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Make you cum between her tits!

Using her mouth, lips, tongue, and fingers, she makes you edge. Between her warm lips, you find ecstasy. Until…

TheArtofBlowjob's Update

TheArtofBlowjob’s Update

She unties her blouse revealing her intimate nudity. Those two firm breasts are awaiting your cock. Her nipples harden as you slip in her cleavage. You pour oil all over her chest… Click here NOW to watch this beautiful video!¬†


Make Her Climax By Touching Her Breasts!

Tits, Fun Bags, Hooters, Melons, Jugs, Honkers… whatever you call them they always feel great between your hands. So let’s learn more about breasts and how to pleasure them! You probably want her to feel has good as you do.

A few things I bet you did not know about tits!

Cup Sizes

You should know that a women’s breast size can change to up to a cup size. This often happens two weeks before their period. The progesterone and estrogen¬†cause her to retain more water in the breast region. It also makes the breast tissues¬†more sensitive.


The left one is often bigger than the right one. This is because a woman’s breast is independent. They both react to estrogen differently during her puberty. It is this hormone that controls the breast shape and size.

How To Handle Breasts

The most sensitive parts of the breast are actually everything around the nipple. You want to warm her up, to create a built up, to later able to touch her tits. You can do so by massaging her breasts and kissing the skin around the nipps. As she gets more aroused, she can accept¬†more direct stimulation to areas such as the nipple and the areola. Once you have got her in the zone it’s time for some nipplegasm!


Oh yes! Breast orgasms are a thing. When you stimulate a woman’s nipples the same part of her brain that responds to genital stimuli¬†lights up. Giving her a¬†nipplegasm¬†mainly requires patients. Many women will take about 20 minutes to reach climax. Once you have fondled her breasts enough, here’s how you can do it bring it up to breast orgasm!

In your hand, take one of her breasts at the time. Her nipple should be placed between your thumb and index finger. Gently push your fingers together, so the nipple gets erect. Keep it that way while you tease it with the tip of your tongue.

Have fun!


Thanks to Men’s Health¬†for the sources and Huffpost¬†for the image!


Piper’s Spectacular Bosom!

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