjobs, not just receiving them.


It’s always great to find more and more people who are excited about what I do…  It’s not about ego, it’s just about constantly sharing the message that porn can be beautiful in lots of different ways.  I hope it’s always perceived that way.  :)

Private Sex Lives Exposed

Camille Crimson stroking a hard cock in sexy lace and nylon stockings


I broadcast my sex life pretty thoroughly, and I’m really happy with that decision.  I chose to put it all out there and to make it part of how I make my living.  It’s worked out nicely and I love what I do, but that level of exposure isn’t right for everyone.  At least with the way our society is currently.  That makes me sad.


There has been discussion here about this in ways before, but I saw an article on Hazlitt recently (a very long article, but an interesting read) specifically about a Canadian judge whose husband let leak some kinky photos of them in action.  Her sex life was put into the spotlight and her job was called into question.


Now, I don’t want to go too deep into specifics, because the piece I linked to covers it admirably and there are certain issues (specifically that the husband shared the pictures/solicited a work-adjacent person for sex specifically linked to race) which make it a bit more complicated than just a woman being outed as sexual, but I did want to talk with you guys a bit about the larger situation.


I really don’t know when we’re going to ease up about this.  I don’t really see why we can’t be fully sexual people and also hold office, be teachers, be mothers…  Sex is a perfectly wonderful part of life.  What do you think?  Will we move past this?  Can we have sexually open people who make amateur porn or have kinky experiences and are respected members of their community?  Especially if they are just doing it for themselves?


I hope we can talk this out and maybe come up with some ways that we can start the shift.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Camille Crimson makes a pumpkin pie


I know not that many of you are Canadian, but I still wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Today’s the day that we celebrate here and I’m baking a pumpkin pie with a beautiful walnut crust.  Then we’ll have a nice quiet and cozy evening in the warm home.  I’m lucky that we can have such a calm, relaxing experience of Thanksgiving.


This year, as with all years, I’m really happy to have wonderful friends and family and the love of my life.  It’s very empowering to be thankful every day, and that’s what I try to do, but it’s also lovely to have a particular day to reflect on all the good things in your life while enjoying the tastes, smells and feelings of the season.  Fall is a lovely time for such thankfulness.


Beautiful pumpkin pie ready to go in the oven


The pie is going into the oven and it’s going to be delicious.  It’s one of my favourite desserts.  While it bakes (and while it cools, and while I’m eating it, and after it’s all gone…) I’d love to know what you’re thankful for, whether or not you’re Canadian.  I’m thankful to do what I love and to share it, to have so many passionate and exciting experiences…  And I’m thankful for all of you, too!