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Consent is Sexy


Here’s a really interesting piece from an old zine called Learning Good Consent, at least as far as my Google research has lead me to believe, which I found through Sexplore.me, who just happen to have recently done an interview with me.  They’re an up and coming sex blog dealing with all sorts of things to do with sexuality, porn, self-discovery…  Suffice it to say, I’m pretty enthralled so far.  This particular piece is something that stuck out to me as very interesting and I’d love to hear your take on it.


Essentially, many people believe in asking these questions, which I think are great tools for communication, but I also wonder to what extent people use it every time, even if they’re with a partner with whom they’ve had sex many times.  I suppose that some of these questions, particularly those aimed at learning likes and dislkes, are more based on introductions, but most of them are ongoing.


I think checking in is a really nice idea, and being aware that consent is an ongoing thing.  I like knowing that, if I for some reason didn’t feel like I wanted to give a blowjob some day (shocking concept, I know!) that it wouldn’t be assumed or questioned unduly, which is something I feel I have innate in my relationship.  It’s not something I think about actively in such an ongoing sexual experience, but it’s certainly something at play.


So, what about you?  How much do you think about consent in your sexual encounters?  Do you feel like it empowers people?  Do you feel like it takes away some elements of seduction, or do you feel that it can be seductive in and of itself?  Do you ask any of these questions, either upfront or ongoing?  I really would be fascinated to hear your thoughts and experiences.


Camille Crimson is a smiling redhead


Hi everyone!


I know I write blog posts of a similar nature every once in a while, but it truly bares repeating.  For the most part, I gloss over little hiccups here and there, like when people are rude or try to push my boundaries.  Occasionally, there are days like today, where it seems like every other message I get is from someone who doesn’t quite understand how to treat a lady…  And I’m putting that mildly.  It’s unpleasant, to say the least.


That said, I never roll my eyes and think that I’m done with all this.  I never think that I should hide away from the world.  And do you know why?  Because there are so many wonderful people who more than outweigh a few jerks.  People like you guys, my friends on social media, my fellow adult industry members…  You are absolutely my biggest support and encouragement for what I do and I couldn’t be happier.


Hopefully, as the years go by, people will better understand beautiful porn and that might just quell the people who don’t respect my boundaries.  But, even if that day never comes, I will still have all of you and I could not be happier for that.  So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You make it possible to put myself out there and to feel secure and proud.  I really appreciate it.


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Voyeurism is something very interesting to me.  I don’t condone being a peeping Tom, but when it’s a video that’s clearly not actually invading someone’s privacy, then it’s just a hot taboo.  Everyone who watches porn is a voyeur in a way, so it’s fun to play with that idea.  Even I’m a voyeur sometimes.  And as they say in Shortbus (which is a great movie with lots of real sex) “Voyeurism is participation.”

This is yet another video with some more sex, so that’s exciting.  Asides from the latest videos, I’ve only had sex in photographs, not on video.  I know that you wouldn’t think it because I’m the woman who gives blowjobs on camera, but it actually does make me nervous.  It’s a whole different ballgame, so to speak.  It’s hard to break out of my comfort zone, but at the same time it’s very liberating.  Slowly but surely, like the art of the tease I love so much, I’ll reveal a bit more of that side of myself.

As a response to a request, I’ve got my head hanging off the bed in this video and it’s part irrumatio and part me doing the work.  Not to ruin the fantasy, but talk about an ab workout.  Each time I lifted myself up to deep throat him, I felt it.  Blowjobs…  Good for your whole body!

So, what aspects of voyeurism interest you and why?  Is it that sneaky feeling…  The idea of witnessing something intimate…  I’d love to know.