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Piper Blush’s First Anal Play Video!

Anal Play

Anal Play

EXCLUSIVE video of Piper’s very first anal play on TheArtofBlowjob.com! She entrusts you with the most private part of herself in this 15-minutes long video. Enjoy filling all of her beautiful holes for the first time! The breathtaking slow motions leave no place to the imagination. She gives you all of her, to conquer and satisfy!

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I start by teasing your cock with my mouth, licking every inch, getting you hard. Just as you’re about to burst I slide off and let you enjoy my body. I give you a great view of my ass, licking the buttplug in my hand. I slip in inside me with a little moan, enjoying every sensation, then start teasing you with my pussy. With both my holes filled, I can’t help but cum, over and over again…

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Free Teaser From TheArtofBlowjob!



We had many requests asking us to show off more often Piper’s biggest asset- Her Ass!

I hope that all of you, numerous ass lovers, will be pleased to know that this update is specially dedicated to YOU!

We put way more ASS than usual and a lot of grabbing too so you can really sense her curves.

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Ass Lovers will be delighted…




We had many requests asking us to show off more often Piper’s biggest asset- Her Ass! I hope that all of you, numerous ass lovers, will be pleased to know that this update is specially dedicated to YOU! We put way more ASS than usual and a lot of grabbing too so you can really sense her curves.

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Last Minute Halloween Idea?

Pam from Archer

Pam, the loveable HR representative from Archer.

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s my favourite time of year, I’d have to say. I love dressing up, parties and candy. I’m not actually so much about the spooky stuff, but one of my favourite traditions is to carve a bunch of pumpkins, save the seeds and toast them to eat later while watching a few of the classic Treehouse of Horror Simpson’s Halloween specials. While I already know what I’m going as (Pam from Archer: see header photo) I have just the thought for those of you who are 2 days out from various parties without a single idea of what to wear:

So easy! A suit jacket with tails, fishnet thigh highs and a g-string with a bow tie. Oh, and the incredibly ability to move your buns to Beethoven in perfect time with grace and elegance. I assume at least one of you will wear this… But who will it be? Regardless, I hope you enjoy this ode to the butt and to one of the world’s most celebrated composers. Can’t forget about him.

A Love Letter to Your Body

Camille Crimson kissing a cock during a sensual blowjob


Emily, an awesome writer and editor over at xoJane, recently wrote a piece called A Love Letter to Your Vagina (Yes, You!) and it resonated with me so much.  Her message is summed up perfectly in a few words:  “You look great, you’re shaped great, you smell great. You’re a great size and a great color. I love you.”  Well, thank you, Emily!  How kind of you!  I couldn’t agree more, of course.  And that goes for everyone!


But I think this goes beyond just vaginas.  There are a lot of penis expectations and a lot of penis self-doubt in the world, and I’d like to say that I think that all penises are great and deserving of love, too.  That’s a lot of what I’m trying to do with the Camille Crimson Guide to Owning and Operating a Penis.  Sure, it’s about taking care of yourself, but a big part of that starts with loving what you’ve got.  And even more than that, about understanding and respecting other penises too!


Even beyond that, this applies to breasts and butts and thighs and really every part of ourselves.  We’re all so hung up on norms and ideals, we forget to see all our beauty, sexiness and value.  It’s there.  Trust me!


I call on you to try to love yourself and then share that love.  If you have someone in your life whose body you’re lucky enough to interact with, compliment them!  Tell them how much you love their vagina or penis or chest or hands…  It’s a wonderful feeling to feel appreciated in such a simple and yet profound way, and none of us truly do it enough.


I hope that her piece inspires you the way it inspired me.  I’d love to know if it did, and what you did or are going to do with that inspiration.  It’s a wonderful thing to be reminded of.

Sensual Blowjob with a Twist


I know you all like my sensual blowjobs the way they are (at least I hope!) but I decided to add a bit of a twist to the most recent blowjob video, aptly called Sensual Blowjob with a Twist.  What’s the twist, you may be asking?  Well, an actual literal twist of the wrist.  See what I did there?  😉



This blowjob is as much a handjob as it is a blowjob, possibly even more!  Even though Mike loves my blowjobs, he has always greatly enjoyed a helping hand.  Even though we decided to focus on blowjobs, handjobs definitely make up a big part of our personal sex life, so we love it when we can share a bit more of that side of ourselves.  I’ve always really loved my hands.  The feel elegant, I love to pamper them and give myself manicures, and I love to explore his cock with my hands the same way I love to explore it with my mouth.  The handjob is often really overlooked, but it’s a beautiful act in and of itself and definitely is a wonderful thing to combine with other sex acts as well!  What do you guys think?  Do you enjoy receiving/giving handjobs?



This video also has one other thing that I’ve been increasingly enjoying to film…  My behind, butt, bum, ass…  Whatever you want to call it.  I’ve had some great feedback, in fact enough to make a girl blush, so I figured I’d include that aspect of myself in more videos and photo sets.  So, I hope you’ll enjoy my hands (and mouth) in action in the trailer, and also (of course) in the full video.