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The very essence of sensuality!


Have you ever wondered where sensuality takes its sources? So have we! And you’ll be quite interested to find out that it resides mainly in the black and white. Anything in shades of gray is automatically viewed as art. None the less you still need to be an artist of at least and tasteful person to distinguish the many details that separate the simple black and white form the real masterpiece.

This is what we have done on TheArtofSensuality.com, remastering many of TheArtofBlowjob.com’s videos so they titillate the Masterful eye. Unveil the veil over TheArtofSensuality.com and become a curator of the artist of the erotic.

Black and White for Connoisseurs!

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For our readers who prefer a more intimate and erotic approach to showcase raw acts of passion, we have created a brand new site- The Art of Sensuality! With only the best of TheArtofBlowjob’s videos remastered in black and white. So you can truly appreciate the beauty of one’s spiritual essence. It’s iPhone and iPad compatible. Give it a try!


The Art Of Sensuality: Eroticism in Black and White.

The Art of Sensuality is a site that emphasises on the beauty of eroticism. The videos and photos capture raw acts of desire that come from bodies reacting to each other’s sexuality. An artful depiction of sexuality nourishes the spiritually and the intellect.

Sensuality in its whole is an expression of one’s self-love, passion, and grace. To truly appreciate one’s sensuality we need to focus on its essence. Leaving everything else behind us. Therefore the medium chosen to render justice to one’s sensuality better is the art of cinematography and photography in shades of grey.

Black and white. A poetic uncertainty resides in the absence of colors, one that leaves only place for creative fantasy. Let your senses guide you towards the object of your admiration. No knowing if you will ever recognise her in the street. She can be blonde, brunette, or even a redhead. The scales of gray will forever keep it a secret.

Take advantage of the Grand Ouverture special prices. The list will appear when you click here!


Black and White

First, a happy labor day!


No, this isn’t a film noir blowjob shot in black and white.  It’s a more simple and straight-forward approach to contrast.  My pale skin against my simple black top, long and elegant in a girl-next-door kind of way.  Then, beyond that, my favourite thing: smooth, creamy white cum in the form of a beautiful facial…  Hence the name, Black and White.



I love getting to shoot videos that feel so simple, yet are just so visually evocative somehow.  I don’t know exactly how to express it, but seeing the way the cum hits my skin is absolutely incredible.  I get a little chill, possibly because I remember the eroticism of that moment.  The anticipation of a cumshot, especially a facial, is always palpable for me in the videos just as it is in person.  It’s such a vivid moment.  I just love getting the opportunity to relive it.



I hope you’ll enjoy this lovely facial and the contrast between my dark apparel and his beautiful white cum. Every last drop is available in the full video.  That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?  And I’d love to know…  Did the contrast evoke as much eroticism and intensity for you as it did for me?  Because I’m feeling pretty overcome just from having written all this.  Now, if you’ll excuse me…  I’m feeling inspired.  😉


Ye Olde Blowjobs


There’s something so fascinating about vintage porn…  It’s often really funny to see people of a totally different and presumably much more refined era doing sexy things.  It’s interesting to see how much things have changed over the years, but even more interesting to see the ongoing similarities.



When I see these women giving blowjobs, it feels much more like the kinds of blowjobs I give than the ones that we see in a lot of porn these days.  There isn’t a lot of roughness and it seems like they’re calling the shots as the active ones in the blowjob.  Even back in the olden days, women were in control of their blowjob skills!



I love seeing little moves that I would do, like teasing his balls or running my hands along his pelvis.  If only we had videos of the era to see their speed, their transitions from one move to the next…  I’m sure some of these beautiful and refined ladies could really get things going.  And I wonder what they did with the cumshots, or whether they deep throated.  From these shots, it mostly looks like the concentrated on the top.



It looks like the art of the tease was very much alive and embraced by them!  If they’re still with us today, they’re probably quite old and probably not at it like they used to be.  It just goes to show that everyone was young and carefree once, and that there really is a lot of human sexuality which stays the same, even if certain fads have come and gone.